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  1. Yes, 3 days per week. The rest of the week you can use for strengthening your other muscles: stretching, core strength and upper body muscles
  2. Yes, the fight with numbers and with this soulless app is very motivating!
  3. 5.3 is very good for start! You have all rights to be proud!
  4. Try to brisk walking instead of running. Can you do it? The other reason could be "focusing on the technique". Try to let your mind wander around, listen to the music or book.
  5. Hi Blayne, It is good to see you back to forum! After one week of flu and one week of recovery I am back to exercising.... Tuesday: 1.25 mi run (from 5.2mph to 5.6mph) , 3.5% incline + other gym stuff Wednesday: 2.35 mi, 5.4mph, incline 3.5% plus 0.8mi walk (warm-up and cool-down). Thursday: 1.0 mi run (from 5.4mph to 5.7mph) , 3.5% incline + other gym stuff Friday: Walk before 0.5mi, 3.5mph, 3.5% 3.0 mi run, speed 5.5mph, incline 3.5% Walk after 0.5mi, 3.8mph, 5.5%
  6. avoid hard surfaces (asphalt, concrete), smaller stride, good shoes...
  7. Myth: Crunches are the key to flat abs. "Fact: They may be the most iconic abdominal exercise around, but doing crunches is not actually the best way to slim your midsection." (Read more from www.health.com)
  8. torus_ot


    MapMyRun, RunKeeper - try and see if the free app is good enough. The C25K is a schedule+timer app
  9. Run every other day, do other exercises (core, upper body, stretching) in between!
  10. Let us know how it went!
  11. Yes, it is "schedule + timer". it will tell you when to run and when to work. You will need additional app that will play your music in background.
  12. Week March 26 - April 1, 2017 Monday: 3.2 mi, average speed 5.62mph, 3.5% incline 0.6mi walk before and 0.5mi walk after. Tuesday: 1.5 mi run (from 5.6mph to 6.1mph) , 3.5% incline + other gym stuff 0.5mi walk before and after. Thursday: (was not able to run on Wednesday, but walked 4 miles on treadmill) 1.5 mi run (from 5.6mph to 6.1mph) , 3.5% incline + other gym stuff
  13. Since C25K and c10K are the same for the first 8 weeks, check this out: http://cnycap.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Couch-to-5k.pdf
  14. Just stick with the program and you will be running 3 miles in two month! We all started schlepping the first couple weeks. I am sure you will be able to complete the week 1 by slowing down. It is not about the speed, it is about making habit to move! And loosing few pounds will help with the back pain.
  15. Nope. It is we who are expecting from you regular reports about your progress! Welcome to the forum.
  16. just add few squats to compensate.
  17. Darren, Good luck! Keep these sneakers always near by! C25K is great for making it habit.
  18. My guess (only guess!) would be: you are doing it too fast. You are pushing yourself too hard, slow down. It will get easier, but main plus - it will become your necessity, your schedule, your habit. "Outside front of the calf" - are you talking about shin splints?
  19. So how was your first day?
  20. Week March 19 - 25, 2017 Sunday: My Monday evening will be busy, so I did my 3mi run on Sunday 2.7 mi, speed 5.6mph, 3.5% incline 0.5 mi, speed 5.8mph, 3.5% incline 0.7mi walk before and after. Tuesday: 1.5 mi run (from 5.6mph to 6.1mph) , 3.5% incline + other gym stuff Wednesday: 3.15 mi, average 5.62mph, incline 3.5% 0.3mi walk before and 0.37mi after. Thursday: 0.5 mi run, 5.6mph, 3.5% + 1.0 mi run. 5.8mph, 2.5% + other gym stuff Total 1mi walking (0.35+0.35+0.3). After 0.5mi of the run my right calf starts cramping. Took 0.35mi additional walk and was able to complete the rest of the run with reduced incline but increased speed . Friday: 3.1 mi run, speed 5.6mph, incline 3.5% 0.45mi walk before. I was ready to quit after first mile, but I pushed forward and at the end of 2nd mile I catch my second breath...
  21. C25K is right for this (it worked for me). It is schedule that you can follow strictly. It is achievable goal with some efforts from you. It is very satisfying to complete one more day of the program and move forward to the 5k! I did whole program on the treadmill and now just maintaining my cardio and trying lose more weight. Pushups are good, but I would stick with either C25K or 7min program, otherwise it could be too much for start.
  22. It depends what is your goal. You can go for 10K distance (more endurance) or increase your agility for the 5K distance. I would suggest to complete c25K starting may be from week 4 or 5.
  23. You cannot. We have to use additional apps for this: MapMyRun, RunKeeper or others.
  24. I like this attitude! You can do it!
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