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    New Life, Getting back to my old me

    Going thru a yucky divorce and need to take care of myself. Getting back to eating right, exercise, losing weight, and taking care of myself and setting a good example for my daughter
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    Week 5 Day 3 conquered!

    Congrats! I’m coming up on this, one more run to go then it’s go time. I have been mentally preparing for the last week ever since I saw they threw this 2 miles nonstop at me so soon. That’s a huge deal to achieve when you consider we’ve been easing up to it the last 4 weeks. I’ve been pumped I could sustain 5 mins the last couple days. We’ll get there!
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    Hello guys, Have a very good day to all. I am newbie here. I would like to introduce myself with all of you guys. Thanks for your time!
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    Fabulous 50

    My weight went up 40 pounds while I struggled through the peri-menopause years. Now that it’s over and my weight has been steady for the past two years, it’s time to get my weight back down. I just hit 50 and I want to enjoy my years ahead by being in shape and healthy.
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    Ann Marie

    Weight goal - down 100

    Hi - I’ve been dieting for the past couple years and lost approx 100 lbs. I have 30 more pounds to go and hoping I can get there by running. I’m super pumped about this app and hope it helps keep me going. Confused a little because I thought I had to exercise daily but it appears to be 3 days a week. Is that correct?
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    Week 5 day 3 rain

    I got to the dreaded first 20 minute run. It was raining, but I told my family I was not missing a day except under the most dire circumstances so I headed out. Best run yet! I think because I spent more time thinking about the rain everything else took care of itself. Feel like I can tackle anything!
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    Week 3 is really tough for me!

    Totally agree that repeating is not a step back. You are still moving and that is the goal.
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    Want to do this injury free

    I've done this before gung ho and always end up injured. Finished day 3 this morning and feel great. Slow and steady will get me to the 5k in October and Turkey Trot in November!
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    Newbie Here My Day 1

    I'm really starting at ground zero here and I have a bad back and bum ankle. After a very short period (like minutes) my lower back spasms and I have to sit where ever I am (even if it's on the curb) but the good news is that after a short break my back relaxes and I can get back up until the next spasm. The better news is that I've noticed in the past that if I continue this each day I can last longer between spasms so I'm encouraged by that reality. Running doesn't seem likely since my ankle doesn't have full ROM but if I can get to walking I know I'm doing my body good so my SMART goal is to walk, every day and increase my steps each day.
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    Week 3 is really tough for me!

    I am now up to 25 minutes - week 7 day 2 done!! I am slower than the 2.5 miles, and right now that lenght of time is tough but I am doing it. Don't be afraid to repeat days and weeks as needed - but also don't be afraid to push yourself to the next day.
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    Week 3 is really tough for me!

    Abitofwit - I'm with you, except I was able to do the 3 minute run. It was the 90 second run that came after it that I struggled with. I ended up pausing the app and walked for about 10 minutes before starting up with the second 3 minute run. I have mapped out a 2 mile route, so I do walk a little bit extra in the beginning and end of the workout. Keep with it. It will be worth it. Every time I think about quitting because it's too hard, I just remind myself about how far I've come so far. I mean, a month ago, I never would've thought that I could actually run 3 minutes continuously. And right now, I can't picture running for 5 minutes straight, let along running an actual 5K, but one thing I know for sure. I definitely won't get there if I stop. I hate exercise completely, so for me to be excited for my next run is thrilling. I hope that I keep this feeling going. Wendy