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    Changed Watch. App no longer working

    So I have just changed from a Series 4 Apple Watch to a Series 6. I pay the monthly sub which rolls tomorrow. In the Apple Watch app I can only add the free C25K app to the watch and this causes a You need to subscribe on your paired device to enable the watch app. Any help appreciated.
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    Proper running technique!

    A gait analysis thru my local runner’s store and another at a Physical Therapist’s office was extremely helpful and showed me exactly what I needed to correct. I didn’t know what I was doing incorrectly until I saw it in slow motion from a video recorded while running.
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    Hallucinating rigidus

    That’s Hallus rigidus...pretty funny autocorrect!
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    Week 5 day 3 , failure

    I wanted to add an update for anyone else who gets to this point and panics when they see the 20 minute jog on week 5, day 3, like I did. When I got there, I ended up doing a repeat of week 5, days 1 & 2, which I wish I hadn’t done because it turns out, I could’ve done the 20 minute jog non-stop. I just completed week 6 and rather than psych myself out on day 3 (22 minute run), I decided I would run until I couldn’t any long and was surprised when I did the full 22 minutes non-stop without feeling like I was going to die or like I did too much. So, even if you’re sure you can’t do it, if you’ve made it that far, don’t listen to yourself. Push yourself. You can do it. On day 3 of both week 5 and week 6, you know you’ve got non-stop jogs, so don’t start out going full tilt. Start with a nice, steady pace that isn’t too taxing. If you have to, don’t pay attention to the timer. Just keep telling yourself you’re going to keep going. Eventually, you’ll get into a groove and your body will quit panicking. You can do it!
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    Drum Dave

    What comes before Couch?

    So I thought an update was due. I fought through the demotivation and ran anyway. I took all the advice and repeated Day 1 over and over, allowing myself to walk during most of the day's 8 runs. And when I did walk through a one-minute jog, I chose to see it not as a failure but as part of the process. Each jog was a success, whether or not I could do many of them. My first Day 1: Barely survived 3 of 8 runs. Nearly three weeks later: For the first time I actually jogged for all 8 one-minute runs of the Day 1 session. It was messy. I was out of breath. But I did it. Happy running to all y'all.
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    Proper running technique!

    I agree. I don't think it's good to land on your toes, if that's what they mean. I've read that it's good to land lightly on the ball of your foot, that heel strikes are not good and can lead to injury. Also, that a person should take shorter strides, in essence, falling forward with your body over the foot as it hits the pavement or ground.
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    After my first run the watch wanted me to synchronize with the ‘parent app’ I had to do it three times before both were on the same page. Same thing happened on the next day.
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    I am trying to use the app on my Apple watch 4 without having my iPhone with me on my runs. But the app on my Apple Watch doesn’t sync at all with my iPhone when I am finished. And it won’t let me use the app on my Apple Watch without it syncing. This was 3 days ago and it still hasn’t synced! I emailed them and we’ll see what they say. Such a hassle trying to use this with my Apple Watch in stand alone mode!!!
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