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    5K without stopping

    I want to run 5K without stopping. I am just going to follow the program and do my best, the aim is to move my body everyday, whether it is a programmed run or a long walk. I want to feel the best I can - and maybe go running with my sister next time I visit her!
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    I tend to start with unachievable goals, and always give up when I don’t follow through. This time I start low. This week I will do 3 days. Today was my first and I feel proud of myself. It took months of just thinking about it daily but stopping short of moving my rear toward the treadmill.
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    I started as a new runner. Zero running experience. 57 yrs old. Post 250 lb weightloss. I could barely make it through the first week.... Until I read to slow down my running to a conversation level (can say a sentence or two without gasping for air) I am now on week 6, day 2. From now on, it is straight running, no intervals. My son and I feel much better about ourselves. We are Proud of our accomplishments. My body shape is improving. If we can do it... You can!
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    Our goal is to complete this program and run a 5K without walking. We need to get in shape and stop hating how we look and feel.
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    MJ Stone

    Play list ideas

    I love Linkin Park and rock music, but when I’m working out, I go with mostly pop music such as Ariana Grande or Salena Gomez. Here’s my playlist on Spotify that I use. Feel free to check it out.
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    Proper running technique!

    "you want to make sure your legs are in such a position that your foot lands directly over your toes." What the heck does that mean?