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  1. I hear ya Torus. Yep I'll pick C25k and get it done before overwhelm and doing before crossing that finish line. Ty
  2. Good morning. Almost hitting fifty and way out of shape. I make LPG deliveries so getting some physical workout. Have allergies that keep me from eating fresh fruits and fresh veggies. They must be cooked or no dice. Few physical issues from time to time but I'm sure diet and exercise could resolve some of this. Ready to start the C25k again. Limited on training area so I walk in my apt and use elliptical as my run. I usually make it a few work outs for a few weeks and then something in life steps in to interrupt and then I'm off the workout once again. I am also going to try the 7 min workout
  3. MrsD...Hey are you still trying? Still around? Just think if Albert Einstein gave up after failing once. You can start over any time you want. I was doing the C25k, last year or maybe the year before. I've had to repeat many of the workout sessions. I've taken a long break from it and now I'm ready to get back to it. Join me wherever you may be and let's move forward once again beginning with this week. I pray we'll work for success. Don't quit. God bless.
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