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    I am trying to integrate this app with my fitness pal and I don't see how that's possible. It redirects me here and I don't see anything
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    Hi, i uave just stsrted this app this week. My first day was really hard. I only managed 6 minutes. Then i started reading through the forums and realised i probably wasnt breathing right. I took on board whatt leanne said about putting your tongue at the top of your mouth and it worked. Today i managed to complete day 1 week 1. I am not used to running so i found it tough but proud of myself for doing it
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    I’m a pastor’s wife, instructional coach of teachers, and 45. I’ve lost 47 pounds and now I’m ready for a race. I don’t want to win I want to finish. I’ll win the second one I enter.
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    I am 41 and hate my body. I won't even let my husband see me!!! So I know I need/ have to do something. I suffer from depression. So I got this app because my friend told me to try. I have been putting it off, I don't know why!! But today I had a patient who totally motivated me!! He gave me his number to text if I start to get down. I AM DOING THIS!! I want a kick ass body for me!! We have a family cruise in July and I want to feel confident in my suit. So I started day 1 week 1 tonight and I loved it. I felt amazing after. I can't wait for day 2!!!
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    Hello!! I just got done day 2 of this program and thought I’d join the forum. I need someone to hold me accountable to keep it up. I run intermittently, but never enough to amount to anything. Meaning I occasionally hop on the treadmill and will run 1 mile MAX, and probably have to stop 3 times in between to walk. It’s sad. I made the mistake of agreeing to run a 5k with a friend after drinking a couple glasses of wine... so now I have to get my life together. Just hoping to find some motivation! I’ve heard excellent reviews about this program for years, so I’m trying it out. Wish me luck and good luck to my fellow beginners!!
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    Hi Ejim! Just keep stretching and get some walking in on the off days, you're off to a great start! Best, Scott
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    Hi All. Started yesterday. Legs a bit sore today. Used to do a lot of running when I was younger. Nearly 50 now. 19 stones in weight. Starting on treadmill. Any advice please
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    Hi! Yes, that's exactly what you should do, repeat until complete! When I quit smoking jogging was really hard for me, so I did a lot more walking than running. The app has a good plan to get you running, but if its too difficult in the beginning, don't be afraid to slow it down to a pace that makes you comfortable.. with your heart and lungs getting back into the rhythm of things the last thing you want is to rush it! I also found that getting a walk in on the other 4 days of the week dramatically improves how fast I can pick up jogging. My biggest hurdle was my breathing, so the extra little activity helped get my lungs used to the experience. Best of luck! Scott
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    Hi all! I’m a year post lumbar fusion surgery, and my doc has cleared me to slowly start running again, so C25K made the most sense! I ran all through high school and through my 20s...Now I’m almost 50 and 30 pounds overweight! Yikes! I put W 1 D 1 in the books yesterday and it felt great just to be heading in the right direction! Thanks in advance for the support and any advice y’all have to offer!
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    Hey what's going on everybody this is a new Runner here. Most of my life I've been either into football or baseball which or sports that really don't require much running as far as staying in shape. But since college football I've grown to dislike running but the recent circumstances have made me to start wanting to run again. So all of my professional runners who are running marathons and half-marathons I will need your help. Thank you in advance
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    Hey There! I’m Jose, this is just a little part of my story, i started this program about 6 to 7 weeks ago, you know i felt motivated, I wanted to change my lifestyle. I think one of the stuff that made me doubt were my back problems, and doctors saying I should avoid high impact sports. Nonetheless, I just wanted to give it a try, and must confess I loved it, but during the second week a very annoying pain in left leg started to bug me, I was a little disappointed, but I didn’t want to give up so I started doing some knee conditioning exercises I found online and they were really helpful, there I found that what I needed was more stretching. So now, I’m on the week 5 day 1, I do stretching after every session and I feel much better. Gotta confess that I can feel better already.
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    1) phone in the pocket is fine 2) yes the voice will interrupt the music 3) any headphones will work start the music then start the app and start the daily routine. I
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    I was having the same trouble too today. My 1st workout I was given the opportunity to connect to MFP when my workout ended. Today, it automatically ended without me having to slide to end & went to the home page. When I checked MFP it didn't sync, so I disconnected the app & planned to reconnect only to have the same trouble....redirected me to Zen lab website. After much research it says you can only sync right after work out complete.
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    I don't know! This is what I'm trying to find out too
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    When I first started running with C25k I heard to use your core to run and to concentrate on breathing. In order for me to tighten my core, concentrate on breathing and to run at the same time I used a back support belt. It helped me to run without leaning forward and able to breath when running. Now in 2014 I did 5k's events now in 2015 in already doing 10k's event. My first run was the NewYearRace 10k in Los Angeles 1hr15min due to some hills on the course. I didnt train myself running on hills lol