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  1. Hello, I am 39 year old male, 89kgs, 5'11" tall. i started training for 10k from past 2 months. I Improved in my running form but not loosing weight. I dont have any other medical conditions. What could be the reason, i dont take any other supplements and i am vegetarian. I want to loos another 10kgs by running. What are the supplements i can take and how much water i need to drink per day? Regards, Suresha HP
  2. Hello, I started doing 10k training , weekly for 3 to 4 times. Also participated in couple of 5k and 10k running events. I am 39 years, male with 89kgs, 5'11" tall. After starting my running i did not loose my weight, for some period i maintained same over weight. Now i feel i started gaining weight inspite of running and doing excercises. What could be the reasons, no other medical conditions. Regards, Suresh
  3. suresh.hp

    Shin splint

    Hi, I started running from last 1 month, participated in 10k. Now i have shin splint pain slightly. Shin muscle will be tight with cramps when i run. What is the tips to reduce musle cramp especially in shin area.
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