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  1. Thank you. Ive now completed week five and the 20 minute run was awesome. Felt like I could keep going. Week 6 this week. Feeling satisfied
  2. That's awesome. I remember that being my dreaded day lat time I first did the programme. Seemed scary. After two years off not running I'm starting again on Monday
  3. Wahoo @Wendell. I'm so excited for you. Let us know how you go
  4. I agree with @Anne lang. What if you don't Run the whole thing @Wendell. Does it matter? You would probably find you would run longer in a race than on your own. Your still doing a lot better than 90% of the population that's not doing it or anything at all. Go for it
  5. Going good thanks. W2d2 today after a horrid week last week. I'm down to a couple of cups of tea and drinking coffee. Not sute if it's the iron levels increasing because I've reduced tannins or if it's the cafine. What every it is, I like it. Lol. I feel like running again
  6. Twobees


    Welcome and good luck. When I originally did the c25k I stopped and actually just walked for the first week I was that unfit. Then I did the week one for two weeks and three first week was really shallow steps. But i got there. Just take it at your pace and shorten your steps, head up and shoulders back (helps with the breathing or in my case. The gasping lol)
  7. I do indeed. I forgot about the tannin in the tea. Also milk does it to. I forgot all about that.
  8. Going ok Kellyann. Been sick and my iron level is low again so really lacking energy. Working on feeling better. So all on week 3
  9. It's easier than you think. Last time I did c25k (3 years ago before injury. Non running related) I was so scared to do week 5 I did it and was like, that was easier than I thought. It's all mind games. We can do it
  10. I'm the same. Just want my Legs to move. I'm due to start week three today but just want to run. Who would of thought. I've gone from being a blob and maybe doing under 5000 steps a day to wanting to run in such a short time. Who would of guessed? Not me that's for sure
  11. @Traceycart. I know where that is lol. I'm in south otago. An hour from dunedin
  12. Hi Anne. The basic is to run every second day, so three times a week. When I first did the c25k. I biked in between runs and had a day off. So essentially a week is three days of half an hour. Some do it quicker than that. But from a couch potato is a good start
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