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  4. derickson


    My goal is to successfully run a 5k and then move on to the 10k app. I am on Week 3 now. One of my challenges is being self-conscious running outside. I have been doing all of my run/walk on a treadmill so far. I think I will try to to go outside at least once this week. But it's a huge block for me. I will have to meditate on it. But I do love this program and feel empowered by my progress so far. Thanks!
  5. Hi, So I started this journey with a group from YWA who wanted to add running to our yoga practice. I am so happy to have made this decision! I am on Week 3 and completed Day 1 yesterday. I wasn't sure how the program runs even when I searched around. Like, do we run every other day or do we have two days off after day 3? I like every other day. Thanks!
  6. Jordan LLC

    Progress notes

    Wk1 day3, 1.5 mi, max hr 141, tight hamstrings especially L, twinge pain L knee cap. Weather 70, feels cooler than previous runs (in 80s), drizzle. Easier than run 1 this app should incorporate post run notes
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  8. Shazzah


    Its taken as long to figure out how to post! Ha ha. First run today. Hoping to get fit ready for spring
  9. Shazzah


    First day first run.
  10. Kim Bouressa

    goodbye Wendy’s hello c25k

    Hi- i am a 48 year mom- to four teenagers. I have spent the last 30 years with Wendy’s as my favorite place to go for dinner. A friend signed me up for Stronger U in February after a 32 year old friend of ours had a stroke- i have lost 30 pounds and not had fast food in 21 weeks. I run a ski program at loon mountain and spend too much time indoors instead of on the hill a fellow coworker at loon encouraged me to do this with her!
  11. The C25K program is pretty good for starting into fitness, but don't forget that the majority of weight loss is going to come from the kitchen. Losing weight is more than just exercising. I'd definitely research about TDEE and the amount of energy that your body needs. After you learn that, plan out your meals so that you are getting enough essential nutrients each day, while still eating fewer calories than you need. Just stick to the C25K app, listen to your doctor, and monitor your diet. You should lose those pounds in no time!
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  13. Bermendy

    New Life, Getting back to my old me

    Welcome buddy!
  14. Bermendy

    Starting over

    Glad to see you here.
  15. MrsWepking

    Week 5 Day 3 conquered!

    I just did Week 6 Day 3 today and it was great. I ran for 27 minutes straight to get the 2.25 miles and I wasn’t completely dying by the end! I always walk afterwards until I hit 3.17 miles and I did it in 45 minutes 25 seconds. 45 minutes is my goal for my first 5K in November, so I’m hopeful. After I finish the program I am planning on starting over outside because I have been doing it only on the treadmill (at a 2 incline) so far. Good luck with your long run!
  16. Going to do it right this time. This will be my second marathon! I finished the first; however, I didn’t do as well as I would have liked.....and it was a miserable experience that burned me out on running for years afterwards. Mistake 1: I overtrained... Mistake 2: I tried to get cute during the race and strayed from my race/ nutrition plan. Mistake 3: Tried to run FASTER too early.... Mistake!! I thought I was MEB Keflezighi!!! Mistake 4: Ran for time on my first Marathon...instead of just focusing on finishing. This time, I will enjoy the training process, follow the body/nutrition prep recommendations, and stick to my run/walk plan. I will not run for time.....just enjoyment!
  17. Afaye

    Week 5 Day 3 conquered!

    Congrats! I’m coming up on this, one more run to go then it’s go time. I have been mentally preparing for the last week ever since I saw they threw this 2 miles nonstop at me so soon. That’s a huge deal to achieve when you consider we’ve been easing up to it the last 4 weeks. I’ve been pumped I could sustain 5 mins the last couple days. We’ll get there!
  18. BarneyBunch

    New to running

    You really shouldn't be running everyday if you are just starting out. As previously mentioned, running everyday won't allow your body to recover during your runs. You will wear out your body and lose the motivation to keep on running. Enjoy your recovery days, but make sure that you stick to your running schedule and keep on running.
  19. I am performing pullup, pushup, situp and 5k apps consecutively for my work out. I perform a warm up prior to the pullups. So it is a big waste of time waiting for the 5 minutes on each of the remaining 3 apps. How do I disable this? Thanks.
  20. Christy78

    7 min pro

    Which exercise section should I use for cross training? Flexibility and mobility or lower body?
  21. Christy78

    Half Marathon in November

    I’m in week 7 of the C25K and to keep myself motivated I signed up for a half in November. I’m running to help with anxiety and be healthy. I’m 40.
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  23. Dalex234

    New Life, Getting back to my old me

    There we go momma!! Your first step is the right step! David
  24. I have heard about this app. But honestly didn't try it yet. thanks!
  25. Bermendy

    New Life, Getting back to my old me

    What was the problem in your conjugal life?
  26. Bermendy


    hey dude. How are you doing?
  27. Dalex234

    5k to 13.1 mile

    Great job......! Just from looking at the 13.1 trainer, it appears that it advances slow enough that you should be able to start your half marathon training. David
  28. Dalex234

    Motivation needed

    I was in the same place: Knee pain zapping motivation! Then, I spent a summer revamping my running form...... Pain was gone, motivation remained. Remember what you loved about running in the first place!
  29. Slg


    Hello !
  30. Gunn

    New to running

    From what I’ve been told it’s better to run 3-4 days a week allowing your body to recover between runs. Running everyday doesn’t allow for recovery time and muscle building and repair.
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