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  1. Thursday - rest day All with 3.0% incline Walk - 0.8mi, 3.5mph Run - 1.4mi, 6.3mph Walk - 0.8mi, 3.5mph Breezee On the Google Play there are some comments that Strava gives to many errors. What was your experience? Do you think that mojo will come back if one or more kids will join you?
  2. Because they are boring! That is why I am trying to increase my speed , so I can deal with them as fast as possible and move on.... Wednesday All with 3.0% incline Walk - 0.6mi, 3.5mph Run - 2mi (Four 0.5mi intervals with speed 6.3, 6.2, 6.1 and 6.0 mph) Walk - 0.6mi, 3.5mph
  3. Of course the W5D3 was discussed here multiple times: http://forums.zenlabsfitness.com/topic/3848-week-5-day-3-how-did-you-get-through-it/ And your math is wrong: W5D2 is 3x5min=15min run. So it is just 25% Most of the time it is mental. Do couple times more W5D2, add bonus run at the end. When you will try again W5D3 take it a bit of slower... BTW The biggest gain 75% in total run time is W4D1 - 16 min vs 9 min in previous W3D3.
  4. Tuesday - "rest" day Ex.Bike - 5.9mi, 20mi Walk - 0.2mi, 3.6mph, 3.5% Run - 1.2mi, 6.2mph, 3.5% Walk - 0.7mi, 3.5mph, 3.5% Upper body strength machines - 25min.
  5. Monday All with 3.0% incline Walk 0.6mi, 3.5mph Run 1.2mi, 5.9mph Walk 0.6mi, 3.5mph Run 1.2mi, 6.1mph Walk 0.6mi, 3.5mph
  6. Just press on the day you want to reset and hold.
  7. First the program is to do three exercises per week every other day. The rest of the days you can do just walking, stretching or strength exercises. Second, you do have plenty of time to complete the program 'til October 2017. I am sure that you will do this if you stick with the program. Third - it is OK to repeat the day or week to be sure that your body is ready for the next challenge. Back problem is well known (for me). You need to improve your core muscles. For example do this routine or google it.
  8. it is assumed that after completing the program you either continue running on regular bases or move one to the C10k. First eight week of the C10k are the C25k. So it is totally up to you.
  9. Welcome to the forum! DO NOT postpone your firs run 'till "next day" or Monday. Just do it today, when you make this decision. First step is very important, stick with the program and keep us posted about your progress.
  10. Saturday (took rest on Friday, but walk 12k steps) All with 3.0% incline Walk - 0.55mi, 3.5mph Run - 1.7mi, 6.1mph Walk - 0.2mi, 3.5mph Run - 1.8mi, 6.1mph Walk - 0.3mi, 3.5mph
  11. I would argue that "dieting for looks" and healthy eating are two different things. At least in this context. The rest of you statement seems to be indisputable.
  12. torus_ot


    I would think that you need to train for both speed and endurance, so alternate long runs days with speed intervals training. I also think you need seek more advice from pro-runners...
  13. Rest Day - Did not have time go to the gym (home DIY project), so i punished my treadmill instead. Thursday Walk - 1.0mi, 3.6mph Run - 1.2mi, 6.3mph Walk - 1.0mi, 3.6mph All with 3.0% incline
  14. hit the forum icon again
  15. soft ground, shorter stride, good shoes, ... patience.
  16. I assume the goal is reduce weight. In this case you need add dieting too. BTW you did not specify what is "eating normally". I started the program 9 month ago (BMI was almost 34). Lost about 20lb without dieting, just trying to reduce sweets intake.BMI is down to 30.5
  17. torus_ot

    Just started

    it is normal, but you could reduce the pace if it is too much
  18. Started re-flooring in one bedroom today and have to cut off some time from the exercise... Wednesday Walk - 0.4mi, 3.5mph Run - 2.0mi, speed from 5.8 to 6.4 mph, average is 6.03mph Walk - 0.4mi, 3.5mph All with 3.0% incline
  19. No, you need another app for this. MapMyRun or similar
  20. 3 miles 3 times per week is not very close to the 20 km (~12mi). But it is doable
  21. I agree with Kateliterally. I am zombie in the morning and two hours are needed to revive myself
  22. Tuesday - rest day (after very heavy load at work in August and September I am back to the gym) Exercise bike - 5mi, 20min Walk - 0.6mi, 3.5mph, 3.5% incline Run - 0.7mi, 6.0mph, 3.5% incline Run - 0.3mi, 6.5mph, 3.5% incline Walk - 0.32mi, 3.5mph, 3.5% incline
  23. Last week final run (3mi, 6.2mph, 3% incl.) was kind of tough, so I decided to try something different - increase incline and reduce speed _or_ reduce incline and increase speed. And it felt much better than monotonous 3mi run. Monday, - 0.6mi, 3.5mph, 3.5% incline - 2,0mi, 6.1mph, 3.5% incline - 0.3mi. 3.5mph, 3.5% incline - 1.0mi, 6.5mph, 2% incline - 0.35mi, 3.5mph, 3.5% incline
  24. Now choose next goal and conquer it too! Congrats!
  25. Felt tired on Friday and move my running day to Saturday. Saturday, - 0.5mi, 3.5mph - 3.0mi, 6.2mph - 0.5mi, 3.3mph * All with 3% incline
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