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  1. AWESOME! I used to teach Sittercize classes for those who cannot or are laid up and can sit in a chair! SOOOO Much fun!
  2. Hi There R4FR4L, Welcome here, I have lived in the mountains of Utah and now Nevada, high altitude at the moment at 5800 feet.... I am so used to running uphill, sometimes.... LOL I walk/run them. I will Go up backwards, sideways, do drills, etc..... I do find it hard on my knees so I will do variations of that all the time, you should see my driveway, OH BOY, it is at a huge angle... High altitude for you? I now love to run at sea level, and man can I go! YAY! Happy Running!! Oh yeah, I love to climb my mountains too!!!
  3. Welcome Deanna! You will love this and being here too! We are all here to help you! You Got This! YAY!! Love the name of your running club!
  4. WELCOME GARIN! You will do fantastic!!
  5. AWESOME TORUS! Appreciate you!
  6. I would repeat, but it is all up to you!!! How are you all doing now?
  7. GREAT JOB Everyone! Woohoo!
  8. Hi THere to you both, It DOES have to do with what you eat too! Make sure you look at your food intake, beer, wine??? I HATE counting calories but some do. Gaining muscle will add weight too, but the GOOD kind,. Are your clothes loose?? Keep me posted, GOOD LUCK!
  9. WELCOME EVERYONE! Happy you are all here! MY SHOES? I love Asics, Nike, New Balance. You can go to a running store and ask them to help you find the perfect shoe! ANY questions? Ask away, we are all here to help~!
  10. I LOVE every other day and do other workouts on other days.! Make sure you rest! Good Luck!
  11. Hi Alyssa, No, you cannot, but this is what I do: I repeat, day 3 a few times, or continue the next week if I feel like going 5 days. Usually I go 4 days. You want to make sure you have REST DAYS, so your body can heal itself. I hike, bike, swim, lift weights on other days. You need to repair. What Blayne says is true, you will wear down. Good Luck and WELCOME!!
  12. Hi There. Welcome here... Congrats! I use other apps running in the background and I have never had a problem with it. I start other apps, then start running app. Keep me posted!
  13. Way to go Zapperu. Awesome.
  14. Awesome. Raemie , has to be gorgeous there now.
  15. Hi there Alesi, Welcome here. Yay. Sooooo proud of you!!!
  16. HinTrixy, Sorry noone has answered you, life got busy. Fast results???? I am a huge protein girl, low carb. I have one cheat day. That helps. And lots of water. What have you been doing???
  17. Hi there Vicky, You cannot change how many days in the app you want to run, but i just repeat day 2 and 3 if i want more in the week. Or move onto the next week! Keep your body guessing on the other days by doing other workouts!! Good luck.
  18. Welcome, WE ARE ALL HERE for you!!! Let us know how to help??
  19. Nice. Way to go!! Exciting!!
  20. You never ever ever ever want to strecth before on COLD muscles!!!!!! I am huge fitness nut and have taught fitness for 20 plus years. I cringe when I see people stretching before they are warm. You will tear your muscles up. Always always warm up first, I will go about 3 minutes warm up and then stretch before I get into the running part. Or, if you feel great, i pause halfway through if I feel tightness anywhere.. Hope this helps. Good luck!!
  21. Hi there, Welcome here. Yay to a healthier you. Soooo nice to have your friend helping you. Thats the best ever!! Happy Running, good luck!!
  22. Hi Willy, Congrats to you. Good luck. You got this!!
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