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  1. Welcome to both of you! If you need any help, just ask. Proud of you!! Woohoo!!!
  2. WElcome here, Yes, take it slow at first. Eating healthy is key and will aid in weightlosS. As we age, our metabolism slows down and I know that one myself... REV it up with protein and exercise and it should melt off. Good Luck and we are here for you!
  3. I SOOOOO LOVE hearing this ! YAY!
  4. Hi, It is challenging for sure, and I repeated it, but try it and see how you do! Let us know! PROUD of you!
  5. Hi Torus, Here is a link to heart rates1 http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/HealthyLiving/PhysicalActivity/FitnessBasics/Target-Heart-Rates_UCM_434341_Article.jsp#.Vvv8tvnF98E
  6. Hey there, I have not met the new Moderators?? Will be fun!!
  7. Hey Nat, I used to run with a friend at 5:30 am and I could never do that by myself, I am a wimp in the dark!! LOL
  8. Hi THere Nat, RIght?? I was not happy as she passed me by and wanted to hand me tylenol.........LOL I was sooo buff too, I am a slow runner! BUT I AM MOVING IT!!
  9. Nice Rosie Posie! Proud of you! Keep it up!
  10. Hi There. Welcome to you! You should not have to REDO any weeks unless you really feel that you need to ! You will do great on May 3rd. That sounds like so much fun! Maybe add an extra day to run in the week? I love to go 3-4 days a week and crosstrain the other days.. Shock my body into anything different. HMMM, about running when it is wet??? That is up to you... I would definitely watch the forecast and run on the other , But I have a son that lives in Seattle and I know it does rain nonstop there. Are there indoor running tracks like the YMCA for free there?? When you finish the c25K, WHAT I did, was, jump ahead to like week 3 of the 10k app! You can look ahead and check it out. Anyways, Good Luck to you! Keep us posted.. Happy Running!
  11. Way to go TAIELYN, proud of you! Woohoo!!
  12. Welcome Olivia.
  13. Keep going. A fail is a win, you are moving. Do it!!
  14. Hi their, You can so do this. It is all in your mind. Our Mind gives up before our bodies do. I quit smoking a long time ago, best thing ever. I did use some patches and that did help and nicotine gum. Guess what? All of my friends still smoke. Uhhh gross!!! You will feel soooo much better if you you quit. YOU CAN DO IT!!! We are here to cheer you on. Do it!!!! Get healthy. One Step at a Time!!!! Proud of you!!
  15. Yes Blayne it is. Im off now to do my run. Yay.
  16. Hi there, Welcome here. Its is set fpr 3 days a week. What I like to do is just repeat the 3rd day over again. Or another day from the next week. I do other workouts on the other days. Love it. I am always surprising my body!!! Hope this helps!!
  17. Awesome Alesi. Super proud of you!!!! Yay
  18. Hey. Do not be discouraged at all. Life happens. Just get out there again and go!!! You can do it!!!
  19. Lol Dhagen, im 5'2". Same legs. I run but im not fast. So i run alone, anyone taller just passes me by lol. But im good with that. Hee hee!!! Hey, we are moving.
  20. Thats great. Yeah. Depends on my mood about running uphill. It is hard on your knees. Hugs
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