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  1. Well done wish I could get back out there :-(
  2. Well done wish I could get back out there :-(
  3. Started again week 1 day 1 after 4 weeks off. Absolutely freezing here :-/
  4. Do it for yourself not for anyone else and good luck :-)
  5. Well done, ive had to stop for a week due to shin pain cant wait to get back out there.
  6. Took a lot for me to start running too, luckily I live in a small village so no one really sees me haha. Good luck :-)
  7. I can now run 3 minutes could do that before I started.Keep at it I'm actually enjoying it.
  8. Well done I've done week 1 and 2 twice now lol. Just about to start on 3,Not looking forward to it haha.
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