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  1. It is not ridiculous. Count total running time and you will see that is only 25% increase. For example W4D1 is 75% increase in total running time. When you start the W5D3 be more positive. It is mostly mental struggle not physical... For me is working mantra: "I will run as long as I can and then 20 more seconds". Just keep adding these "20 seconds" at the and. If it still looks not doable you can try repeat W3D3 few times but add some additional time running. Some people took more then one shot at the W5D3 and it is OK too. You will feel superhero when it is done!
  2. Tuesday (Back to the gym day) 5.4mi exercise bike - 18min Treadmill with 3.5% incline 1.3mi walking, 3.8mph, 3.5% incline 0.7mi jogging, 6.0mph, 3.5% incline 0.32mi cool down, 5 min My pedometer shown 19k steps!
  3. Treadmill at home It is also eliminate needs to wear decent clothes, but you need good shoes anyway. I can say that I am over it now and can run outside without any remorse. But treadmill at home is motivating me more than anything else. I recommend to install it in the dinning room (not a basement!) instead of the table
  4. It is simple - more exercise and less eat. (of course. there is also liposuction... ) Just remember: fast lost - fast gain...
  5. Sorry, but you need to explain more what you are trying to do...
  6. Mina, congrats! Keep it going! It was spooky evening today... Monsters come to my house and took all my candies... Monday All with 3.5% incline 0.5mi walking, 3.5mph 2.0mi jogging, 5.5mph 0.5mi walking, 3.8mph
  7. Good to hear from you again! Under 8min pace is very impressive!
  8. Yes. It is common mistake - running too fast. You need to find your pace. Do not worry about speed, it will come. At the beginning your main goal is to complete the day and feel good about it. Since first three weeks are the same daily (you can peek at them in the app, or google "C25K" for text schedule) you can move on o the next day. But it is OK to repeat days or weeks if you want to be more sure in your strength.
  9. Thursday (Back to the gym) 5.6mi exercise bike - 21min Treadmill with 3.5% incline 1.0mi walking, 3.6mph 0.5mi jogging, 5.5mph 0.3mi walking, 3.8mph Friday All with 3.5% incline 0.6mi walking, 3.6mph 2.0mi jogging, 5.4mph 0.6mi walking, 3.8mph
  10. Pork, beef and lamb have been in existence from ages. They are known to be nature’s finest energy giving foods as they offer great benefits to man in terms of food and medicine. Each have their own medicinal properties to mankind hence use them in a stew offers great lot of positive impact to human body. Chanakhi
  11. Yes, Amie. This is name of this topic....
  12. Jschaferhess, try to do week 9 and you see that you are gaining speed. There are some special training for speed increase - google it. But it is hard (would be for me) to hit two targets at once - speed and distance Wednesday 0.5mi walking, 3.5mph 1.5mi jogging, 5.4mph 0.3mi walking, 3.8mph All with 3.5% incline
  13. Monday 0.5mi walking, 3.5mph 1.0mi jogging, 5.3mph 0.6mi walking, 3.8mph All with 3.5% incline
  14. First you have to switch from Mac to PC (programmers joke). It is normal, I am sitting behind computer 8 hours at work and then 2-3 hours at home. But before I started C25K I did few month walking. So my start of the program was OK, however my pace was more schlepping than jogging. Please keep trying the first week, but reduce the pace to "cannot run any slower". Replace any minutes you cannot run with double time walking. Also add walking in "between days".
  15. Friday 0.3mi walking, 3.2-3.8mph 0.7mi jogging, 5.1mph 0.3mi walking, 3.8mph All with 3.5% incline 15k steps today total.
  16. torus_ot

    How often?

    The app schedule 3 days per week! And it is good for the most of us.the rest days could be used to train your other muscles or just walk.
  17. 10mi walking is a lot...it is about 3.5 hour, isn't it?
  18. I took almost 4 weeks off from running - back and hip bugged me more than usual. But I kept walking 12k steps daily (well 90 % of the time) Today I carefully started my treading back into running: 1.6mi walking, 3.2mph-3.8mph 0.5mi jogging, 5mph all with 3.5% incline.
  19. Do what I did - go very slow (schlepping ). And it is really OK if you need to repeat W3D1-3. C25K is just a schedule. It works well for most, but if you have to - adjust it for your physical current state.
  20. Back in April I have failed W4D1 with 6.5mph and 3% incline. Since then I was continue to run three times per week and got much fitter. So I tried to run w4D1 today : Wednesday - revisiting Week 4 Walk - 0.35mi, 3.5mph, 3% W4D1 All walks are 3.8mph, 4% incline All runs are 6.5mph, 3% I have completed it but it was tougher than I thought. And I think I now know why - these short 'rest' walking intervals with 3.8mph and 4% incline are the reason! I will add more of these type of walking in my training. Thursday - rest day Walking - 3.8mph, 3.0%; Jogging - 5.8mph, 2% incline Light walking/jogging - 4.05 mi, 52min (about 50-50%% short intervals)
  21. Somehow devil is stronger on Mondays... My son of a..Satan force me to snack on nuts and dry fruits all afternoon - I was sick even before runs. Decided to start and do as much as I could, but it got easier at the end Monday - "devil's day" All with 3.0% incline walk 0.6mi, 3.5mph run 1.0mi, 6.3mph walk 0.2mi, 3.5mph run 1.0mi, 6.1mph walk 0.2mi, 3.5mph run 1.0mi, 6.3mph walk 0.2mi, 3.5mph
  22. http://cnycap.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Couch-to-5k.pdf
  23. Just try it! If it is too hard then you can make a decision.
  24. Congrats! Friday All with 3.0% incline Walk - 0.8mi, 3.5mph Run - 0.5mi, 6.3mph Run - 0.5mi, 6.1mph Run - 0.5mi, 6.3mph Walk - 0.8mi, 3.5mph
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