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  1. I am sure you can do it. 5 weeks is a little tough schedule, but it is doable. Since you can power walk 1 hour and more in five weeks you will be jogging for 40 minutes. Add some bonus running interval after each day. Take it slowly, do not run too fast - your goal is distance for now. You need rest days, do not skip them, do walking, stretching and core exercises in these days.
  2. torus_ot

    Week 1 Day 1

    Unfortunately C25K app does not keep any info. It is simple schedule and timer. You will need another app for storing your stats. Check out MapMyRun or RunKeeper
  3. Bailey, Don't look at the C25K as a strict schedule, use it as a guide. If you have other activities, just adapt C25K around your life. It is OK, it will not yell at you and nobody will know..... The same goes to your problem with knees and joints. Try to ease up the load, go slowly and/or shorter distance. Take two days rest instead of one. See if it helps and pain is gone or subside. If it is not, then check with your doctor. Otherwise try slow increase the load.
  4. Week March 12 - 18, 2017 Monday: 2.0 mi, average speed 5.82mph, 3.5% incline 0.7mi walking before and 0.3mi after. Last walking interval - 4mph, 5% incline Wednesday: 3.2 mi, 5.6mph, incline 3.5% Thursday: 1.0 mi run (from 5.8mph to 6.1mph) , 3.5% incline + other gym stuff Friday: 3.05 mi run, speed 5.6mph, incline 3.5% 0.3mi walking before and after.
  5. It does feel good! If you feel OK, than your approach is working for you. Just watch for any symptoms of over stressing your muscles and joints. Cannot help you with camel-back though, never used one. I usually run 3mi without drinking and after finish I need to walk before I can drink.
  6. Week March 05 - 11, 2017 Monday: 3.20 mi, steady 5.6mph, 3.5% incline 0.5mi walking before and 0.3mi after. Tuesday: 1.0 mi run with average speed 5.7mph, 3.5% incline + other gym stuff Wednesday: 3.04 mi, 5.6mph, incline 3.5% 0.5mi walk before - 3.5mph, 3.5% and 0.3mi after - 3.9mph, 4.5% Thursday: 1.5 mi run (from 5.6mph to 6.1mph) , 3.5% incline + other gym stuff It was very good workout: bike, treadmill and strength machines, but... I am feeling very tired this Friday morning. Looks like I am moving running day to Saturday again. Friday: 3.2 mi run, speed 5.6mph, incline 3.5% Tonight I can have fruit custard tart with my tea! Saturday: I need to get my daily steps and it is always a problem on weekend. So I did few miles in the morning 1mi walk, 3.5mph incline 3.5% 1mi run, 5.2 - 5.3 - 5.4 - 5.5mph with incline 5%! 1mi walk, 3.8mph incline 4.5%
  7. If you well trained you can try to do it every day. For most people the rest is necessity. It gives muscles to recover and grow. It helps prevent injuries. The rest days can be used for stretching, core and strength exercises and just for walking. Listen carefully to your body, if it needs rest - take it, do not push forward. But 1 day rest ONLY!
  8. So true. Our children are best motivation.... Stick with the program, you can do it!
  9. Best motivation - rewards! Did I run three times this week? - OK, I can have ice-cream this Saturday The main trick is to find rewards that will motivate you.... Tasks should be small and easy reachable. Rewards should fit the size of the task: easy task - small reward; big task bigger reward. It is working for my dog and it is working for me too!
  10. I' looked at few c25K. They are very similar. You should be OK staying with old one or jumping to new. What is important (it was for me) - stick with the schedule. Repeats are OK, the main sin is giving up
  11. Week Feb 26 - Mar04, 2017 Monday: 3.20 mi steady 5.6mph, 3.5% incline It was unexpectedly tough. I have to abort my plans to speed up.... Tuesday: 1.5 mi run with average speed 5.85mph, 3.5% incline + other gym stuff Started with 5.6mph and increase speed by 0.1 every quarter of mile. Ending with 6.1mph! Wednesday: 3.3 mi, 5.6mph, incline 3.5% First 2 miles were difficult, only at last mile I got my rhythm... Thursday: 1.5 mi run with average speed 5.95mph, 3.5% incline + other gym stuff Started with 5.7mph and increase speed by 0.1 every quarter of mile. Ending with 6.2mph! Friday: 2.5 mi walk, 3.8 mph incline 3.5% Choose to skip the running this day, tough working week.... Saturday: 3.06 mi run, 5.6mph incline 3.5% 1mi walk before and 0.5mi walk after
  12. Try to ask here: contactus@zenlabsfitness.com
  13. Hi there. Did you look at this thread: http://forums.zenlabsfitness.com/topic/7-shin-splints-how-to-avoid-them-how-to-deal-with-them/
  14. Heather Run every other day, three times per week. Use the rest of the week for strength and core exercises, stretching and simply walking.
  15. Week Feb 19 - Feb 25, 2017 Monday: 3.05 mi steady 5.5mph, 3.5% incline After 5mi walk on Sunday (70+F in February!) I decided to do steady run and I completed it easily. Tuesday: 1.0 mi run with 5.8-5.7-5.6-5.7 mph each quarter mile, 3.5% incline + other gym stuff Wednesday: 3.2 mi with average speed 5.75mph (5.6-5.9mph), incline 3.5% Thursday: 1.0 mi walk + other gym stuff Got cramps in my left calf while riding exercise bike. Could not run but manage to complete 1mi walk... Friday: 3.15 mi run, average speed 5.71 mph incline 3.5% I started slow - 5.5mph 'cause I was worrying about cramps, but it felt OK so the last 0.4mi the speed was 6.0mph!
  16. It will be failing when you stop trying! It is OK not to able to run whole thing trough - keep walking the rest of the exercise. Repeating days or weeks is something that lot of us here did.
  17. Well done! You must report here how are you doing!
  18. Good for you! Now stick with the schedule and post your results regularly. We will be watching
  19. Week Feb 12 - Feb 18, 2017 Monday: 3mi walk 3.5mph, 3.5% incline Not very good start of the week, after little weekend DIY project , my leg muscles were too painful to run... Tuesday: No gym was scheduled for Valentine day.... Wednesday: Finally back to running 3.1mi with 5.8mph, slowly raising incline from 2% to 4% Thursday: 1.0 mi run + other gym stuff Friday: 3.20 mi run, speed 5.8 mph and incline 2.5%, 3.0% and 3.5% for each mile Saturday: 1.20 mi run, speed 5.5 mph and incline 3.5%
  20. I would put push-ups and squats on the same day opposite to running days. But see if your legs need more rest between exercises. If it feels to much - postpone the squats (or reduce the number of them).
  21. I would say 'Yes'. It kind of different set of muscles, except core, so go for it. But listen to your body...
  22. Thank you Lazyrunner! I am sure that you can stick with the program! The feeling to complete each day is so motivating! Tuesday: 1.0 mi run with average speed 5.55 mph, 3.5% incline + other gym stuff (I had raise the level one up on the exercise bike and still make 5mi in 16m 23sec) Wednesday: I did interval training today (total 3.05mi running) ( 0.5mi, 5.2mph, 3.5% incline ) 4 x | ( 0.25mi, 6.2mph, 2% incline ) (I cheated, the last interval was 0.4mi, 5.2mph, 3.5% and 0.35mi, 6.2mph, 2%.) Thursday: 1.0 mi run + other gym stuff 0.6mi - "up hill" interval with 5.2mph and increasing incline 4 - 4.5-5% every 0.2mi plus 0.4mi with 6.2mph and 2% incline Friday: 3.16 mi run with average speed 5.76 mph and 3.5% incline (it was a good run, except in the middle of it I discharged static electricity through my treadmill and it went crazy until I 'reboot' it... )
  23. Week Feb 05 - Feb 11, 2017 Monday: 0.5 mi run with speed 5.4 mph and 3.5% incline 2.5 mi run with average speed 5.7 mph and 3.5% incline (No ice-cream today - payback for Super bowl party)
  24. Do speak with your physician. Ignore any other advice...
  25. I would go other way around - first hiking and then running. But your miles are different Be careful with every day running. Your muscle should have time to recover. There is a potential for injuries... Cannot help you with food advice....
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