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  1. Hey folks, Cheers for yoru responses. Strangely enough, it works fine if I open the tracking app first, start my walk, and then open C25K. Still doesn't work the other way round, but this work around will do. I'm on android, and yeah, the map shows upaccurately now Beforehand, no map at all.
  2. Hey folks, Just finished week one, and I wanted to log my runs, so I downloaded runkeeper, which announced every couple of minutes that I was still on 0.0k, with an average pace of 0.0k/hr. Okay, I guess it was just a bum app, so I got jog keeper, or something, for Day 2. Same deal, 0.0km/hr, until I tried it a second time after finishing my run and closing the run, when it started logging my walk back to the gym perfectly. GPS on, plenty of signal. Has this happened to anyone else? That the app stops other apps from tracking my progress? Are they fighting behind my back when I'm not looking? Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, WP
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