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  1. Shannon, I can only admire your force of will! It should be really tough to be a good mother and to find a time forr yourself... And going after a hard day on a workout is always a victory! As for St.Patty run - sounds nice, sadly, here in Moscow we have no running on that day (at least, it is not well-known) :-( I have finished w2d2 and w2d3 as well. It was tough to go out at 6am, but I liked workouts, my feeling afterwards and the look of the city that is waking up. At least, today I reassured myself that all the people were looking at me - LOL, I found that they were just passing by on their way to work :-) As for arms - I do not feel nothing wrong with them, but I really have neck and shoulder stiffnes that passes half an hour after the run. Thanks for your advice, Azatol, I used to push my hands across the chest, maybe that is the cause...
  2. Hi! Shannon, my congratulations! Right music for right intentions :-) As for nausea, I had that thing several times and that is why I don't like running (at least I didn't like it before that time) :-) Some belly excercises right before start helped me a bit to get rid of that nasty feeling... I done W2D1 this morning and I agree with you - it was easier than previous runs. Perhaps, it is due to weather - it's much warmer out there :-)
  3. W1D3 after a morning excercise. Perhaps, I looked like a total idiot at 6AM in -20C, but I'm really proud that I came out for this. My scarf and gloves were ice-covered when I came back :-) Hopefully, it feels not so cold as we have no wind these days...
  4. Shannon, thanks for that posts! I'm one running day behind you and your successes are really inspiring!
  5. Missy, you've already done great thing! Follow the course and don't forget to praise yourself!
  6. Hi. I started 4 days ago and going to do w1d3 tomorrow. Actually, it's really cold these days out there (-15C) and no one runs in the street in our city. I did not expect that I would be so glad to find other beginners, but reading how others do it helps me to do my best as well.
  7. Hi and thx for support. second day was a bit easier :-))
  8. Hi, Shannon! What are your further successes? Have you done D2 and D3 workouts? How do you feel these days? Actually, I made W1D1 the next day after you. Perhaps, middle of winter is not a best time to start, but if I can push myself through it, I think, I will not give it up in summer... Great to find that I'm not the only one, who try to begin in winter :-) I liked workout a lot but noticed 2 things: 1- I need sneakers that will not slide on ice and 2 - it is not so difficult to start, I could follow walk/run programm and yes, I was tired and felt great in the end... But 2-3 hours after workout my batteries were discharged and I felt exhausted all day long. I was expected quite opposite effect of morning run, that is why I interested about feeling on other first days :-)
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