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Found 2 results

  1. I was about finish my 2nd week, then the knee pain started! It got very bad over the weekend - doctor said no running, jogging or speed walking for 2 weeks! I was on a roll too! I've been doing some seated cardio workouts in order to keep myself discipled with a workout schedule - so far so good!
  2. I used to run quite far, 10-20K, up to about 10 years ago. Then I got knee problems and although I've started over a few times over the years, I have either fallen back to laziness or got some problems with my knee or foot. It's some version of patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), with pains under the knee cap of my left knee, when walking down stairs or similar. I have started C25K, and after a week I don't really feel anything in my knee. But I know I will if I increase too fast, as I'm usually not very active these days and work a lot by the computer. My question is, could I do C25K twice per week, and use the third day for some kind of rehab program for patellofemoral pain syndrome? Should I then just push the days, so I do as many days of running in total, but over a longer period than the normal 9 weeks of the C25K program? I find rehab and gym exercise quite boring and unmotivating, running is what I want to do. So I'm trying to find some kind of mix, where I can find motivation by running, but not increasing too fast and still doing some rehab training for my knee (or rather the muscles around it), in order to hopefully avoid having to quit after a few weeks with knee pain...
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