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  1. Hahaha, it's been awhile since I updated. Completed C25K programme 2 weeks ago! Current weight: 54kg Slow drop for the weight But here's the progress thus far. Completed the programme, I'm of the opinion that the speed I run at is too slow however there lies the problem of stamina and strides. Restarting the programme, of course with higher level of fitness and ability currently. Week 1 Day 2 completed proudly with clocking a speed 12 run on the treadmills for the 1 min x 8 runs. Goal now: Achieve a consistent speed 11-12 km/hr for 5 km. Larger strides Weight loss from 54kg to 50kg! Wish me luck!
  2. Completed 6th week Day 1 Apologies for the lack of updates. There worry about a cyst wasn't for my knee but liver or something. There's a medial idk what at my knee. Weight is down to 55.8kg. Still have a long way to go! Baby steps ftw. Went to the gym just yesterday and logged a work out. Noticed that my speed is about 8.5km/hr for a constant light hearted jog. I am reluctant to increase speed due to fear of insufficient stamina. Any advice? Ideally, I might log more workouts at the gym to increase my speed to 9.5km/hr for starters then move on to an aim of 12km/hr. Oh! and I've registered for my first run ever! ( I've done a 5km walk before but never a run man! ) Its a 5km run on the 12th of March.
  3. 12/1/16 Completed Week 3 Day 2! It isn't that bad~ a 3 minute run. But I think I am slowing down my pace from week 1 & 2. I used to go at a general pace of 200m/1min but with the 3 minute run... it's been at best 480m and not 600m. Will I be able to increase my pace? Or have I been subconsciously holding back since I know that it is a long(er) run? Side note: Feeling upset today. There has been news of a cyst around my knee (I'm unaware of that)... not too sure of the exact details... I'll only know more on Thursday. Thanks Speedingsloth! I am determined to complete the program!
  4. 11/1/16 Hi! I'm new to the forum and have just started C25K running. I've completed Week2 Day3 and my weight at the moment is 57.1kg. Aiming to lose another 5.1 kg at least and ideally reach a target weight of 50kg! The time period given for this is by May. I'm also following a strict 1000 calorie per day diet. Reason for losing weight: 1) Career choice. I'd like to join the force (Air/Sea/Land). Hence, losing weight can only be beneficial for me especially for runs and all. 2) Dissatisfied with my look: I'm tired of being chubby. No more chubby! I want to wear shirts and look good in it. (Will be coupling weight routines into the exercise schedule) 3) Tired of procrastinating. 2016 is the year I make every thing happen. Thank you for your attention! I'll be updating this tread with my progress! Wish me luck! I have heard that Week 3 is a dread week with a 3 min run...
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