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  1. Blayne, never thought I would find myself saying this but yes "running is great". As challenging as the training has been I've been truly enjoying it.
  2. Hi KellyAnn! It's going good! The program continues to challenge me but I'm loving it! I'm on W8!
  3. I found that W4/D1 was very difficult but D2 seemed better. You'll do great!
  4. Thanks KellyAnn! When I started this program I did it with the mindset that I would fail and boy am I proving myself wrong. I'm already on W6/D2...there have been some tough and challenging days but it feels so rewarding at the end. There hasn't been a day that I didn't feel challenged! Who ever came up with this training is a genius! Can't wait to finish the program!
  5. This is motivating to read...I did my W4/D1 yesterday and that scared me lol I can't even imagine W5. I find that reading ahead of time the plan for the upcoming week intimidates me but I end up surprising myself once it comes down to it. Do I struggle each week? Yes lol but I've been able to manage completing each session and with each week my pace has improved. Good job!
  6. I did W4/D1 last night and it murdered me, almost. I was very nervous starting this week since it's a huge jump from week 3 to 4 and the last 5 minute jogging stretch had me mentally beat that I was very tempted to stop jogging and walk for a bit. However, I pushed myself and did it!! I actually did it! Felt great finishing!! My legs were super sore afterwards but with a good stretch I was good to go. I'm training to jog my first 10k and this app has been an amazing tool! It's true what people say, it's all mental. Pacing myself has also helped tremendously! Although my pace isn't great I am seeing an improvement each week and that's a huge motivator! Nervous about the upcoming weeks but I'm excited!
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