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  4. Ebeth


    I use map my run to track my distance week 1 (depending on your speed) it is about 2 miles (at lest mine is )
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  6. Laraetx

    Back after 4 year break

    Life happened about 4 years ago and I fell off the wagon. Feel like I threw away all the work I put into the multiple 5k’s and 7 half marathons I did in the previous 6 years. But I’m trying to get back into it and have started the program again.
  7. Barbara Molin

    10K in October

    I finished two 5K races last year and hope to run a few more this summer. Each October there is a regular race in a town nearby and by then I plan to run the 10K one.
  8. Barbara Molin

    Better late than never

    I started running regularly a year ago when I was 68. My reason was not to get fit because I believed that I was fit already barring minor aches and pains. I am a morning person and I wanted to meet other morning people who were fit. In my mind, too many retired people get stuck on the couch and I wanted to make friends with those who were active. But I had a problem motivating myself to get out regularly. A friend suggested I use C25K and it has changed my life. I finished two 5K races last year and am now using the 10K app. I have met a few morning people on my runs but in my community not as many as I would like to see. And now with the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown it's even harder. When people ask me why I run, I tell them to get away from the grim reaper. :) I like the C25K so much, I adapted it for my other passion: writing. Week 1: Prepare for three minutes, write for ten, three-minute break, write for ten followed by three minutes to save, sync and back up. Here it is: https://www.patreon.com/posts/35628266
  9. IZ+ZY

    Hi all

    What’s your running goal?
  10. IZ+ZY

    Hi everyone

    We’re on lockdown here in my part of the US as well. I’ve been wanting to increase my stamina for a long time now. I found this app through a fitness channel on YouTube and decided to give it a try. I’m really happy with it so far. And, just like you, today was my day 1. I completed the workout, and I’m really excited to keep going.
  11. MaryIreland

    Hi everyone

    My name is Mary and today is day 1! I’ve just completed it and I’m feeling positive! I can’t wait for day 2 already! As my name suggests I’m from Ireland, we’re currently on lockdown due to COVID 19. We are permitted to do brief exercise daily so this plan is perfect for me!
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  13. MissPresident

    Burn Fat Fast

    Hello Everyone! I have a solution to lose weight, burn fat, and enhance your mood! It's called the Red Tea Detox. You can burn fat as soon as 72 hours! It's Organic and Non GMO! You can lost 14 pounds in as little as 2 weeks! I'm trying it now and I'm loving the results! Not only my blood work comes out excellent but I was willing to deal with anything because my mood was contentful! Check out the review website and click on the link below to get yours! Thank you for your time! https://bit.ly/2QU07OP
  14. Giang Dang

    How to slim arms?

    I think push up would help, you should do for about 5 rounds per day, 20 times for each round. ________ Everfit
  15. Giang Dang

    Lower Back Problems and Running?

    I have the same problem with back injury, I found that running outside hurts me more than running on treadmill
  16. Giang Dang

    Hi all

    Hi, I'm new today, hope to find new things here. Thanks
  17. nashawn_25

    Getting my health back

    Hi there, I feel the same way. I call my journey Snatching my Sexy Back but I soon discovered I have to snatch my healthy eating habits more than exercising. I started in Nov 2019 at 321lbs and in March I am 291lbs. Now I’ve fallen off the wagon quite a few times. But I just keep getting back up and I’ve noticed I’m still loosing weight. Today I can run 22 minutes long now plus a host of other off the scale goals. Stay encouraged, that’s why I’m here... I need it! ~Nashawn
  18. Amanda M


    Have no idea how to use this app. Completed my first run but realize you need to pay for the program to find out your distance?
  19. TinavK

    The Pup and I: Day One Done!

    Hi Jeff! I’m about to do Day 1 with my adopted pup today! (Technically Day 2, but I am switching from 10K to 5K...so starting C25K today.) I’ve been super unmotivated since coming home with Scruffy from the BVI’s in December. She had heart worm and wasn’t supposed to exercise. But now that she has the go-ahead we are doing it! (It helps that the weather is warming up here too :o) Hope all is going well! (Running is a good way to get your mind off all the weird stuff going down right now! Lol) Tina vK
  20. Hi! I recently started with c25k and am currently doing the free trial trial to see how I like the benefits of the paid version... When I finished my last run I was shown a map of of my route and pressed done... I'd like to go back and see the maps from my previous runs so I can compare how far I got but I can't see the option for this - I'm sure it's somewhere obvious! Thanks!
  21. Meatless Marathoner

    New York here I come!

    I've run 8 marathons. My ninth was supposed to be the Santa Cruz Surfer's Path marathon. Unfortunately, I overtrained and seriously injured my knee. Then I managed to break my sternum. So I've been in Physical Therapy for a couple of months and am using C25K to get back into running. I'm going to start training soon for the New York City Marathon in November!
  22. Meatless Marathoner

    First Marathon...

    Smart goal. I had the same goal for my first marathon, which I did in in 6:21:06. What's the finish time limit for the Portland Marathon? I'm training for my ninth marathon--COVID-19 notwithstanding. Some unsolicited advice: My first few marathons, over the years, I got more obsessed with my time. I've gone full circle. I haven't worn a watch when I'm training and running events.
  23. Meatless Marathoner

    Is it possible to dial down the intensity of C25K?

    This. Don't push yourself. Just keep walking when the app prompts you to run, or speed up to a brisk walk at that time, or whatever is comfortable. If you push yourself too hard, you're setting yourself up for injury.
  24. Hi I have worked my way up to doing the versa app (had to start with 30 second intervals and can now do 1 min ones. I have a couple of questions. 1. Where can I find the actual written programme so I can see how it progresses. 2. How can I repeat a week if the progress is too slow. So far all I have been able to find is to delete the app and reinstall it. There must be a way to skip forward and back, right? Thanks a lot
  25. Meatless Marathoner

    Not a runner but here we go.

    If you run, you are a runner.
  26. Meatless Marathoner

    Over 50

    I know somebody who ran her first marathon when she was 50! As far as your heart is concerned I would get some professional advice. Go see your doctor.
  27. Meatless Marathoner

    What do you do on your non running day?

    Any kind of cross-training--something that uses muscles that you don't use in running: Yoga (calms the mind and body) Swimming - low impact, works every muscle in your body Resistance training of any kind - weight training, squats, crunches, etc. Tai Chi Walking (very different set of muscles than running) Think about getting ankle and/or wrist weights. Static stretching Foam rolling for aches and pains My go-to is fencing. (the sport) It's essentially a marshal art--an excellent full body workout, steadies the mind, and is great cardio!
  28. SBW

    Tomorrow is Day 1

    Hi. It went well. I am on week 2 now. I like the breakdown in chunks of a minute or 90 seconds etc.
  29. Shaun-79

    Tomorrow is Day 1

    How did it go?
  30. SBW

    Hi All

    So cool of you to run with her. Great reason to start running again.
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