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  1. Yes Jeshi I use Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey protein after I lift and in place of a mid morning snack. I also use Swiftwick Pursuit socks in the winter. Merino wool(Which they are made with) is the warmest running gear!!! Also, don't fall into the I'm not losing weight because I'm gaining muscle thing. When building muscle you will not go up in weight from it until you've lost all the bodyfat. The weight gained from muscle (Even though it weighs more than fat) is a lot less than what's lost. Also, don't fall into the get rid of diabetes by cutting fat and eating whole grains.,I did it for 7 years and it kept me diabetic. When i cut grain and processed sugar from my diet (I went mostly Paleo), my diabetes was gone in 4 months. The nutritionists are WRONG!!
  2. I preplan my runs each week for that purpose. I know what I'm going to run and make sure I stick to the plan within reason.
  3. I'm going to have to due to it being a non running related injury this is one for a doctor or physical therapist to comment on. It's more serious in nature. I'd have no clue myself
  4. I took a bit of time to just run before I made any decisions. I trained for 10k myself over 9 or 10 months. I was in no hurry. Ran many 5k races and very gradually eased my distance up until I saw a 10K I wanted to run and by that time I was up to 6 miles.
  5. Good stuff... I recently saw something on a site that side a 12 minute mile is just as far as a 6 minute mile!
  6. Just want to see that in print again <G> Watch the addiciton take you MUHAHAHAHAHA
  7. It depends what results you are looking for. I suspect 3 weeks ago you couldn't do week 3 day 2 so there's some big results. If you are looking for weight loss, it's 90% diet. Running helps a bit but you can't outrun your fork. Eating a proper diet will lose the weight. Running will make you better at running. The two together make you a goal achieving winner!! But as for results, you had some successful results the day you stepped out the door, started the app and began to level up your life!
  8. And that's fine. For me, I'm always checking my cadence, pace and distance. I don't always plan my routes. I go until my watch shows half the distance I intend to run then turn around
  9. Jeshi, Basing weight loss or fitness on the scale is really hard. Especially when you mix in strength training as muscle has weight. What many of us do is measure ourselves weekly. I measure my shoulders, neck, chest, waist, biceps, hips and thighs. Go by what the tape measure says more so than the scale. If you go this route, consider buying a MyoTape. They are less than 10 dollars and are way easier to use than a standard measuring tape for this purpose.
  10. Congrats Ruthie!! I never doubted you would finish!! All those apps are great but maybe if you keep running, you might want a watch one day. So awesome to hit the start button on your wrist and be able to check your pace and distance without digging out your phone
  11. How about you do just 2 of the 1 minute (I think) running intervals. If you want to quit for the day after that, do it!! Until you get out there and try, you won't know if you want to do it I apply that rule to days I don't want to run. The rule is run a mile. if you still want to quit, quit. I've not stopped after a mile yet
  12. You're signing up for races. I think you do like running more than you may realize I'm just saying running is not the only way to meet fitness goals. Hiking, Climbing, Dancing, Cycling, Lifting, Volleyball, Rollerblading, Skiing, Swimming, Rowing, Martial Arts, Basketball. There's a bajillion things you can do for fitness. Running gives you nothing special in the fitness world over any other sport. Run because you want to run. Nobody has to run, unless they are being chased by velociraptors.
  13. You are correct, it is new or um, at least not an old feature KellyAnn. I downloaded it and checked it out. That was not a feature when I purchased it back in December. Back then the pro version just was a support the designers type purchase if I recall.
  14. I've had a hard time with deciding what to say on this one becuse of your first words. "I hate running". Personally I love running and I want the world to run but if you truly don't like it I would say don't do it. There are many other ways to lose weight. In fact, weight lifting in the gym is more efficient at it than running. Also, weight loss is 90% diet. Exercise is just how we become healthier. With that being said. If you want to give running a try, you just may find that you like it. Your fears are warranted because it's something new but guess what? You can't fail!! The minute you step out the door and try, you've won. This is regardless of if you're able to complete day 1 or not. I hope you decide to give it a try. You may find out you like it!
  15. Yes segments aere what you think. If they don't exist, your running will make them
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