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    Hi. I am 49 years old and trying to get back to a healthy version of me. I've had a few setbacks over the last few years but no excuses. I'm always trying to find people to start running with me, but I guess I'm on my own. So after working back up to a decent time AND being able to breathe on the elliptical, I decided (after seeing an old friend do her first 5k)that I'll start getting on the road again. My main reason for lacing up the sneakers is it always helps me feel better. It's mostly for the mental and emotional goodness I get, but if I get benefits in the physical areas, I'm not going to complain. Here's to finding the old me or maybe a new me.
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    Introducing myself on day 1

    You can do it! I've found if we wait for others to run with us we will never run! :).
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    Completed First 8 Weeks

    Hi, I have completed my first 8 weeks. My last run was a half hour. Had to use several mental tricks to keep going including listening to audio-books to keep distracted. Guess what. It worked. The wireless headphones I purchased specially for this have given up after a days running in the rain. But, they have served a purpose and have helped me to get past the difficult days. Now it is a matter of stabilizing what I have gained and then deciding whether to proceed further to the 10k challenge. Today I purchased upgrade in order to track distance. Until now it was towards a time target. Running through trees but hope the GPS can track the distance. Good luck to you all.
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    New to the fitness community!

    Hello experts, Good day to all! I'm a newbie in the fitness community. I would like to say hello to all. Thanks for your time in advance!
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    Graham Stewart

    Week 2

    Hi there, I'm 55 and live in Edinburgh and South Tyneside. I'm a total newbie to running a nd have just completed Week 1 using the C25K app. Totally loving running despite the aches and pains. No goals yet, apart from learning to run well. All tips and advice most welcome.
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    Introducing myself on day 1

    If I ever get through this training, I'm in.
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    I'm Trying - Day One

    I'm Charlotte, or Charlie for short, I'm 22 and I haven't ran since middle school. I have arthritis and my biggest fear is that it'll prevent me from doing this. I've been saying that I want to run a marathon but never knew where to start, until my friends recommended this app. I'm hoping with everything that I'll manage to reach my goal and that I can overcome my physical ailments that might prevent this. Wish my luck!
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    zander carson

    Need Help on pushups

    do the pushup challenge through the zen challenge series I couldn't do over 5 and I am currently done with week 6 it helped me so much
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    One year to 13.1

    Hi all. I'm Emily. I have one year til my city's annual half marathon, and as of today, I'd like to work towards running most of it. That would mean I would achieve it right about my 50th birthday. It was just a year ago in November that I ran my first 5k after leading a fairly inactive life. Ran several more 5ks this year, and even placed in a few for my age group. My superpower is the ability to talk myself out of training, or going as long as I need to. My other challenges include having feet that kind of hate me, and a brain that tells me I'm dying when I get out of breath. I'm here to get the structure of the program, the boost from others on the same journey, and practical information on how to work with my challenges instead of giving up. Thanks for reading!
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    Week 5, Day 3 - WTF!!!

    I know exactly what you mean!!! I wasn't ready for a continuous run that long. I actually skipped that day and went right to Wk6 Day1. I figured, no biggie as long as I kept getting out there and trying! Then I repeated Wk6 Days 1 and 2 over and over for a couple of weeks before moving on to Wk6 Day3 (running for 22 minutes). I'm on Wk7 Day3 now! I'm 58 years old and had not run for about 30 years, so I decided to cut myself some slack! I look at this program as a great suggestion of one way to get you to running 5K. It will not be perfect for everyone. Use it as a guideline and modify it if you need to to make it work for you. Don't stop running because you didn't following the program exactly!
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    Week 5, Day 3 - WTF!!!

    Don't sweat the distance and just do the time. You will speed up.
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    Week 5 day 3 - how did you get through it?

    I did day 2 twice then amazingly managed day 3 with only about a 10 second stop after about 5 minutes. Once I did that I was fine for the rest of the way. Can't actually believe I managed it. When I went onto week 6 day 1 today it seemed like a breeze! One thing I have found is that listening to audiobooks helps me better than music. Although you don't get the "pace" (and I run incredibly slowly) I find they make me concentrate more on the story and less on how much my legs are hurting!