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  1. blayne

    Just starting back

    Week 1 day 1 again. Hot day. Painful run in legs and knees. Hopefully this gets better. Need to lose weight! So less stress on joints. Lol. Going to walk tonight and tomorrow. Salads! Salads!
  2. blayne

    Just starting back

    After a winter break, just starting back to it. Went with son and dog. Beautiful day. 79 degrees in Pennsylvania. Ran really slow so I could make it through. At 290 pounds its not easy. Lol.
  3. Hey there! Did week 2 day 2 today. Skipped week 1. Was surprised I could get through this today with all the pain. lol My chins were killing me! I hope I will be ready to go in a couple days for next workout. Running is my favorite pastime. And it relieves a lot of my stress. Also doing strength training with heavy weights for fun.
  4. blayne

    One year later

    hey 190 pounds that's not too bad. I weigh in at 260! Been lifting weights too and I keep gaining!
  5. blayne

    Starting over day 1

    yeah i'm on week 3 day 3 and I was thinking about quitting today. lol its always a struggle. I try and use these forums for motivation.
  6. blayne

    Work out with me

    Sure! Did you just start the program? How is it going? I just did W3D1. Each workout kicks my ass lol. But its fun.
  7. started this diet yesterday. its fruits, vegetables, legumes, egg whites, and nonfat dairy. and you can eat as much as you want. so far so good.
  8. blayne

    Post your Workout for Today Here!

    still wasn't ready for W5D3. Did W6D2, the two ten minute runs. struggled through that. thought I might have heart attack. lol
  9. blayne

    Post your Workout for Today Here!

    W6D1. I skipped W5D3 because I just wasn't ready.
  10. blayne

    Hey everyone!

    I would but my chubby dog can only run a half mile.
  11. Two shakes and a tv dinner a day and losing weight. About $130 bucks a month for that.
  12. blayne

    Dont feel like it today

    Well I went running and glad I did. Was rough though. Lol. I feel like a million bucks now.
  13. W5D2. Just want to stay inside. It's cold and windy. Gonna have to force myself to go. Hungry. Started slimfast diet today. Low energy.
  14. blayne

    Post your Workout for Today Here!

    It's dead in here!
  15. blayne

    Post your Workout for Today Here!

    W5D1. Just barely. Out of breath the whole time.