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  1. Week 2 Completed! I ran like a snail but completed the entire set. Congratulations to all keep on keeping on! Remember when we hear "it's too hard" that means we are close to doing something amazing!
  2. I am in the same boat in the same time 90 minutes is crushing me and I'm running at a very slow speed too and nervous about next week so you are not alone I guess it's really tough but we have to keep on pushing because whenever it's hard or it's difficult that mean something good is going to happen.
  3. Thanks Kelly. I could barely run the minute and a half I had to put the speed of running to the same speed as the walking last week it wasn't like that my first week.
  4. Just finished week 2 day 2 it was very difficult so was day 1 for week 2 I am now running where I was walking my first week ni stamina. although I started the Atkins diet a week ago I think it might be tougher when on very low on carbs. Last week was a breeze. I did lose close to 6 pounds this past week. Of course most of it is water. No wooohooo this week for me.
  5. Yes Shannon it feels so good. I hope I will physically be able to keep going I was looking ahead and saw how long we will be running it seems like so much but I guess I will live for just today and keep my positive attitude. I am so excited to take this ride (run) with y'all.
  6. So I was wondering what the title of this post meant ha ha Ha ha ha what a surprise. Mike you are such an inspiration. WTG bro!!!
  7. Awesome sauce! Way to go woo hoo!!!
  8. First three days down week one history! Woooohooooo
  9. Thank you Az by golly I think I like this bug. Haha it is an excitement flu and it is going all around this place.
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