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  1. Standard C25K is suggesting 5 min walk at the end of the run-walk sequence. Few minutes of stretching before and after is also good practice. I usually "have to" walk 10-15 min at the end to gain more steps per day. Otherwise my pedometer will be unhappy
  2. My old garmin vivofit gave me once 20000 steps for half day of fly fishing (stripping line with left hand)... My best result ever!
  3. 1. I am not sure about iPhone, but on android phones you can turn off wi-fi, gps, bluetooth, etc. The less services are in use, the more is battery life. I am sure, if you put your phone in airplane mode, the battery will last longer. Also the battery has a life time. This number depends on how the battery was used. Closer to the end the battery will hold less "juce". May be it is time to replace your batteries.
  4. Three days of running jogging (thanks Kelly for good info). Three days of upper body strength exercise. Every day 11K+ steps (my pedometer is watching me ) And my body sore every day, but different parts
  5. I was scared too. So scared that I run 25 min instead of 20, and then added 5 more min run after 5 min walk. Choose your pace wisely and you will feel great about yourself! Now I just finish w6d3 - 22 min run and then added 10 more min run after 3 min walk. This is my win strategy - low pace! I will go for speed when I complete the program.
  6. What is the test requirements? Run 1 mile under 10min?
  7. I guess I am odd one here... I am numbers person, on the treadmill I am very busy with questions: how many steps I am doing per minute; how much time I took to get 0.5 mile; what part of mile I can finish with 1000 steps; etc... But you are right, the time is running much slower when you watching it, PS. Just finish week 6 of the C25K with ease, but my pace is slow for now. I want to be sure that I can finish the course. After that I will work on the speed for a month or two.
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