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  1. Jessr

    Bruised foot

    What would cause bruising on the top of my foot near the base of the three smallest toes? It started a little after my run today and I noticed my foot feeling sore. Any ideas for what causes this or how to fix it?
  2. Just finished week two! I know it took a lot more than a week for this one. Bad weather and a stupid cold that wouldn't go away had me making excuses to keep putting my run off another day. This is usually the point in any workout program where I tell myself I failed and quit. This time though, I kept reminding myself how good I felt when I actually completed a day, and was able to re-motivate myself. After a week (or two) of putting it off, I finished week 2 and did an extra day of it to make sure I am ready for week 3
  3. So I ran indoors for all of week 1 and it was fine. This week, however, for day1 I was able to get home at a decent hour and run outside. After doing both, I think I prefer to go out. Even though inside, I had the benefit of watching tv while I ran to make the workout feel faster, it was nice to have a change of scenery and breathe fresh air. The fact that the world outside my living room is nowhere near being a flat surface, and included what felt like more uphills than down, made me feel like I was getting more of a workout.
  4. Just finished the first day of week 2. I definitely surprised myself by making it through the entire workout without giving up or taking any pauses. I know that I have a long way to go, but unlike last week, I feel like I may actually be able to make it to the end of C25K!
  5. I have been struggling with bulimia since I was 8 years old. After 15 years it is definitely taking a toll on both my physical and mental health, and now I want control of my body. I would like to use C25K to help me stop focusing on how my body looks and start to focus on how healthy it is. Hopefully I can find the motivation to somehow keep up with this program.
  6. I just started the C25K and was wondering if I could get the same results just running in place. By the time I get home and actually have time to do this workout it is too late to go out and run without being a bit wary of my surroundings. I also don't have access to a treadmill or any other equipment. For my first workout, I walked laps around the living room and stopped to jog in place when it came time to run. Is this totally pointless, or can I continue to follow the C25K program and see improvement. Any tips or advice on the art of in place jogging?
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