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  1. Just finished W8D1. I was sick for a week and never thought I could complete this, but I did. I turn 69 on 11/28 and I hope to be done with c25k for my birthday. Hooray. Never been a runner or very athletic and just love this program!. Went right through it with no glitches. The only issue is that I run super slow. I can do the amount of minutes running required but I am no where near the 5k as far as distance goes. So I guess my next step is to work on increasing my speed very gradually so as not to get injuries. Any suggestions about speed would be appreciated.
  2. I just finished W7D2. This program has been amazing. I;ve gone straight through with no glitches, although I run super slow. Don't know when I'll get fast enough to actually do a 5K. My plan is to get the endurance up and then work on speed. I will be 70 years old November 2017 and my goal is to run a 5K before that birthday.
  3. I too am very very slow. I spoke to my son. an elite runner, who said to keep building my endurance and the speed will come later. So I am taking his advice and waddling onward!!
  4. That's Great!! I just finished W5D3 and was so scared the night before I couldn't sleep. It went well and got all the way through my 20 minutes. Onward and upward for us!!
  5. Hi, I'm 68 and just finished W5D3. I was so scared last night that I couldn't fall asleep and then I just yelled at myself and decided that I will have no judgement. Just do the best I can. Well I did it. Ran the 20 minutes with no problems, so excited... I run a bit faster than a turtle but I figure that I'll work on the speed after I build up my endurance. On to W6.
  6. Tomorrow I do W5 D2 and I encountered the same feeling. How do I go from day 2 to day 3??? I usually don't look ahead til I get to the track as not to freak myself out. I think and hope this is just mental. I'll know more after tomorrow. I'm 68 and this is my first time doing c25k.
  7. Hi all, I'll be 69 this November and I'm in week 5. I was really scared to do this and so far it's going well. Each week I get scared and each week I manage to do it. Although running 20 minutes the 3rd day of week 5 has me terrified....
  8. I have an iphone 6 and I'm using Robert Ullrey's podcasts and about 20 minutes in it just cuts out. I'm not sure how to fix this???
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