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  2. First 5K help

    Just like Patilo said "Pace, Pace, Pace". Between now and the 5K, don't forget to train.
  3. Start with nutrition - and talk to your doctor. Yes., dropping pounds will drop your time, but do not stress over it. With some help, create a meal plan that concentrates on health, and not on calories.
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  5. 13.1 Training?

    Dianna 13 weeks in the 13.1 app 13.
  6. It is important that every man finds the most comfortable, comfortable shoes for men https://www.orthofeet.com/collections/comfort-and-comfortable-shoes
  7. Just Ran 10K Race today ..Trained for 3 months ... Never lost an ounce .... !!!!!!!I know I’m losing inches and gaining muscle ... But I know I could do so much better if I had that extra 20;pounds gone ....Help
  8. comfortable walking shoes Walking can improve circulation, reduce body fat, support your joints https://www.orthofeet.com/collections/comfort-and-comfortable-shoes
  9. At it again

    Hello I completed the program two years ago and then fell fell off. I’m starting again, having lost some weight and gained terrifically proved blood numbers by following a Real Food/LCHF diet. I’m looking forward to building up to a 5K, being in much better shape to start with than last time.
  10. I’m sure some of you think it’s strange for a woman to say that she detests shoe shopping. But for belove with comfortable walking shoes comfortable walking shoes https://www.orthofeet.com/collections/comfort-and-comfortable-shoes
  11. Help!!

    I have been treadmill running for 7 months now. I am able to run 25-30 minutes continuously before I have to stop and walk. I recently tried to run outside and found that I'm having a much more difficult time. I can barely run for 2 consecutive minutes outdoors. What gives?!
  12. Returning to Fitness

    Hi Everyone, I have really slacked off of fitness the last 3 years. I have ran a couple of half marathons, numerous 5K and 10K’s, worked out in the gym, and have had a few trainers. I just haven’t been able to get my interest in it again. I miss not being as fit. I am hoping joining this forum and reading your road blocks and successes will reve me up again! The pictures below were taken 2012-2016.
  13. I just completed my first 5k of the year. Do I start the 13.1 Training program on Week 1? Thanks for the help!
  14. Hello, my name is Lily and I am wanting to lose weight. I am around 180 pounds and really want to get down to a healthy weight. I am going to start training for track season so I have a lot of time to prepare, around 7 months. I have a treadmill in my garage so I will be using that for my runs. For food I dont have a lot of healthy things available so I cant really go on a diet. I was wondering if someone could help me with my workouts and a work-around fot my food situation. Thanks -Lily
  15. Just starting back

    Can't seem to stay with it lol. Have done week 1 three times but in three weeks. I need to stay motivated! Keep telling myself it's to help me live longer.
  16. I’m using the 13.1 app to train for my first half marathon but the app calculates the miles at s 10-minute mile pace, even with a minute walk after 4 minutes. So I am consistently below the estimated miles for my long run. How can I tailor the intervals for my pace?
  17. Wife got a new kidney last year so it’s time I got fitter and this is the start. 

  18. I workout with a class on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I was wondering if I did the program would it work or do you have to do it everyday.
  19. Just starting back

    After a winter break, just starting back to it. Went with son and dog. Beautiful day. 79 degrees in Pennsylvania. Ran really slow so I could make it through. At 290 pounds its not easy. Lol.
  20. New Start

    Getting back to it to loose weight. Got lazy but need to go through full programme
  21. New Start

    Getting back to it to loose weight. Got lazy but need to go through full programme
  22. I'm getting ready to start this training app and I have questions. I'm not sure how to handle the cross train days. I will probably ride a bike for now and possibly swim when it warms up. What should I do for my warmup and cool down on these days?
  23. Hello- I am looking for a good workout to tone muslces of the neck- platysma, SCM etc. without building a big neck. Anyone have any good tips for light weight use? I've looked on Amazon for equipment but am not confident in the suggestions there. I'm actually looking for equipment of some type. Resistance- very light of course
  24. Resetting the app to Week 1, Day1

    If you have an iPhone, tap the gear near the bottom. Look for reset in the list.
  25. Couch to 5K

    Thanks for participating in the 2018 Couch to 5k program. Please use this forum to share your goals, progress, success, tips, etc. "Everyone needs someone that will call and say, "Get dressed. We're going for a run." @MyFavoriteRun
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