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  1. Oh yeah.... the app is for 3 days a week. If i feel really good, i do the 1st day over again and that gives me 4 days..... other days are for lifting weights and resting...
  2. Hi there and welcome here!!!! Sounds like ounare off to a great start here,, pushing a toddler does add to the running, whew, especially if you have any hills amd i betcha your kiddo loves it.. Keep us posted. Good luck...
  3. Hi Tammy and welcome here. Good for you for losing weight amd now wanting to tone up.. woohooo!!!!! You are ijnthe right direction.. For the heavy walking, just try amd not hit the ground so hard. When i run or walk, i dont bend my knees to deeply. Just try and do what your body wamts you to do.. I am 5'2" and my legs dont let me be fast, im good with that. I am there for me amd noone else. Good for you, proud of you. Keep it up!!!!!! Hppy running!!!
  4. Hey Breezee, you are doing great. I just read your post and wow. Good for you. A Happy Mum makes the whole family happy. How are you doing now?? Is the app working for ya?? I love the other apps too that you can do in a short amount of time. Squats, situps, etc..... Happy running. Hugs!
  5. Doing great everyone. How did you do Insidia??
  6. Great job Liev. If you are moving, you are doing it!!! Proud of you.
  7. Hey there. There apps are awesome. I have them all. It pushes you onto the next one. Try them out. Let me know how you do!!!
  8. I love a protein shake, scrambled eggs , or steel cut oats depending on my mood. I always have to have breakfast!!
  9. I love love that Candace!!!
  10. I like both. Treadmill propels you forward so i prefer an incline. Weather outside is bad, i love the indoors.
  11. Welcome. These forums re an awesome way to start. Good luck.
  12. Awesome. How are you doing now?????? Super proud of you. Keep it up!!
  13. Hi there. Sorry noone has before this. Hiw are you doing now??
  14. Hi. Proud of you. I like to go 4 days amd 3 rest days. Rest days to me means lifting waits not sit all day. Good luck!!
  15. KellyAnn

    The music

    Thanks for the help Alyssalee.
  16. Way to go. Feels good huh?? Proud of you!! Keep it up!!
  17. Hi there. Good for you. We are never to old to workout. Start slow amd work yourself back into it. Lots of stretches. Good luck and keep us posted.
  18. Hi. Take it slow. Tun only if you feel good. I have done that and it resets my cold. So i usually wait. Hope you feel better.
  19. Hi all. Sounds like you all are doing amazing!!!! Any questions ask away.
  20. Hey there. Congrats to you. Sooo proud of you. Look at what your last few weeks were on the 10k app, then look at the marathon app and start with that week. Keep us posted. Good luck.
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