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  1. To be honest, right now my main goal is to find the strengh to keep going. That's one of the reasons I searched for a running forum and decided to sign in through the app. I am happy to see the results so far. I will follow your advice and go through the app to complete the 5k non-stop and then maybe start training to improve my time. Thank you Torus_ot!
  2. Hi there, I'm 38, from Portugal, and entered 2017 focusing on making some changes to my life. I hated running because I always felt I lack the endurance to run. Now I look back and I see that I was missing the experience, some guidance and discipline to work out properly. I have been reading a lot about running and I started running/walking since New Year. I have been losing some weight and right now I'm able to run/walk 5k within 40min. I haven't tried to do a 5k non-stop and I do my workout in the woods, which means mostly rough ground and different elevations. What shou
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