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  2. My theory has always been if people are worrying and critising what i am doing then they are not working hard enough themselves! Dont worry about others just how good you will feel when you meet your goal
  3. Didn't Understood your point.. But I have an opinion regarding Muscle Workout: When you train your lower body, you primarily follow three types of movements which are squats, lunges, and hip hinges. These movements can effectively train all the muscles of your leg using the best shorts. In addition, you will also engage the muscles of your core and lower back. Through squats and lunges, you can hit your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. To engage your hip hinge, you can perform a dumbbell deadlift. You can easily increase or decrease the intensity of your workout by using heav
  4. Focusing on the lower chest workouts in the initial days of bodybuilding is not important. Because you won’t know its importance in the beginning. But, as you start developing some chest definition, you will realize the importance of lower chest exercises for a chiseled chest. Training your lower chest is the next step after you feel that your chest muscles are strengthened and now it’s time to give a defined shape to your pecs. Other than the aesthetics, overall chest development is important to perform your daily life activities with efficiency. The lateral, vertical, and
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  6. Push-ups and pull-ups are two effective exercises for building upper body strength. You can perform these exercises to burn fat and gain muscles. While doing push-ups you engage your chest muscles, triceps, shoulders, and upper back. Similarly, when doing pull-ups, you lift your body by using force from the rear dells, biceps, forearm, mid-back, and core. In this way, by doing push-ups and pull-ups you effectively engage all the big and small muscles in the upper body. There are a lot of variations to add to your push-ups and pull-ups but as a beginner, you should just focu
  7. Workout can have important benefits for people with HIV, in addition to all those listed above. Many people with HIV have increased levels of blood sugars and fats, such as cholesterol, which can increase the risk of some serious long-term health problems.
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  9. As well as offering HIV testing, they provide up to five follow-up sessions with people with HIV, to support them with psychosocial issues, linkage to HIV care and taking ART. https://saint-lazarus.org
  10. Hi all, when using the pull up app, how does everyone prefer to judge being complete? Do you count the set complete only when all reps performed unbroken, or do you take small micro breaks in between reps if needed to finish that the set and then call it complete? I’ve been doing the former. I will only consider a set complete if I’m able to perform each repetition unbroken with no rest in between reps.
  11. You might hear every day that diet is very important for athletes and you must eat healthily. But unless you are a fitness enthusiast, you probably don’t focus on your overall nutrition.
  12. Hey Kiki, That was the best video I've ever seen. I always read Blogs about this workout but now I've found the best training video.
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    http://adfoc.us/71837581688936 https://youtu.be/Z90xpWvuUPs
  14. http://adfoc.us/7183751 https://youtu.be/ynUw0YsrmSg this youth teach you can health keep fit
  15. How to Plank Properly for Beginners - Step By Step Tutorial https://youtu.be/BQu26ABuVS0 https://youtu.be/ASdvN_XEl_c https://youtu.be/BQu26ABuVS0 https://youtu.be/TvxNkmjdhMM https://youtu.be/kL_NJAkCQBg
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  18. Good day everyone. A healthy mind is found in a healthy body .Let your body stay healthy this can improve your immune system and protect you against sicknesses such as flue and fever etc. Check out a few body planking exercises in the links below. Click the links below : http://adfoc.us/71804081678893 http://adfoc.us/71804081678964 http://adfoc.us/71804081679263 http://adfoc.us/71804081679264 http://adfoc.us/71804081679265
  19. 1. The Endurance Building Workout 2. The RPE Run for Beginners 3. Descending Ladder Treadmill Interval Workout 4. Pyramid Treadmill Interval Workout 5. Race Pace Treadmill Interval Workout 6. Alternating Float Treadmill Interval Workout
  20. That's the point.. I read the Blogs about diet and fitness... The same scenario was explained there about practice at Home!!
  21. BENEFITS OF EXERCISING AT HOME Exercise Tips By Charlie Kelly When it comes to fitness, working out doesn’t have to mean going out. You don’t need to trek to the gym to get a good workout. You can accomplish plenty without ever leaving the house. Whether you want to build your endurance, increase your strength, burn calories to keep your waistline in check, or do all of the above, you can do it in the comfort of your own home. In fact, the benefits of exercising at home are pretty impressive. IT IS CONVENIENT. Life is hectic, but working out at home makes it easy to fi
  22. Best site new movies http://adfoc.us/71501081547736
  23. Great!! Also Read this Blog.. It would be better for your Practice..!!!
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