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  1. Yes, the walking on the rest day is good idea. At one point I was overdoing it (making 7mi on rest days) so my legs were tired on running day. Lot of people saying that you have to go to the athletic shoos store and they will measure and sell you "right" footwear. I never did, just bought pair good running shoos on Amazon. But may be my next pair will be done right way . Muscle pain and breathing problem is normal for couch impaired people like us . But try to reduce the pace even more so your breathing will not go out of control. Last thing: do not try to "get into shape quicker". Steady is a winning strategy!
  2. Not really. It is just your story is so not unusual on this forum. If you have questions I am sure somebody will answer. Keep us posted about your progress! BTW how was your first week? __Update__ I found the answer in another thread.
  3. Friday (Week "Tempo") * All with 3% incline Walk - 0.6mi, 3.5mph Run 10 x 1min interval with speed 6.1 => 7.0 mph, distance 1.1mi Walk - 0.4mi, 3.5mph Run 6 x 2min interval with speed from 6.6mph to 6.1mph, distance 1.3mi Walk - 0.6mi, 3.5mph
  4. Jessica, Obviously you are trying run too fast. Slow down to "schlepping" . Make shorter stride and try not to run on the hard surface (for your shins). Sometimes I am having problem with calf too. It helps if I monitor my stride and watch that my lower part of leg is relax when I move it forward. But main part is slowing your pace.
  5. On Android phone I would try to clear cache and data, but it will erase your current achievements...
  6. Human body needs carbs, fats and proteins. The proportion of these are different from person to person (metabolism is different). So if you feel good - try to stay with this diet, but do not get fanatically obsessed with it. You will need more calories when running, that is obvious. PS "For 25 days I haven't eaten any carbs" - I cannot imagine this, I will not be able to do this. Can you describe your diet? No fruits, no bread, no ice-cream, no even vegetables ?
  7. I do, but I keep my data private I recently upgraded from vivofit to vivofit 3.
  8. Way to go, Blayne! Wednesday (Week "Tempo") * All with 3% incline Walk - 1.0mi, 3.5mph Run 5 x 2min interval with increasing speed from 6.1mph to 6.5mph, distance 1.05mi Walk - 0.35mi, 3.5mph Run 6 x 2min interval with speed from 6.5mph to 6.0mph, distance 1.25mi Walk - 0.4mi, 3.5mph
  9. Monday (Week "Tempo") * All with 3% incline Walk - 0.5mi, 3.5mph Run 6 x 1min interval with increasing speed from 6.0mph to 6.5mph Run 6 x 1min interval with decreasing speed from 6.5mph to 6.0mph Walk - 0.3mi, 3.5mph Run 6 x 1min interval with speed from 6.0mph to 6.5mph Run 6 x 1min interval with speed from 6.5mph to 6.0mph Walk - 0.5mi, 3.5mph Total running distance - 2.7mi
  10. Are you using computer or smartphone? Some features of the forum are not available on the mobile devices....
  11. Just watching Rio 2016 marathon... Darn, 5min/mile pace - I will not be able to hold it for 30 seconds.... And believe me, I will never try In fact I am not sure if my treadmill can do this.
  12. Completing the 4mi week Friday Walk - 0.5mi, 3.5mph, 3% Run - 2mi, 6.1mph, 3% Walk - 1mi, 3.5mph, 3% Was not able to do 4 mi on Friday, I am not sure why, the Monday and Wednesday were OK. To complete at least 12mi per week I did additional 2mi on Saturday and it also was tough... And week before I made 'easily' 2mi / 6.5mph .... Saturday Walk - 0.3mi, 3.5mph, 3% Run - 2mi, 6.1mph, 3% Walk - 1.7mi, 3.5mph, 3%
  13. Click on your nickname (top-left corner) then black button "Edit my profile".
  14. I always done all three with the same speed. It usually take me more then 5 min to warm up from 05mi to a mile...
  15. You did not finish the week 3 yet Try to reduce your pace first. I would go and try W4D1 - if it's too much then repeat week 3.
  16. Wednesday ( day 2 of the 4mi week) Walk - 0.4mi, 3.5mph 3 x ( Run - 1mi, 6.1mph; Walk - 0.2mi, 3.5mph ) Run - 1mi, 6.2mph Walk - 0.4mi, 3.5mph * incline for all 3%
  17. Try it. If you body is in need of calories you will fill your "cotton" legs. Usually you need some calories but not very heavy in the stomach, hot cereal, banana, etc. I run after work, so I take simple snack before running and take my dinner after that.
  18. I would give some rest to your legs. Do some exercise for your upper body.
  19. New week, I call it 4mi week Monday Walk - 0.5mi 4 x (Run - 1mi, Walk - 0.2mi) Walk - 0.3mi * All 3% incline, Walks - 3.5mph, Runs - 6.0mph
  20. Don't be! Most of us started this way. The main part is start moving and stick with the program. First week all days are the same. Try it again and again until you can complete it. You will feel great after conquering the first week! It is OK to repat day(s) or week - move at your speed but MOVE!
  21. Friday Walk - 1mi, 3.8mph, 3.5% incline Run - 1mi, 7.0mph, 3.0% incline (7mph is too much, may be next year....) Walk - 1mi, 3.8mph, 3.5% incline PS. Blayne, keep it up (I mean running, not eating! ) I have found frozen veges in Giant with label "Protein", 3 or 4 varieties. Takes 5 min in the microwave. It is good lunch for me - quite tasty and filling. My favorite: Southwest Style And yes, you can add sausage and cheese to it.
  22. Cheryl Congrats on the completing the program and 5K run. What is your pace now? I did surprise myself yesterday running 2 mi with 6.5mph and 3% incline....
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