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    My goals are to ba able to finish marathons. And to keep running for the rest of my life. To stay active!!
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    I freakin did it! Yes I know it was only week one day one, but still. I wanted to quit at the 12 minute mark but I pushed through. Not only am I glad I didn’t but (once I could actually breathe again) I felt great. I still feel great. Definitely a mood booster! Here is to hoping I get my butt back in a shape other than round!
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    Running on the treadmill is easier because your on a consistently flat surface whereas running outside has hidden elevations and terrains. You could always add elevation but that seems miserable. I would make sure to see your stats from an outside run, compare, and revamp. If you see more progress on your outside runs from doing treadmill trainings, then definitely keep it up. But I find that I have better results from running outside for outdoor races.
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    I got to the dreaded first 20 minute run. It was raining, but I told my family I was not missing a day except under the most dire circumstances so I headed out. Best run yet! I think because I spent more time thinking about the rain everything else took care of itself. Feel like I can tackle anything!
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    Good Day Team: I’m Kristine, mother of 2 teenage kids, two hyperactive pups and partner to crazy healthy law enforcer —and I’m skinny fat. This means I’m small, size 4, but I cannot run around the block. I can’t even run up two flights of stairs without getting winded. I attribute my skinny fat unhealthy life due to the fact that I’m a geek and work behind 3 computer screens 15 hours a day. NO MORE EXCUSES!! I’m going to train and run and be able to keep up (and dare I hope) surpass my Air Force bound kid. I look forward to this journey and have completed day 1. I did not die or throw up so I will go forward and keep running. thank you all for sharing your goals, support and stories. I wish you all good running mousepotato
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    I also have the upgrade but would like to see my distance/speed after I complete the run. How are you able to see those things? Every time tap on a completed run it prompts me to clear it. I don't want to clear it, I simply want to see the stats from previous runs.
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    You paid to remove ad's and be able to see calories burned and distance run. Make sure to do your settings or it won't be very accurate.
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    I completed week 4 day two this evening. Not fast but Completed. My knees are sore but Advil and rest should take care them. #happy