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    Hi, I love exercise. I have been a Certified Fitness Professional for over 20 years. I have taughtin Holland while living there and Germany, and in the States. I mostly train online now and I love it.

    I Love to Bike, Hike, Exercise, Read, Crochet, Knit, Ride Harleys, Fly, etc.... Love Life!

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  1. KellyAnn

    Ms lady

    Hi there, you are doing great. Running on a treadmill is different than running on a road... so, add more incline to your treadmill a you run on it. Kepp us posted, good luck.
  2. KellyAnn

    Only 5 weeks to train?!?! Should I say no?

    Just go at your pace, you can do it, the apps are a great way to train, see how you do with the half marathon app. if you have already trained with the 10k app, you can move on from there.. keep us posted, good luck...
  3. Happy 2018, feeling great, life is awesome!!

  4. KellyAnn


    Great job...
  5. KellyAnn

    Skipped week 1, lift heavy

    This is great. Great job..
  6. KellyAnn

    365 Push Up Challenge

    Great job!!!
  7. KellyAnn

    Week 6, day 3.... so hard!

    wow. Proud of you. Awesome job. How are you doing now??
  8. KellyAnn

    Week Four

    You are doing great. How are you doing now??? Repeat days if you need to. U got this!!
  9. KellyAnn

    Stuck in a rut!

    You are doing great. Well done!!
  10. KellyAnn

    Olympus Cube to 5K

  11. KellyAnn

    Where to next?

    Hi Jenn, fantastic. You have to be so proud of yourself. You can start with the 10k app after the c25k. Some people like to go forward in the app a few days. But it is up to you. Great job. I like doing intervals on my test days. Happy Running.
  12. KellyAnn

    Week 8

    Great job. You are doing awesome.
  13. KellyAnn

    I am Back!

    Hi Everyone, Let me re-introduce myself. I am Kelly and I have been off of here for a bit. My Hubby has been sick and I have been taking care of him for the past year. He is doing better and has been having the rest of his chemo treatments. I have not been taking care of me and I can now re focus on my goals. I started back with the C25K app yesterday and I am sooooo excited. Getting ready to get out there again today. I am beyond thrilled to be back here again. I have missed it and you all very much. I taught exercise and am a Personal Trainer, and used to teach 1-15 hours a week in a few countries and here in the US. Happy Exercise. I am beyond excited to focus on me again in this life!! Hugs !!
  14. KellyAnn

    Apple Watch

    hi there , you need the PRO version of our apps. Hope this helps.
  15. Hi there, thank you for making that choice for serving in the military. my Dad was 20 years and my hubby too!! diet is everything and there are calculators online where you can check to see how many calories you need to take in in a day. I love High Protein, Low Carb. But that is me. We have a lot of great apps to get you on your journey!! Keep us posted !! Good Luck!!