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  1. Jorge Gonzales


    Not twice, but you can extend your workout time for one hour to lose the maximum you can.
  2. Jorge Gonzales

    Week 8

    Quiet impressive. The best way to improve the workout is to keep moving forward. Doesn't matter either slow or fast.
  3. Suggest some essential nutrients for muscle building.
  4. Jorge Gonzales

    1st day

    I hope you are doing great with your workouts. I will just suggest you start with the basic and then proceed towards the advanced workouts. This will help you to attain the actual the right body shape in less time.
  5. Jorge Gonzales

    ideal time for treadmill running

    Please guide me with the ideal time for treadmill running.
  6. Jorge Gonzales

    Week 6 Day 2

    You are quite progressive in every week, Well done! Your post is very inspiring to all those who want a great body but hardly do any efforts towards it. Keep it up!!!
  7. Suggest some effective exercises that tighten leg muscles.
  8. Jorge Gonzales

    question about challenges

    Enthusiasm for a workout is great but your fitness should be your priority. It's easy to say 20 or 100 pushups but it all depends on your stamina. If you feel that you have the potential to perform this much, Go for it!!!But if you are a beginner, slowly then you should slowly and gently. It's important to keep fitness is mind as whatever you perform in gy directly impacts on your body.
  9. Jorge Gonzales

    Health Benefits Of Ginger Lemon Honey Tea

    The main benefits are: It works great in weight loss It is quite beneficial in a cold and dry cough It a great pain relief to stomach cramps
  10. Jorge Gonzales

    running:best weight loss workout

    How is running the best weight loss workout?
  11. Jorge Gonzales

    Workout ideas?

    You can practice crunches, squats, leg raise as these exercises aim all the important parts of the body. keep 1 thing in mind, never skip the diet instead, add nutrients like, protein shakes and essential supplements for better body results: http://www.hghenergizerplus.com/best-body-building-supplements-for-men/
  12. Suggest some great natural summer drinks for complete body hydration.
  13. While we start a workout, the pain is obvious. But at this time you just need to keep this thing in mind, not to quit exercise but to continue it with putting the same energy. Also you need to get some healthy and nutritious diet so that you could recover from that pain easily.
  14. Crunches are known as the best to get strong and muscular abs. Share some more benefits.
  15. Jorge Gonzales

    Reduce tummy

    For instant tummy reduction, Firstly avoid consuming junk food Drink at least 3-4 liters of water per day Add crunches and leg raise to your workout and perform them in the 3-4 rounds 1 round = 20 sets Apply these for instant results.