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  1. Thank you KellyAnn! Week 8 now so one more 28minute run (hopefully tonight) then 5km!
  2. New beginnings - I've heard that optimal breathing can help with losing weight - may be something to do with the effect on metabolism. May depend also on how fast you're walking. Fitness walking (7.2km an hour plus) raises your heart rate to help with weight loss ( though of course this depends on your fitness - cardio improves with fitness so the optimal breathing should come with it).
  3. Vegan. Vegetarian for 20 years or so (never liked meat). Not worried at all about protein. I eats lots of plants every day so it must be working. Occasionally I have tofu scramble or beans but not daily. Sometimes it just takes tweaking to find what works optimally for you.
  4. Way to go catlynk! Are you doing that distance in 25 minutes? I'm not quite there yet.
  5. I don't need much protein though I crave it after a run. I aim for more carbs but I'm trying out getting more micronutrients especially through leafy greens. I've also started adding a little more fat to my meals to aid the absorbing of vitamins and minerals. Also being a woman I'd like to aim closer to 20%.
  6. Hoping to do a 2km walk today, maybe yoga or some gym workouts (mostly arms). Tomorrow is week 7 day 3 so another 25 minute jog.
  7. Thank you! On week 7 now. 25 minute run last night - 2 mile PB! Might be a while before I can manage sub 30 for 5 km but I'm inching closer.
  8. Thank you. Keeping on keeping on.
  9. Currently on week 3. Assuming others have progressed further in the past few weeks.
  10. This is the first time using this app but third time (third year) doing c25k. Currently on week 3.
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