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  1. For my phone, if I start the music and then the app, the app turns off the music, so I have to do it with the app, then the routine, then start the music. Not sure why. I didn't like running with the arm bands for my phone, so I got a running waistband. Mine has two pockets, one that I put the house key in, and one big one where I put my phone. It's kinda stretchy, so I think just about any phone would fit in there.
  2. Bah... Been struggling like crazy again. Week 5 day 3 was easy for me back when I hit it (go figure), but I have been stuck on week 6 for nearly a month now. I don't think I'm running too fast... When I tried to do week 6 day 3 today, I was around 3/4 of a mile jogging when it said I was half-way, and I was struggling to keep going already. I ended up walking for a minute about half-way through, but couldn't get going again after that, and was switching between walking and jogging the rest of the time. Feeling super discouraged. I can't understand how it went so well a few weeks ago, and has been failing ever since then. And once the kids get off for summer break in 1.5 weeks, this is going to get way more complicated.
  3. Awesome. So,I'm gaining a ton of trust in the people who came up with the times for this program. I was totally sure I couldn't do w5d3, but not only did I do it this morning, but I was a ways from home at the end of the 20 minutes, and was feeling awesome, so I kept going through the timed cooldown!!! Ended up going about 1.75 miles. Seriously, 2 months ago, I didn't think that was possible. Honestly, before I started this morning, I wasnt sure if I could actually make it through the 20 minutes!!!
  4. Oh... And... How do I switch it to distance? I'm not seeing that option anywhere!
  5. Hmm... It would make more sense if the poll was under the post.
  6. So, I just did the time version of w5d2, and I know I wasn't particularly close to the distance. I noticed w5d3 is a pretty big jump from here. Would I be better off repeating w5d2 and doing it by distance a few times (hopefully moving it closer to the time listed), or is it better to ignore the distance and keep moving forward doing it with time? (If it makes a difference, I'm in my 30s, so I do expect to get faster) I have to say I am pretty amazed at this program. 2 months ago, I honestly wasn't sure I would ever be able to get to this point without feeling like I was dying!
  7. Tuxgirl


    The app honestly doesn't track much of anything about the run. That's my biggest complaint about it, honestly. If you hit the "done" button at the end of the run, it takes you back to the dashboard and marks the run as completed. That's it. I would totally pay for the app if it tracked running stats, especially with some history comparison. (Hint, hint to the devs..... I know it's hard to make money in the mobile app business!!). It would be awesome to see that when I did week 1, I traveled x distance in the half hour, and that now in week 4, I'm traveling y distance in the same time... Bonus points if it can link to my gear S2 or the s health app and pull in my heart rate and such. Actually, a watch app would be totally awesome overall. Now, if they could do all that and provide a babysitter to watch my kids so I can do it whenever I want, the app would be perfect.
  8. My understanding is that you should be doing it 3x/week, and doing other types of exercise (like strength training) on the other days.
  9. Zombies run is awesome. I can't run well enough for it yet, but I plan on doing it once c25k gets me in good enough shape for it.
  10. I read someplace that someone used resistance bands somehow for their negative pull ups. I've never been able to do a pull up either, so no experience here... I am wary of the doorway pull up bars because I know someone who had one fall down on their head while someone was using it (properly), and they had a concussion that lasted for months... Anyway, good luck to you! Hope you can reach your goal!!
  11. Interesting. I guess I've always had them feel more like bone pain. Will keep an eye on it. Haven't needed ibuprofen yet, but I will keep that in mind. Thanks!!
  12. @torus_ot, Just wanted to thank you again for the encouragement. Got out there again this morning, and it was the best time so far. Made it through w3d1, and wasn't even counting down to the end of the second 3 minute jog time. (Actually, I was a minute away from a distance marker on the path I was on, and felt good enough to keep going for that extra minute before going back to a walk. Thanks!!! -Tuxgirl
  13. So glad to hear that! I'm repeating week 2 this week because last week was pretty rough on me. Going to do w3d1 on Tuesday (Saturday, I have to do elliptical because kids will be home, so I'm going to do one final time on w2d3) Good luck! I'm hoping that w3 goes well for me when I get there. W2 is finally feeling better today.
  14. Thanks for commenting! I might be pushing too fast. I feel like I'm super slow to the point that it barely is a jog, but I will keep an eye on that. Today went a lot better. Not sure why. It was raining, and I switched direction on my route as well as changing my music a bit... I also made a point to stretch really good the past two evenings... By outside front of the calf, I mean that if you are looking down on your right leg, it is sore at about 2:00 on the leg. (10:00 on the left leg). It doesn't feel like shin splints. Shin splints always feel to me like it's the bone hurting (and thankfully I haven't had them yet with this program!!), but this definitely feels like it's a tight muscle. I have had a little success standing and tucking my toes in and just trying to pull my leg forward a bit (hard to explain), but I still haven't found a really good stretch for that spot. Thanks again! I'm going to stretch between sessions again, and hope that that keeps things moving the right way!
  15. Last week, I was doing week 2, and while I was able to complete everything, I was struggling, especially on Saturday, so I decided to repeat week 2. Problem is, today was even worse than Saturday... And Saturday was harder than Thursday... And Thursday was harder than last Tuesday! I thought it was supposed to get easier with time doing the same run, not harder each time I try.... On a possibly related note, how in the world do you stretch the outside front of the calf? For some reason, the outside front of my calf is what seems to want to give up first, and I haven't figured out a way to make it feel better. Please tell me this is going to get easier soon! I'm feeling super frustrated, because today I did so much worse than all the days last week.
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