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  1. double click on the day you want to repeat. All days after it will be removed also!
  2. Wendy The week 4 is most difficult one, I consider it more difficult than W5D3. It is IMO transition from introduction to training. I would try to complete W4, even if you have to switch to walking at the end - keep doing it.
  3. Twice? Some of us redo weeks four and more times. It is quite normal, do not worry about this. Just keep moving!
  4. Some days are tougher than usual. Sometimes I can push myself through and sometimes I just adjust my exercise accordingly.
  5. I like this one: http://www.builtlean.com/2011/05/25/basic-stretching-exercises-routine/ But there are others, you can google them. But 5min warm-up and cool-down I just walk...
  6. The answer is - walking. Normal speed but include 10sec burst of speed walking. In a week or two you will be able to speed walking 20 and 30 sec intervals. Then you can try to jog - it is very similar to walking, but there is an interval when your both legs are of the ground. It is not easy switch from sedimentary life style to active moving but it's worth it. I know what I am talking about - I did this switch when I got 55yo
  7. torus_ot

    need tips

    Why do you want to run - to get healthy. Smoking is in your way and I would tackle both at once: quit smocking and continue running.
  8. Nal I would first try to do first three week with brisk walk - as fast as you can. Then go back to the first week and try to do jogging instead of walking. Do not force yourself to run if you out of breath, just switch back to brisk walking. As soon as you can jog first week go for the week 2. You should ask your daughter for help and exercise with you, I think it will be very motivating. All you need is stick with the program and 5k is very doable Somebody on this forum wrote that losing weight is 20% exercise and 80% is reducing food intake (AKA dieting). My experience is telling me that these numbers are close to truth.... So if the weight lost is a goal - do both: exercise and healthy eating.
  9. Week May 7 - 13, 2017 Monday: Schlepping then jogging: 3.0 mi, average speed 5.3mph (3.8-5.8mph), average incline 3.2% Walked 0.4mi before, but when try to run did not feel right. Drop speed and incline Tuesday: 1.0 mi run (from 5.6mph to 5.9mph) , 3.5% incline + other gym stuff (Did 5mi on the bike under 19 min!) Wednesday: 3.0 mi walk, 3.5mph, incline 3.5% (walk 0.3mi before, ate supper after )
  10. 1st, it is OK to be slow. I am also sitting all days and my old joints do not like the exercise at all. Try different stretches for your muscles before and after run. Do it in the rest days too!. This one is targeted to "all day sitting" problems: http://www.stack.com/a/4-hip-flexor-stretches-to-relieve-tight-hips Look at the c25Kprogram as a tool that slowly change your life style, it make you active again. This is the goal, isn't it? I continue to struggle with weight, although I lost some. But the dieting is tough for me. Pain is OK, as long it is muscle pain. It will slow change to the tiredness. Remember - no pain, no gain.
  11. Keep going! You can work on the distance (speed) after C25K
  12. click on the same icon that got you to the forum....
  13. Week April 30 - May 6, 2017 Monday: 3.3 mi, 5.5mph, 3.5% incline Walked 0.2mi and 0.4mi before and after. Tuesday: 1.5 mi run (from 5.6mph to 6.1mph) , 3.5% incline + other gym stuff Wednesday: 2.0 mi walk, 3.5mph, incline 3.5% (Running was not an option - hip pain even with Advil) Thursday : 1.0 mi run (from 5.6mph to 5.9mph) , 3.5% incline + other gym stuff Friday: 3.0 mi run, speed 5.5mph, incline 3.5% Walk 0.4mi before and 0.3mi after Saturday: Walking 3.2 mi, average speed 3.9mph, average incline 2.9% (To get to my daily requirement of steps )
  14. Read this (I hope it will be useful). Wish you get better fast!
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