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  1. We are all wishing you luck. But it is 3 days per week
  2. I will go with this one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grain_of_salt
  3. obviously we cannot (and we should not) to make medical diagnosis. The pain is part of making your body to do what it was not doing for years. But persistent pain should be taking seriously. Try to take extra easy exercises and slowly increase them. If the pain will come back - talk to your doctor. Internet is full of advises but you should not trust them (of course, my advise is exception )
  4. Breezee, way to go! Just two more runs to complete the program! Back to treadmill (I like treadmill, since numbers motivate me more than anything else) Wednesday, - 0.6mi, 3.5mph - 2,3mi, 6.2mph - 0.2mi. 3.5mph - 1.0mi, 6.2mph - 0.3mi, 3.5mph * All with 3% incline Total running distance 3.3mi
  5. Breezee, Is it similar to this: https://www.amazon.com/URPOWER®-Multifunctional-Resistant-Compatible-Smartphones/dp/B00ZCEP9G4 ?
  6. Any type of activity is good. I do walking and strength exercise for upper body. At one point I have notice that long walking (~7mi) is not allowing me to restore my legs fully for the next run day. But it is all very individual.
  7. Esther Go for repeat, it is OK. Week 4 has biggest increase in running time - 75%. Also try to do it slower.
  8. I am closing to 56, completed the program in the February this year. Go for it! You will like yourself for this.
  9. I used .JPG file from my computer (JPEG image) as avatar , 9.6KB size.
  10. It was long weekend here (Labor Day). On long weekends I don't do internet, I am traveling, fishing, eating and drinking This time I also manage to do running! Saturday September 3 - 2.9mi, 30min Monday September 6 - 3.2mi, 36min I have run outside first time since I have started the program!
  11. Wednesday, Week "3+miles in two intervals or less" - 0.6mi, 3.5mph - 2.0mi, 6.2mph - 0.3mi. 3.5mph - 1.3mi, 6.1mph - 0.5mi, 3.5mph * All with 3% incline Total running distance 3.3mi
  12. You need another app for this. (MapMyRun or others).
  13. I would trust MapMyRuns more... Finish the program (time interval) then work on speed. I think you have enough time 'til November to get your distance.
  14. You are welcome. I do recommend pinch of salt with it
  15. It is true. Some days it takes 2 hours of convincing myself to put on running shoes...
  16. Smiley, you need second app for that - MapMyRun or similar... I read that paid version of the C25K can show steps and calories too.
  17. More experience runners have suggested that you should move in two directions (simultaneously) - one is increasing distance and second is interval speed training. My goal is 3.2mi with 6.5mph and 3% incline (treadmill). I've restarted my program and got to the week 4. Then I realize that this was to ambitious for me . Now I am "rocking the boat" - I do distance (4mi) or speeding weeks. It is actually fun to think up new exercises every week and stick with them. I got myself to the 3.2mi, 6.1mph or 2mi with 6.5mph. (See my posts in "Accountability 2016")
  18. Breezee May I suggest that you need find a goal, target and try to reach it? It should be doable, not impossible, but challenging... It could be anything - speed, time, distance, weight, race event, etc.
  19. Monday, Week "3+miles in two intervals or less" Walk - 0.6mi, 3.5mph Run - 1.7mi, 6.1mph Walk - 0.2mi. 3.5mph Run - 1.2mi, 6.1mph Run - 0.5mi, 6.2mph Walk - 0.5mi, 3.5mph * All with 3% incline Total running distance 3.4miles
  20. If you can run 15 min then try the week 4 (16 min run) and see how it feels. The C25k/C10k is just a schedule. You can and you should adjust it to your current abilities. You can always rollback or jump forward. But there is a wisdom in doing it gradually to avoid injuries and unpleasant feedback from your body.
  21. torus_ot


    Start your own thread-diary and write your exercises daily. Then we can shame you, if you get lazy again
  22. Are you doing it from computer? What happens? There is a file size limit if I remember it right....
  23. Nope, nut bars do not go to the calves. They go to the belt area, I know!
  24. Of course you will succeed (with your background). My advice - post your progress on the forum. It helps fight off "excuse game".
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