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Found 7 results

  1. Is it possible for the Android C25K Pro app to work directly with a Garmin Forerunner watch (model 235 in my case)? I'd love to see walk/run time left on the watch face rather than having to pull my phone out of my pocket and unlock it. The C25K Pro app is running on a Pixel 2 XL / Android 10. The Garmin Forerunner is paired to the phone via BlueTooth so everything's connected.
  2. The app won't run in background if I lock my screen . I have given app all the permissions & set to run in background . It does run in background but as soon as the screen locks . The app quits & doesn't save progress , even if I set the app to lock it still does same . P20 pro android 8
  3. My phone has broken 6 weeks into the half-marathon programme. Is there any way to see the schedule online so I may continue until a new phone arrives? Best wishes, Kat
  4. I've been using C25K free on my iPhone 5s for over 4 months. I've had C25K connected to my Facebook account and have been posting my completion statuses as I've finished each of my runs. Starting this week, C25K will no longer post to my Facebook and I haven't changed anything. I really like this app and need the encouragement and accountability of my Facebook friends. But now it is very discouraging and frustrating. Nothing seems to fix this issue. The "End Workout" and "Sharing with Friends" screen appears after my run. I am logged into Facebook, because the icon is shown in color (blue) and my username is listed I press "send" in the upper right and it takes me to a new screen in safari. Before it would just post and I would be done. This new screen looks like a Facebook page and says "Confirm You have already authorized C25K - 5K Trainer." With press buttons for "Cancel" and "OK" Pressing "Cancel" brings me to the "End Workout" screen where it says "Submitting your message" with a spinning icon and just spins for hours. Pressing "OK" brings me back to the same Zen Labs C25K "End Workout" screen with a pop up dialog box appearing that says: "This app doesn't have permission to do this. To change permissions, try logging into the app again." with a touch button that says "OK" Logging back into C25K does not change anything. I've already tried deleting and reinstalling the app on my phone. Reconnecting to Facebook. Checking my Facebook permissions. Help!!!! Everything was working great until now. I've hunted all over the internet for an answer, but came up with nothing. Has no one else experienced this problem? This is my last resort. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  5. Hey all - does this app track your distance too? I have the paid version but don't see this option anywhere.
  6. Hi, I downloaded the app, and today was Week 1 Day 3. I've been running every day for the last 3 days. Question is, I notice on the app, the next option is W2D1: so I wonder how many days a week we are supposed to run per the app? Should I just continue doing the same thing for the rest of the week, giving a day of rest? Or, am I supposed to run every other day and then a day of rest? Appreciate feedback from people who've been on this longer than I have :-) Thanks!
  7. If I go to the forum page on the app, I'm stuck there. I can't get back. A couple of times I accidentally clicked on it while I was training. I had to stop, turn the phone completely off, and reopen the app. How do you get out of the forums and back to the home page?
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