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Post your Workout for Today Here!

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I completed W1D1 of C210k. Yay!

Ok, Post your workouts here Everyday.     I am back on it.   Today was T25 Beta Cardio and Leg Weight Training.  Feel Great!   Happy Monday!

20 below here in MI too...the indoor track was nice & cozy this morning! ; ). Week 1 down...ready for more!

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HukMup, good for you! I start dreading when its below 20 degrees F. out come the multiple layers until im unrecognizable!

Trish I'm so with you. Yesterday was 33. The coldest I've run yet but no problem. Tomorrow is a high of 19. Probably about what it will be when it's time for my run. This has me super worried. Below zero windchill but it must happen. I'm not even sure if my gear plan will work so I'm going to run circles around the building the gym is in until I decide if I'm going to be able to handle it. On a good note, the cold has me to preoccupied to worry about the run 25 minutes part, HAHA

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Guest TrishE

Wal-Mart has a great line of layering clothes that are also sweat wicking. They have been a life saver. Two layers of those plus long sleeve t-shirts and a wind breaker are perfect and not too heavy.

Plus hat and gloves (sometimes two layers of gloves) obviously haha

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And THIS is what happens when two or more of like mind gather together, uplift AND take full responsibility for their personal fitness goals...   it's so empowering and absolutely contagious!  Thank you Jo! <3  I'm feelin' your energy! Responded earlier and had to quote the below ...  


I am so pumped and so happy and so proud and so loving being here with you lovely people. Thank you. Woo hoo we are the bomb.

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