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  1. Thanks Kat15! As soon as I get started I will definitely chat for motivation! Quick question, you said you go jog at about 4 when your kids are doing homework? My kids have after school activities that have me chauffeuring until about 6. Then I get dinner and get ready to go to work. Do you find that you work out more during the morning or is it usually in the afternoon?
  2. I apologize in advance if this is a bit long. I've been a nurse for 20 years, I have taken care of hundreds of patients. I know all about the importance of fitness and a healthy diet, as I teach my patients daily about what is right from wrong. Unfortunately like many caregivers, I do a poor job of taking care of myself. I have had 3 pregnancies where I gained 100lbs each and I have never been able to lose the weight. I'm 5'11" and went from 140 lbs to 265 lbs in the course of 16 years. I work night shift, where my eating habits are poor and my body rhythm is thrown off. When I get home, all I want is a plate of carbs and sleep! I am always too tired to exercise. I sleep during the day and work during the night, and somehow manage to chase my 16, 12, and 3 year old children. I attempted c25k last summer and I have to admit I failed! I completed w1d3 but I didn't realize that I was supposed to have a rest day in between. The knee pain was excruciating!! I couldn't walk, I couldn't bend my knees. I sat in the park and cried and even contemplated giving a stranger my car keys to bring my car to me. I don't know how I made it home. I still have the crunching crackle noise in my knees months later. I haven't done a stitch of exercise since. Now it's taken its toll! I have chest pains and went to see my cardiologist. My stress test had some abnormalities, (mind you he never even sped up the treadmill...that's how out of shape is am) and I'm scheduled to have a nuclear stress test and ECHO done tomorrow. The sad thing is I KNOW BETTER! I teach this every day and now I have fallen to my lowest. If there are any Nurses out here or night shift workers who have learned how to incorporate a daily routine into a hectic stressful lifestyle, I would more than appreciate your advice! I am slowly learning how to take time for myself, but it isn't easy and I'm learning from the ground up. Thanks❤
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