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  1. WEEK THREE - SUCCESS! January 19, 2015 - W3D3 While I could not run yesterday, I tried, I did have an EXCELLENT workout. I used the treadmill for the first time. I believe I will keep using the treadmill for a bit. Once I got going my heart rate remained between 156-159. According to Target Heart Rate I should be at 170 beats. That said, I was sweatin' bullets during and after I stepped off the treadmill, so I am going to go by what I experienced vs. worrying that my heart rate wasn't fast enough. Mind you, I am going to walk a little bit faster next time. Additionally, I will begin walking on my off days (which will begin today Jan. 20th). My knees - the bone below both kneecaps on inner knees - is still quite painful running on, and touching. I have yet to work on strength exercises, yet I am definitely going too, (thanks Azatol). That said, I contemplated redoing week three since I was unable to run d2 and d3, yet I decided against redoing. I'm going to jump right into week four and walk as necessary and begin running as soon as I can. I find I am a bit worried about not being able to run the full 5K, and then Cendorly's words echo within, "So What!" I'm still signing up and participating regardless AND I am not going to allow myself to dwell on step 10, before completing the step I am on currently - focus on today. I suspect or hope I'll be running it all, yet it's ok if I don't. Suffice to say, simply participating is HUGE and my minutes and miles will add up eventually. I know this and I am staying with this. January 17, 2015 - W3D2 Part II Yesterday, since I missed a run on the 15th, I could have easily run on my day off, yet I chose not too. Had I run, I would have been running out of guilt from having missed a day. So I purposefully chose to pick up on Saturday. I do not wish to run out of guilt or feeling as if I didn't do enough or didn't do it the right way. I do not need to make up any day. It is simply important for me to pick up where I left off. While running out of guilt may motivate some people, (it makes me feel better certainly) in the long run I have noticed that it plays into my 'not doing enough', 'not doing it right' (perfectionistic) modes and I end up self-sabotaging goals. So yesterday required a compassionate and firm reality check: I missed day two on the 15th -"It is one day Shannon! Get over yourself. Cheer up,and let it go!" I made a purposeful decision to honor my day off on the 16th and honored the fact that I do enough. My decision not to run is neither right nor wrong. (This was not justifying a missed day, it was embracing compassionate self-discernment vs. judgement). These were wins for me! This morning I picked up where I left off two days ago - day 2 now completed! On to day 3! My knees have been tender. I thought it would pass. I've always been healthy ... no issues. I've taken Glucosamine in the past and it helped with my minor joint pain which I started noticing in my early forties. I ran today, yet could not keep running - it was quite painful - quick jolts of pain. I was disheartened and walked instead. I've been alternating Aleve, Ibuprofen and Tyelenol since the 13th, and yesterday I received my Glucosamine and started taking it. I'll keep using the Gluco and walk if I need too until my knees feel better. I'll have it looked at only if I need too. After reading all boards today, I think I'll take up walking on my off days - I feel the knee pain while walking, yet it is definitely doable. I will share honestly, my self-encouragement feels a little hollow to me. I did not like that I needed to walk today, and I feel a little heavyhearted and worried. I would welcome any encouragement or experience in regards to knees please. <3 I am so thankful for the motivation I found today while reading threads! AND I am thankful for perfect timing! It started poring rain AFTER my run early this morning. I love running in the rain; however, I do not have the right kind of running gear that would keep me dry .... yet! <3 January 15, 2015 - W3D2 Part I Missed. I totally spaced running. It was quite late when I remembered, and so I decided not to run. I experienced mixed emotions and focused on not beating myself up. January 13, 2015 - W3D1 Success! Running three minutes was easier than I expected. I also felt faster, (got home quickly and in less time). Runner's Buddy said I ran more steps, and that I was way under two miles which confused me because I ran the same spot the day before and ran almost 2 miles. I thought, "Well shoot! What the heck!" LOL It caused me to doubt what I felt - lessening my good feelings for a wee tiny bit. I noticed my shift in mood, and stopped judging immediately. Runner's Buddy is only a tool. I'm proud of myself for trusting what I experienced vs. trusting my app. That said, it may have been right .... so what! I was thrilled after my run! There is something to be said for the blissfully unaware and motivated! LOL It was a good run; a successful run! Day 1 down! If I keep this up - I am pretty sure I'll be able to run the whole 5K! My knees are bothersome - they started hurting last week. So I purchased Glucosamine Chondroitin (MSM and Turmeric) tonight. Hoping this helps. I'm not sure if it is joints or something else. I believe joints. WEEK TWO - SUCCESS! January 11, 2015 - W2D3 Suffice to say, it was an interesting day filled with wild ups and downs and then a feeling of oneness that noticeably uplifted all three of us. It was quite fascinating for me to be a participant, and as a mother, a witness to what took place within each of us. It was also a solid reminder of what happens when we draw together instead of split apart during times of stress. A few hours later I hit the wall, I was drained physically and mentally. I matter-of-factly told my kids, "I am not going to run this evening. I'll run tomorrow." (my famous self-sabotaging last words). My youngest (15) said, "Mom, when you don't run today, you may not run tomorrow. I hope you get out there" I sat with his words and knew he was right. My daughter (17) playfully said, "If you don't run tomorrow, I'm gonna kick your butt!" She made me laugh, yet I remained thoughtfully (and mostly) resolute. They didn't harangue me, make me feel bad ... they simply and honestly shared their thoughts. I am so thankful for their unconditional love and support. This evening I jumped onto Zenlabs-a daily goal. I read YOUR success, YOUR tips and encouragement and absolutely enjoyed how YOU celebrated not only YOUR victory, yet others! Thirty minutes later I knew I was going to run. YOUR energy shared supported me in changing my state of mind. Thank YOU! YOUR success, in part, equaled mine tonight. I had a very good workout (it was easier(!!) and still challenging). Emotionally I feel centered and at ease ... much more than before the run - exercise is mentally and emotionally good for the brain! The last five minutes I listened to a song I have never heard. The lyrics captured my attention immediately. In fact, they were goose-bumpy-apt to what I am experiencing overall. I was easily able to find truths that resonated, which I am personalizing here: I've been such a mess, so caught up in who I am not ... yet I'm ready now - the walls are tumbling down. I have nothing left to hide. Don't want to let me down. Don't want to let my kids down. I'm going to make this count. Regardless of my (or one's) beliefs, I felt her song was applicable any time I have an aspiration to restore personal vitality. If curious, you can listen here: Plumb - Lord I'm Ready Now I am tickled to share that I started out at 172.6. I weighed myself yesterday and was 168.2. What a pleasant surprise, especially since I have not set nutrition or water goals yet. I will, yet my main intention was one goal, and one goal only - run three days a week. I have a tendency to spread myself thin in the midst of many goals. Albeit necessary/important goals, yet wayHAY too many goals. Not this time. One goal, one step at a time. The energy and success experienced, and confidence gained will fuel the desire to add further goals as is necessary. I know this from personal experience. Really Cool: Runner's Buddy W1D1 - 1/1/15: 32 minutes, 1.68 total miles, 4043 total steps W1D2 - 1/3/15: 32 minutes, 1.84 total miles, 4411 total steps W2D3 - 1/11/15: 32 minutes, 1.92 total miles, 4597 total steps Feeling: Thankful and supported unconditionally. <3 January 9, 2015 - W2D2 I am so sleepy this evening, yet I wanted to post my update. The first three runs were definitely easier, yet for the most part, today was nearly a repeat of my last run in that those last two runs were still challenging - loved this, and was very happy to begin walking too! I was a bit wishy-washy about going out as it was much later than I planned, yet I did. I was so pleasantly surprised - I do not prefer running at night, I prefer very early mornings. That said, I loved it! Well lit main street. I felt safe. I may do that again. I was cruisin' to 80's Work Out music using iHeartRadio - boy did that bring back memories! LOL January 7, 2015 - W2D1 And Another One Bites the Dust ... 'nuf said! teehee Last two run sessions I became nauseous - not a bad thing. I'm familiar with that feeling and know what it entails, (bouts of gagging) so instead of pushing too hard, I backed off somewhat. I kept up the pace with walking and my warm down. Good workout! In spite of the nausea, it felt easier today than last run. Happy camper! WEEK ONE - SUCCESS! January 5, 2015 - W1D3 Today’s run felt physically challenging (good) and I felt great. It was an especially meaningful walk/run knowing that I ditched a life-numbing excuse. All morning, I pushed the run back. I kept repeating, “I’ll do it …. later”. After about the third or fourth, “I’ll do it later” I stopped and acknowledged what I was doing without judgment. I let it go, and out the door I went. I was waiting for my son to get home – a large part of me clinging to his support and presence in an unhealthy way (not fair to him or me) - family connection and conversation are powerful motivators for me. That shared, I loved having him along on the first two runs, yet my intentions are to be self-governing and to embrace and welcome support as it comes – not rely on it, or wait for it to be present before I get myself out the door. Having another along is nice, yet not necessary. Week One Achieved!! Looking forward to Week 2 – I can tell my body is up for the 2 minute jog. It sure goes fast, doesn’t it! January 3, 2015 - W1D2 I successfully completed my run today AND even ran when prompted each time. I was so happy!! My body felt energized! Felt great to complete. In the beginning I was worried about my 'getup', and towards the end I noticed quite a bit of soreness in my hips and ankles. Self-judgement and self-absorption were present: "Shannon, you run so heavy" [slumbering sloth came to mind] "You don't have the right outfit, (right jog bra, right jacket etc) ... you look so silly wearing that heavy wool jacket" [i had an 'everyone's looking at me' mentality dance going on. This elicited an "Oh brother, get over yourself!" Embarrassing to admit, yet true]. Once I noticed and realized what was happening, I did my best to switch gears/re-frame and reminded myself to be more self-discerning: "After being sedentary for so long, this body is working out it's kinks. It's letting me know EXACTLY what areas need TLC. Overtime it will grow stronger. Hang in there! Keep at it! Pay attention. Listen too and trust this body - it truly knows best." "Reality check! Are you naked? No. Are you in your PJ's? No. Are you warm? Yes!! What's the problem then? Carry on! You are the only who cares what you are wearing, and if someone else does care ... So What, and So Be It!! <Let It Go> Let a new outfit be your reward vs. the lack of one an excuse to ditch a workout." [Yes I talk to myself a lot!] I normally pay attention to weather - both my son and I do. I believed it was a little below 35 degrees on Monday (W1D1). Come to find out, that was not so. Today it felt warmer and I said to my son, "My goodness! I thought it was going to be a lot colder, yet it feels so warm in comparison to Monday's 35 degrees!" My son responded, "Well, that's because it was 17 degrees out Mom. It's 22 degrees out today. It is warmer today." It truly felt warm out! Pleasant even. It struck a chord within for some reason - I'm still trying to figure out why exactly. Perhaps I work myself up (or down) more than I really need too? Self-Talk reality check: It's cold. I'll get cold. I'll warm up during and after. Dress appropriately and that's it. No biggy. Enjoy the chill, the sweat and satisfaction of getting out there! Thirty minutes goes by so quickly, especially when only listening to run/walk ques, and not looking at the time. Really Cool: Runner's Buddy 1/1/15: 32 minutes, 1.68 total miles, 4043 total steps 1/3/15: 32 minutes, 1.84 total miles, 4411 total steps Feeling Thankful. <3 January 1, 2015 - W1D1 So very, very chilly to begin with! In fact, my face, along with the tips of my fingers and toes were so cold within five minutes. However, towards the end I was comfortably toasty-it felt great to begin and complete! I loved how I felt afterwards, and my youngest joined me which made it all the more enjoyable. I was not able to jog all parts, yet I kept up a good pace. I am loving the soreness I feel this evening which is telling me my muscles received a good workout. I am looking forward to day two! Goals met today: 1. Download App 2. Visit Forum ... read, respond and register. (This was huge for me)!! 3. Exercise 4. Post progress S U C C E S S !! January 1, 2015 - Before First Run Introduced myself. Registered and created a Profile
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    C25K: W3D3 - Three Weeks Already! It Goes So Fast!

    I am still alive - just in case anyone missed me ... LOL Computer will be gone for one more week, (I suck at texting responses from kindle, so I am waiting for my computer) and then I'll be back regularly to check in/update, AND check up on your YOUR updates - can't wait!! I've missed reading and being inspired/motivated from updates, and contributing/responding as well! Hoping all are doing wonderfully well! CHEERS!!
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    restarting life

    Right on for sticking with it; for picking back up where you left off!!! <3
  4. TheRoseWithin~Shannon

    Accountability Buddies!!

    YAY! I was looking for this topic yesterday and couldn't find it! So happy to see this here! Would love to have a few C25k accountability buddies
  5. "Some people think your life changes forever the second you cross the finish line. Runners know that your life changes forever the second you decide to go to the starting line." ~Anonymous This is so true for me. I am able to celebrate afterwards, yet I experience the most growth beginning and during my journey towards my goal.

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    Calories burned??

    Hi Anbeltz! Congrats on your first day and warmest of welcomes! Please keep us posted on your progress! Cheers!
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    Post your Workout for Today Here!

    Grats Tesla!! Welcome welcome!! Keep us posted! CHEERS!
  8. Has anyone read this book? The reviews are GREAT! I have kindle unlimited (free read) so am going to download definitely: C25K: The Couch to 5K Beginner Running Program (Learn to Run Series Book 1). I especially appreciated one of the viewers responses: "I'm glad the author acknowledged the fact that even though the program is designed to have you running for 30 minutes in 9 weeks, that it may also take longer."
  9. TheRoseWithin~Shannon

    Hey guys! :)

    Hi Christina! Warmest of Welcomes and Congrats on beginning!! I too love that you are seeking to add exercise into a very busy schedule - school/college can be so stressful! Please keep us posted on each step! I'd love to hear how you continue to progress! CHEERS!
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    Post your Workout for Today Here!

    Good Morning Hermia!!! RIGHT ON!!! Love your happy energy - better than a shot of coffee! Happy Monday to you as well!
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    C25K Journey

    I smiled reading the above ... it was beautiful to read! As corny as this next thought sounds ... I betcha, had I been next to you, I would have seen beauty in your breathing in spite of your wide open mouth and gasping breaths. I'd say, "You're doing it! You did it! I am so glad I was here to see you press on! So proud of you!" I betcha, you would have said something similar to me after seeing me huff and puff and sweat all over as well! LOL High Five!!
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    dear god lol

    Very, very (for lack of a better word) ... C O O L !!!!
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    Right on! Carebear, please keep us posted on your progress!! Cheers!!
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    nervous of running 10k

    Hi Smiling!! Your post made me think of what one of our members did in regards to running and being surprised by her time: For fun, Cendorly, completed a 5k run using her 5K training (she jog/walked) and received her best time to date - she knocked off 10 minutes! I thought, what a great idea! I had set a goal to run a 5K in March, yet in the back of my mind, I knew I would cancel if not ready - "I must be running 30 minutes before I can move on .... or else!!" Dun dun dunnnn! HA! (yes, I really did link a sound effect LOL) Today, I am NOT going to wait until I have it down. I am definitely going to participate in March. I'll bring my app, listen to music and view my first 5K as a normal weekly workout - I imagine the nervous excitement of simply being present will encourage a new record! Doable, fun and spontaneous, and it gets me out of my perfectionist mode of having to do it by the book. More 5k's will come along and eventually I'll nail that 30 minutes, and who knows(!!) ... I may nail it before my first 5K! Nothing is set in stone. LOL Can't wait to be where you are today Running and Smiling! I am wishing for you: LOADS of fun running and less nervousness, and cheering you on from afar, yet near in heart! Btw, when I complete my first 30 minutes, I too wish to set my goals on a 10K and was planning on jumping ahead and picking up where the 5K leaves off. Like Timb, I too breathe through my mouth - deep breaths. I've tried through my nose, yet it does not feel right. If you are curious about breathing, I found this article interesting and helpful: How to Breathe When Running Cheers to increasing our speed, our stamina and our overall health and well-being, AND to participating in many fun runs to come!!!
  15. Right on siSTAR!! Neat neat neat!!!! It is such an incredible feeling to push ourselves in ways that stretch our mind and bodies! Happy for you and with you!!
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    Oh man that was bad.....

    Sounds like you are being patient AND determined with yourself Spage! Right there with you - heart and soul. Cheers!!!
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    Just Finished week 1!

    Loved your message!!! Gratitude attitude to begin with, RIGHT ON, and congrats on completing week 1 Amy! Your gratitude comment made me think of Nancy Sinatra's song: These Boots Are Made for Walkin I replaced boots with feet ... I know ... goofy! LOL My suggestion would be to stay with what you are doing. As time goes on, notice what times work best, and then set aside those times for your run. Week 1 was a success - your commitment and passion kept moving those feet forward! Rinse repeat for Week 2, AND as needed, adjust as necessary. As a mother of four this is what I did. At times I HAD to adjust and instead of getting upset, I went with the flow. That said, I did my best to be consistent on what time I went out as it supported my family in honoring those times as well - they were adjusting to my workout routine too. Most definitely exercising totally supported me in not going nuts at times, plus once my bedtime rolled around - I zonked out easily and in a good mood. Score! Please share with your husband my sincere congrats on his decision to stop smoking, AND loosing 60lbs! That's AWE-mazing!!! Cheers!
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    Week 5 day 3 done and dusted ! This means a lot to me

    It is so contagious isn't it Frederica! <3 With you from far away, yet very near in heart! <3 CHEERs!
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    Say it, do it...hopefully

    Agent! That is so (for lack of a better word) COOL! How fun! Congrats!
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    Primal transportation for the desk jockey

    LOL RAWR!!!!
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    New to running

    Congrats on the weight loss Mom, and welcome to Zenlabs forums! Perfect combo = C25K app + Zenlab Members! I am looking forward to hearing more from you! Cheers!
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    Reluctant runner/walker/jogger

    Yep! LOL Grats on completing week 3 Gnik!! Cheers!!
  23. TheRoseWithin~Shannon

    Am I supposed to hurt this much?

    Bleh! Please keep us posted on what is working for you Donna.
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    healed fractured 5th metatarsal pain

    teehee Timb ... I'm butchering her song; however in regards to price ... I'm all 'bout that price, 'bout that price, no trouble! I'm all 'bout that price, 'bout that price, no trouble!
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    Week 5 day 3 done and dusted ! This means a lot to me

    Beautiful story of determination, gratitude and success! Thank you, Federica, for your inspiration and energy shared! And... C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S on W5D3! That's awesome! Keep us posted! <3