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  1. Enjoyed week 4 not looking forward to week 5 after reading some of the posts.
  2. Kev

    Ankle injury?

    Hi I am having a similar issue but fortunately I've been able to run it off during training but suffer later in the evening. It's definitely getting better though. I've been taking ibrufen and that's all.
  3. Hi Emma I'm 50 over weight and just had a heart scare I've lost one and a half stone by eating smaller portions (I'm greedy) and brisk walking. For the past two weeks I've been able to jog. So if I can do it anyone can..... Good luck
  4. Hi I'm Kev 50 years old and just had a health scare which made me re evaluate my life style started walking 10 miles a day a month ago and lost over a stone. Jumped straight in tonight at week 4 Day 1 and was amazed that I completed it. Looking forward to day 2 now
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