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    Back at it

    Hi! I just completed my first run on this app and I’m super excited to work hard and stick with it! I am a former collegiate athlete and am not too happy with how I’ve let myself get this far out of shape the last few years. Enough is enough and though it isn’t my immediate goal to get back into my college playing shape, it would be nice to be able to go through drills and explain things to the high school team I’m coaching without being super winded or sore afterward :) I’m also getting married next summer so I’d like to be comfortable with how I look and feel way before and way after the big day. I’d like to not look back at my photos and wonder what the heck happened to me! Anyway, I’m pretty pumped to be in this community and I wish everyone the best of luck with your goals too! We got this!
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    Hi! I'm Julie, a single mom of 3 boys. A few years ago, I lost about 40 pounds through exercise and eating healthy, but have since gained about 20 of that back. I'm still at a "healthy" weight, but I just don't feel like I'm in great shape, and I know I could feel better. It would be great to drop a couple dress sizes, but I'd love to have more energy and be able to keep up with my boys! Exercise has always been a struggle for me, especially any kind of running. It's my least favorite thing. I've seen so many of my friends from high school get into running, and have run several marathons, etc., and someone I've been dating (6 years older than me) posted about running a 10K for his birthday in 3 months. So, I figure it's the perfect time for me to start working toward that goal! This will probably be the hardest thing for me to stick to, so I'll be looking for motivation on a daily basis, I'm sure! I'll also be struggling to find time with my 3 boys at home all summer, and then when the school year starts for me as a teacher. Suggestions on motivation, good music, scheduling, etc. Is always welcome!
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    Distance vs Time week 6

    Hello, thanks for the response. Yes strangely I was looking at the Nike app for after the C25K specifically for the coaching and guided runs. At the moment I use my Fitbit charge2 watch to record the run which feeds into Strava after the run so I get all the stats, millage pace heart rate zones etc. Good to know you can run the Nike app at the same time and get audio cues along side C25K during the run. Have decided to concentrate on time right now and think about beginning to run for distance once I can run for 30 mins. Had another question about the Nike guided runs actually, do you know if they give you a halfway cue? Many thanks.
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    I turn 57 next month...

    I am on my 8th month of intermittent fasting and I am rebooting my life. I graduated from my 5K training and now I am embarking on my 10K. I am down to my 160+ range and targeting the 150s. I can’t go back. I need to move forward! The attached image is my 34 year old’s reaction to my training.
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    Proper running technique!

    Yeah, I think perhaps it meant to land on the ball of the foot. As a coach, I've seen some of my runners land more on their toes. Sometimes, because they've been running or walking like this since they've were young children, it's not something that's fixed, nor does it really need to be fixed since their entire body has adjusted to this style of walking/running. More importantly is that the foot is somewhat aligned to your hips and body when it strikes the ground.
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    Can I do this?

    Congratulations for taking this step. Getting doctor opinion is definitely critical. I would walk faster for the 1 min and slow down for the recovery. See how heart rate is then. You got this !
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    Back at it

    Fantastic - I can sense your determination, Coach ! We got this, indeed !
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    New runner starting today

    Hi! I'm Jen and new to running. I am starting this running app as a friend of mine runs and recommended this app. Just wanted to say hello! Jen
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    This past weekend my wife and I took our kids to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. Everything was going great until I tried to ride one one their famous coasters. It’s a ride I’ve been on dozens of times, but this time was a bit different. You see, I didn’t fit into the seat in our chosen row. This was the first time that has ever happened. They directed me to another row that accommodated larger passengers, but I had to wait for the next train. I was mortified. Fast forward to today. Trying to think of ways to get myself more active I remembered the C25K app. It’s been a couple of years since I used it, but wanting to give it another try I actually downloaded the 10K version because, why not? I lost interest in exercise when my first son was born. I didn’t have time to work out, work second shift, and be a full time parent while my wife worked first shift. after weighing myself today I was at a bulky 291 pounds. A far cry from the 210 I weighed when I met my wife. Needing to lose some before our family heads to Disney World in November, I’m trying again.
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    Way to go ! Please recognize it takes alot of strength to take a new direction. Stay strong in your decision !
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    Apple Watch

    I have the Pro version and it works fine with my Apple Watch (Series 3). If you can afford an apple watch you can afford a few dollars for the app. So far its the best interval training app I have been able to find. From my past experience with Google products there always seems to be some goofy reason things just don't work right; say what you will about Apple but I think their tight grasp on their product line definitely helps with compatibility.
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    How'd it go today? I'm just starting C25K today too. I had my phone in a belt at my waist this morning and couldn't hear the cues very well. Ran out and got an armband for my phone and some wireless earbuds this afternoon. I tested them out walking the dog this evening, but we'll see how they do running on Wedesday. Hang in there!
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    Treadmill for now

    Hello! Just getting going with the app. Right now the weather here isn't fit for running so I am on the treadmill. I purposely restarted week one. Trying to make sure I am adapted before I move to the next week. This is all very new to me but I am determined to succeed!
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    Treadmill for now

    I'm just starting today. Hopefully you are going strong and ready for your first 5k. Do you have any tips to stay on track and motivated?
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    Treadmill for now

    Still here and still training. For the most part I have been keeping up with my schedule. It has been a journey. Still keeping my sites on running an entire 5K and I believe I'm on track. I don't get here on the forum quite as much. The weather here has warmed up and that means doing things that have taken a backseat during the winter. Camping, backpacking and motorcycle riding... I'll keep checking in and seeing how everyone is doing. Just a little more lurking than posting going on these days. The turnover on the board seems to fit in with people completing the program, and this makes sense to me. You can always give me a nudge or message me through the forum. Best of luck to everyone and remember... a mile is a mile, no matter how many minutes it takes to finish!
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    Treadmill for now

    Treadmill Team dor the win!
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    MJ Stone

    Treadmill for now

    I’ll also be on a treadmill for now. Michigan weather isn’t fit for running here. Too much snow and ice. I’ll be hitting the gym here in a few hours. Treadmill and 30 minute circuit are what I have planned for today.
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    Treadmill for now

    How did it go? I did Week 2 Day 2 today. I felt pretty good but I need some help with stretching. My calves get very tight...
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    Treadmill for now

    Excellent! I restarted week one just to give myself a real chance at succeeding. Tomorrow I’ll be on Week 2 Day 1 Keep me posted on your progress!
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    Candi Lynn

    Treadmill for now

    I’m starting tomorrow! I’m going to hit it hard for my mental health! Not good weather hear either but I think I’d prefer outside
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    Completed 30 mins. Thanks C25K

    Today i completed 30mins jogging. The pace is still a bit slow. I could do 4kms in 30 mins. But still very much happy coz I couldnt even run 4 mins at start of the program. With balanced diet I also reaped sweet benefits of weight loss. Took me almost 12-14 weeks to reach 30mins. Although there have been some delays due to injury but I did not quit and hence completed it. Since my stamina was too less, alternate day jogging was not sufficient and so I used to jog daily(except Sunday) upto first 5 weeks. Also repeated the week wherever needed. Week 5 is toughest but remember not to quit and repeat if necessary. Every week seemed tough and hard to finish. But the thumb rule was not to quit and repeat until you finish a target week. Dont forget pre and post stretches at it helps prevent injury and helps in recovering. Take a break whenever legs are sore or in deep pain. Best thing about the app is its breakdown to achieve the target. Must say its very skillfully developed. Thanks C25K :-)
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    I am trying to use the app on my Apple watch 4 without having my iPhone with me on my runs. But the app on my Apple Watch doesn’t sync at all with my iPhone when I am finished. And it won’t let me use the app on my Apple Watch without it syncing. This was 3 days ago and it still hasn’t synced! I emailed them and we’ll see what they say. Such a hassle trying to use this with my Apple Watch in stand alone mode!!!
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    Completed 30 mins. Thanks C25K

    Friday I completed week 5!! Can't wait for week 6 and beyond. :-)
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    Week 9

    Just finished a 3 day streak 5k 6.3k and a 5k. Tired but ok. Thx zen for the app
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    c25k, completed

    Hello, I just completed my first 5k run, right in the 30 minutes allocated time. I have to say it felt really good. To give you a little background, I'm 35 years old, and I have not done any real sports... for most of my life. I started somewhere in May, last year . Ever since then, I ran each week until I felt confident about moving on to the next one. For me it was mostly about getting in shape and safely reaching the 5k point. So about one year later, I am at the point that I can make the 5k run, without any breath issues or pains. And yeah, I did drop some weight as well which is nice. Now I will slowwwwly move towards the 10k program, hopefully I will return in a year with another success story. To conclude, here is a picture of the place I first ran the 5k challenge. Have fun!