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  1. Thats great. Yeah. Depends on my mood about running uphill. It is hard on your knees. Hugs
  2. Darn, so sorry you are sick. That is all up to you, if i cant breathe i do not go. Ill do other workouts instead. If you feel up to it, then do it. Feel Better. Hugs!!
  3. I run like you do Mim in the country. I run facing traffic so they can see me. One time while running, i had my earbuds in and music blaring, man was I embarrassed to turn around and see them driving slowly because I did not hear them. Oops. Now i face traffic!!!! For my safety!! Happy Running!!
  4. Hi there to you, I run 3-4 days a week mad mix up other days. I walk, hike, bike, swim, lift weights, you name it. The more you shock your body into other workouts, the more you get in Shape. I love to keep my body guessing!! Good luck!!!!
  5. Hey there. You are doing great. It does jump up quite a can repeat week 8 if you feel like you need to. I am in awe of you. Awesome!!
  6. Hi there fy chick, It is a 14 week training plan. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi there and Welcome to you!! Thanks for sharing your story with ua. You will do great!! Keep us posted here. Happy Running!
  8. Hi there and Welcome to you KJH, Great job on your first day. Do you have any questions??? Happy Running!
  9. Nice to meet you too Dhagen. Welcome to you!! How are ypu doing ??
  10. Hi You All, How is it going for you now?? Easier?? Hugs!
  11. Hey Cat, Do you like it? When i taught in Holland, I used ankle weights, but we were maniacs there then. Now, im not so sure. I do walk around my house sometomes with ankle weights on. Just as i am wild!! But,,,,,, you are more prone to injury. So be careful. Hope you are doing amazing!!!!
  12. Hinall, Let me know what Topics you want and threads and I can get them added. I did the Accountability one last year. Love your advice everyone. All here to help. Thank you.
  13. Hey Maizie, I am huge water drinker. Lots a day. These mineral waters, idk. I just;ike plain water. If i am not feeling good, then maybe?? I am curious to what others think?? I believe in an alkaline body and therefore love vinegar, lemons, etc.... But i will not add them to my water. Its just me. I would rather eat a Lemon, Drink vinegar, etc.... Than touch my water. Not even fruit. Unless i am on vacation. How do you like it?? This is fun and intersting. Hugs.
  14. Hi there Cat. Old teachings years ago when Reebok taught me, we did stretch after a warm up and after a workout. But nowadays, so, I Warm up,, start running with the app, IF I FEEL any tightness , I PAUSE the app, stretch. Continue on. IF I feel strong, i go on and will stretch afterwards. I do believe that was the other way of teaching and now we stretch during amd after. Hope this helps !!!!
  15. Hi there Kim, , Welcome to you. Yes, do your own pace. I am only 5'2", so i know that shorter pace myself. You do what you can do not what someone else does. I am me , you are you. They are they. Short, tall, heavy, small. Everyone is different. Me, fast??? , sometomes, sometimes, i am slow. Its ok. I am moving. You are moving. Good luck to you. We are here to help you!!!!
  16. Hi ya Stephanie, Welcome to our forums. We are all here to help you. Let us kniw how we can help!!! Hugs!!
  17. Hey there and Welcome to you. Yay. You can do it. We all seem to hibernate in the wintertime. Especially when we live in a cold climate. Get out and go and let us know how you are doing. We are here for you. Hugs.
  18. Hi AshleyJ and Welcome to you!! Congrats on your new kiddo. Taking time for yourself is the best as A Mom. Your time and a ha[py Momma!! You can do it and we are all here for you!!!! Yay!!
  19. I love 3-4 days and other exercises on other days. I rest when my body tells me too!!!! Good Luck. Happy Runnin!!
  20. And Blayne, that is just fine. My first Marathon in Vegas, i was in excellent shape, a lady in her 70's passed me by and offered me Ibuprofen. Phhtt. Lol. I will never forget that. But I finished, i have short legs. Hee hee. I was moving and thats all that mattered. Yay.
  21. Hi There New Beginnings, I clicked on your Link and we are not allowed to advertise businesses here. Your info is helpful on low carb diets but it seem you have a contouring business????
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