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  1. Space it out. Your muscles need time to recover from running.
  2. Here is pinned discussion: http://forums.zenlabsfitness.com/topic/7-shin-splints-how-to-avoid-them-how-to-deal-with-them/?p=7
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    Bruised foot

    ==deleted== (double post)
  4. torus_ot

    Bruised foot

    Bruise is indicator of damaged small blood vessels under your skin. Most likely your footwear or your socks (folds) are the reason. Change your footwear (at least temporary) and put on good socks. Try to put adhesive tape over it. If you continue to feel it then take a rest. Ignoring it will make it worse.
  5. Rest, cold compress after load, smaller stride, soft surface. Last two are my favorites
  6. Monday 0.6mi, 3.5mph, 3.5%incline 1.5mi, 5.5mph, 3.5% 0.5mi, 5.8-6.2mph (speed up every 0.1mi), 3.5% 0.5mi, 3.8mph, 4.0% Wednesday 0.6mi, 3.5mph, 3.5%incline 3.0mi, avg. 5.7mph (5.6-6.0), 3.5% 0.5mi, 3.8mph, 4.0% Friday 0.6mi, 3.6mph, 3.5%incline 2.5mi, avg. 5.7mph (5.6-5.8), 3.5% 0.5mi, 3.8mph, 4.0%
  7. How about "common sense" approach? Before any exercises it is recommended to warm up, stretch muscles to prevent injures like tearing them down. Obviously for running it would be warming up your leg muscles. Walking or light jogging with stretching is a smart choice. For sit ups I would go with more stretching for your legs and back. But you are right, it is good idea to state first what application is in question. PS. I have no idea what muscles are in use when playing candy crash
  8. click in the middle of the circle. pro version shows more. But check out the MapMyRun or Runkeeper. Both free versions give good distance tracking....
  9. it is one day run, one day rest, three days per week. Use your rest days to challenge your other muscles!
  10. Let me do some prediction.... If you stack with the program, in two month you will be running 30min straight and you will be very proud of your achievement! Welcome.
  11. yes you can run more than 3 days per week. But if you are beginner I suggest that you do other things in the rest days: strength exercise, core strength, stretching or just walking. The idea of rest days is that your muscles need some time to heal and rest for better performance. Also avoiding the rest days can lead to injures and nobody wants this...
  12. Felt of the wagon for 4 days(Fri-Mon), gain 3lb Yesterday (Tuesday) went to the gym and did my standard 5mi ex.bike, 2 miles on the treadmill (50/50 walking running) Today I did 3 miles: Wednesday 0.5mi - 3.5mph, 3.5% incline 2mi - average speed 5.74mp, 3.5% incline 0.5mi - 3.8mph, 4.0% incline After US election day it seems to me the forum went to winter hibernation ... I hope everybody is doing OK. Friday I had practically forced myself to do 2mi running. Barely finished it... Now I am glad that I did 0.5mi, 3.5mph, 3.5% incline 2.0mi, 5.6-5.7mph, 3.5% incline 0.5mi, 3.8mph, 4.0% incline
  13. Short answer - walk. it is about 0.3mi normal walk (3.5mph) My joints need more then 5min to warm up, so I usually do 0.5-0.8 miles walking.
  14. Do not got upset! Your two goals should be 1) continue to move (walk, schlepping, jogging) and 2) stay out of injuries. If it hurts to much - give your ankle few day rest. Start walking and see how it goes. Research what shoes will help you with your ankle. Get some ankle exercises daily. If it gets worse see professional help. Our additional weight is likely adding to possibility get injured. So reduce your meals - exercise can help with weight management, but the good eating habits are the key.
  15. Congrats. It took me few month after C25K from March to July to get 5k under 30 min and I will be 56 on 11/26. So you are doing super great.
  16. My legs were still hurting from the Sunday hike, so I started slow. Monday All with 3.5% incline 1.1mi walking, 3.6mph 1.0mi jogging, 5.4mph 1.0mi jogging, 5.5mph 1.0mi jogging, 5.6mph 0.3mi walking, 3.8mph Tuesday (Back to the gym day) 6.0mi exercise bike - 21min Treadmill with 3.5% incline 0.31mi walking, 3.8mph 1.0mi jogging, 5.8mph 0.3mi walking, 3.8mph Wednesday All with 3.5% incline 0.55mi walking, 3.7mph 6 x 0.5mi intervals jogging with speed 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8,5.7, 5.6 mph 0.3mi walking, 3.8mph Thursday (Back to the gym day) 5.6mi exercise bike - 20min Treadmill with 3.5% incline 0.3mi walking, 3.7mph 1.0mi jogging, 5.8mph 0.3mi walking, 3.8mph 1.0mi jogging, 5.8mph 0.3mi walking, 3.8mph
  17. Thank you for calling me seasoned runner. I have started the running and C25K last December. Before that my life was: computer at work - compute at home - couch and TV. Today I am less overweight (#195), eating better (trying), can run 5K in 33min and almost one year older (56). This is what I am trying to tell here. This is more mental than physical. Strangely enough you remember all negativity about W5D3, but forum has plenty victories posts about the same day. Look at them. Good music, easy pace, ignoring the clock and believe that you can do it - all these will help, especially the last part. There are few ways to deal with it: - run as long as you can, take 2-3min walk and complete the run. Repeat until you conquer this! - slowly (1-2weeks) increase you total running time to 25 or 28 min. Then 20 continues min will be easy. There is one thing to remember: the total running time is a goal, not continues time. Our sedentary life style benefits more than anything from __total__ moving time we can add to the day. Speed and continuity is good, but much less important. Thanks again for the "seasoned runner", make me smile....
  18. One more time: W3D3 -> W4D1 - 75% increase in total running time. (9min -> 16min). Yes, yes the running time in W4D1 is the same as W5D2 W5D2 -> W5D3 - 25% increase in total running time. (16min -> 20min) So if you done week 4 you should be OK if you can overcome your mental fear. I ran additional intervals in W5D1 and W5D2 so I would be mentally ready for the "dreadful" W5D3
  19. The app cannot track your distance on the treadmill. It gives you only time. I do not understand what does not match? In any case treadmill reading is more precise. The pace 6.5 is should be minutes per km. It is too small for the time per mile. If the 6.5 is a speed (not a pace) than it is miles per hour and you are running pretty fast. Or it is km per hour and you can walk with this speed, but it will be very fast walking. What week and day on the app you are doing?
  20. Are we talking about the same app? I used only C25K and have no idea how the marathon app is working. The treadmill should be more precise then the app. Is the time reading the same on the app and treadmill?
  21. Use MapMyRun free app for the statistic
  22. Sharon Pace is Time divided by distance. So the pace 6.5 is most likely 6.5 min per 1km. Most of the treadmills has option to switch between miles and km. and even if your treadmill cannot be switched the math is quite simple: 1 mile is about 1.6km For example speed 6 miles per hour is about 9.6km per hour. It is not clear how you use the app. What week and day are you running?
  23. Broomy, congrats on the W5D3! I suggest to move on and complete the time schedule for the program. You can work on the speed after that...
  24. Wednesday All with 3.5% incline 0.6mi walking, 3.6mph 2.0mi jogging, 5.4mph 0.6mi jogging, 5.5mph 0.3mi walking, 3.8mph Thursday (Back to the gym day) 6.0mi exercise bike - 21min Treadmill with 3.5% incline 1.0mi walking, 3.8mph 1.0mi jogging, 5.8mph 0.32mi walking, 3.8mph Friday All with 3.5% incline 0.6mi walking, 3.8mph 1.0mi jogging, 5.4mph 2.0mi jogging, 5.5mph 0.6mi walking, 3.8mph Sunday 9+ miles Nicholson Hollow Hike, Shenandoah, VA My Vivofit 3(Garmin) shows 28k steps and I feel it.
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