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  1. Hey i would definitely make sure you have rest days. I usually will surprise my body by different workouts.
  2. You can do it , looks like you are all doing great!!!!! Woohoooo!
  3. Hi there and welcome to you.. I set it to running , but it tracks the same on mine. Happy you are here. Good luck.
  4. Welcome here. Thanks Torus!!
  5. Keep it up! You can do it!!
  6. Keep going Blayne. Woohoo!!! Don't stop!!
  7. Yay conquered that hill. Keep going. Don't quit.
  8. I like podcasts myself but I choose fitness ones so i can have bpm. The beats keep me going as i run slower with slower music. Mtkauffman, wow 150bpm? Thats great. I like 136 and up. Good luck.
  9. Ho Joha. I have heard that happen before. Either it is already syncimg just fine pr check with custoemr support. When mime did taht it was laready working. Keep me posted.
  10. Heyyy. How is everyone doing????
  11. Go at your own pace Crucio. It will take a short time to build up endurance. You can do it!!!!!
  12. Up to you Bonnie, however you want and the time you have. I love 3-4 days for me. Other days, I lift weights, cross train, rode bike, swim, you name it. Keep your body guessing.
  13. Not the I know of. You can get other music apps and have them running in the background.
  14. Yay. Missed you all. I have not been able to login. Sweeet.
  15. Hi there Bonnie, Welcome to you. You run at YOUR speed!! How you feel comfortable is all you. Increase your speed when you are ready. You are not racing anyone. So proud of you!!
  16. Hi there and Welcome to you! This is sooo exciting. How are you doing??? Awesome that your wife is helping you! That will for sure keep you motivated, and your parents too?, How cool is that? So happy for you! How is the running going?? Let us know!
  17. Welcome to you! Good for you on yur weightlss. That is awesome. How many stones are in a pound? Need help? We are all here for you!
  18. Hi there and Welcome to you! I love that you are breaking down the weightloss in increments, that is the best. Get great shoes and stay motivated. High protein, low carbs and the weight will melt off! YOU CAN DO IT! Keep us posted!
  19. Welcome Ruby, Nice to see you here. So proud of you, great run by the way. You can do this!! Woohoo!! Happy you are here!
  20. WELCOME Kitty, How are you doing so far? We are cheering you on!!! Glad you found us!
  21. HI JESSICA, Welcome here! We are all here cheering you on! You can do it! Nice to meet you too!
  22. Welcome Welcome... You can do it, NOW GET OUT AND THERE AND DO IT FOR YOURSELF!! Ok is that tough love enough?? lol Get someone to watch your kiddos and take 30 minutes out for yourself... You have to, and you will be a better Mother/Wife, etc.... JUST DO It! For you! Noone else.. HUGS!
  23. Welcome MRS.,,,,, You can do it! Get off of that couch and move it!! That baby would love to go for a walk with you. Push that stroller . Woohoo!! You can do situps while baby is on your tummy, you can do leg lifts with baby on your feet. We are all here for you! Go for it!
  24. Welcome and you and you can do it! FIRST STEP is getting out there and Go for it! THINK, you will feel so much better! Good Luck!
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