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  2. Hi. In the past, I tried to start running, and my shins hurt so bad that I stopped and couldn't try again. I really want to try and run(never been a runner), and I am starting the C25K program again. I also want to lose weight. I'm nervous about getting the shin pain though-i know I wouldn't be able to push through. How can I avoid them and how can I prepare? I really want to stick it out!
  3. I'm new to running and so far, my biggest challenge is my bra! It's an incredible pain to get on and off, especially after my run when I'm all sweaty. Is there a trick to this or are we all just struggling?
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  5. Tiffanykim

    Sides hurts when running

    Hi all, My side always hurt when I try to jog. Does anyone out there knows why is this happening and how to resolve it? It kinds of demotivate me from jogging. When it hurts, I resume walking. Then when I start to jog, it will hurt again. Please help. From a newbie in need of help
  6. Hello, I've just instead the free C25K app and it does not pair to the Apple watch it only says "You need to subscribe on your paired device to enable the watch app" Does this mean the watch app is a pro only feature? Or am I missing something?
  7. Dane Silchenstedt

    Apples watch questions

    Running C25k on Apple Watch1. App doesn’t send voice or hipatic unless screen is on. Am I suppose to run holding my wrist up the entire time?2. App drops to back and puts my other running apps in front of it. Yes I have settings to show last current used app. So now if I drop my watch to a running position not only does the app not send ques, now I have to search for it each time I try and view it.3. How do I turn off 1 minute left and half way done warnings?What I need is the app to stay as the most currently used app on top while I am working out. I need hepatic and sound ques whether the screen is off or on. I would also like to get rid of the ridiculous halfway and 1 minute left nonsense. I’ve been using this app for a while and it is very inconsistent. How can we make this experience less frustrating and actually be amazing
  8. Dane Silchenstedt

    Apple Watch woes

    This app is so inconsistent. Some times this happens to me, other times everything works perfectly. make sure you have all the sound features on the watch on. Go into app and make sure sound setting are turn on. Then while running make sure all other apps are closed. This works most of the time or at least some times with me. I would jump ship to another app If I could find a more consistent one. This one I never no if my run is going to be awesome or frustrating
  9. This has driven me insane since day one. I hate it!!!!
  10. Determined_Link

    Just the beginning....

    That is awesome!!!
  11. Determined_Link

    Building a better me!

    Good luck to you with everything and happy trails!
  12. Yehuda

    Hi help for new guy

    Hi I started today, and after i finished it showed me the map of my run. but now after i exit the map i can't aee how much length i did Can i see again the length or it just deleted?
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  14. BeccasYeaman

    Just the beginning....

    Running my very first half marathon with my daughter on November 10, her birthday, on NASA property. Excited and nervous at the same time. I feel determined to complete it....that’s my goal at this point since I am just now starting this journey. I really want to get into the best shape I have ever been in.
  15. Pheona

    App Questions from a New User

    I didn’t know you could choose. Do you need to upgrade for that? My phone just vibrates when it’s time to change from running to walking etc
  16. Pheona

    What to wear

    So I completed my day 1 today. Things I’ve realised are - I have nothing with pockets for my phone and house keys Those leggings I thought were a really good idea gave the neighbours a right good view of my butt cheeks as I puffed past them ! Can anyone please recommend running gear with pockets?!
  17. Blix

    Recovering after Breast Cancer

    Hi Misty, so sorry about your diagnosis. How has training been going for you?
  18. Blix

    Building a better me!

    Your accomplishments thus far have been amazing!!! I have just joined today and I am looking forward to using the app to train for my first 5K in 90 days. I agree, persistence and progress is the key, not perfection. That is how I will be looking at it:)
  19. Dragonwarrior

    New to this..

    Hi I am a brand new runner and I am doing this so one day I can do a 5k. I have never really been a athletic person so this is all new to me, but I am determined to become a better me!
  20. Already finished the 10K trainer and want to start with the 13.1 but I don’t know if I have to start from week one or I can skip to a certain week
  21. dmbotz

    Help a newbie?

    I'm glad others have started over. I just finished week 1 and day 3 was worse than day 1. I think I want to repeat week 1. I am in such bad shape. I think the last time i ran/jogged was in 1985 and I couldn't do it then either. However, I am going to try this for 1 month and see where I am at that time.
  22. Determined_Link

    Building a better me!

    Hello fellow fitness pals!!!!! My name is Link and I am a 34 year old female. I have been morbidly obese my entire adult life. I started building a better me in January. I started out at 351 pounds. At the time of writting this I am now 266 pounds. I do weight watchers every day religiously and I go to the gym 4 days a week with a lifting workout followed by 20 minutes of cardio. I went from 2.6 speed with no elevation on the treadmill to 3.4 speed with 8 of elevation to maintain my target heart rate. I am excited to try jogging now. I anticipate I will need to repeat weeks over and over until I am ready to move on, but that is how I will improve. ( you got to start somewhere) Persistence and progress not perfection. My main challenge will be my activity induced asthma, but that's ok my body is learning to adapt to my activity and that doesn't happen over night, it takes time. I look foward to supporting one another and reading tips from and learning from you all!!
  23. My wife has been asking for a treadmill for a while now and I'm thinking of getting her one for her birthday. She's an avid runner and we live in a desert that's too cold to run in the winter and brutally hot to run in the summer. I'm torn on getting her a compact treadmill that's easy to store, or just commiting more space in the house to house an incline trainer. This is the incline trainer I've had my eye on. Does anybody have experience with it? I want to make sure she'll use it enough and I don't know if the incline feature is a daily, weekly, or whenever you're feeling it kind of thing. Advice or suggestions from the community is totally appreciated
  24. michaeljonnes

    BCAA's with only cardio

    During training, muscle protein is consumed along with fat cells. Therefore, taking protein or amino acids during or immediately after exercise is beneficial. I usually drink BCAA during training. I usually take Amino X - here you can read the detailed composition and reviews. They are delicious and contain taurine. I feel invigorated and the training is more vigorous. + Also perfect isolate. It is easily digested by the body and quickly supplies the necessary nutrients
  25. michaeljonnes

    Not hungry..

    Immediately after training and do not need to eat. It can be a portion of protein and a few carbohydrates to replenish energy. A full meal should be taken in 30-40 minutes. It's hard to give you good advice without understanding your diet.
  26. michaeljonnes

    Pull up warm up

    It is possible to use warm-up of hands, shoulders and it should be enough. If possible, you can use assisted pull-UPS.
  27. Yeah, right. Use a simple formula-spend more calories than you consume. Change your diet gradually.
  28. Ronjones515

    Annoying keyboard clicks

    I have the same annoying problem. None of the options on the app allow for me to turn off the annoying clicking sound this app makes...every...single....click. Since it is driving both me AND my wife nuts, I'm surprised it isn't listed anywhere on here NOR on the internet. How do you turn it off!!!!!!!!!
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