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  1. Just finished W3D2. Man, that was so hard!!! Totally feeling sluggish tonight. Thinking maybe because I ate less today? Still should be enough to get me thru until dinner (and I am definitely ready for dinner) but felt like my energy was low. Had a very hard time breathing. I had to give myself a pep talk every 10 seconds or so for the last minute and a half. But I did it and didn't stop. Went 1.75 miles. Proud of my motivation to push thru but I do believe I will do an extra workout or so for week 3 until I can do it without dying. I'm not sure what the next level is but I think I need to improve a bit before I level up ;). But here is to continuing to put one foot in front of the other!!!!
  2. I would love an Accountability partner!!!! I totally need to lose 30 pounds. I have an event the first week of August and Would love to lose 15 pounds by then. BTW I'm in TN.
  3. I'm not quite doing the weeks correctly. But today I finished W3D1. Man that was HARD!!!!! I hadn't realized where I was when I started. When the 3 min jog started I was is shock but kept going. Totally thought I was going to hyperventilate. But, I kept going!!! 1.75 miles in 30 minutes. I will take it! Proud of myself for continuing to push thru!
  4. Just did the W2D2 on the treadmill. Went 1.9 miles. Did not stop at all except when I had to get off briefly to stop my littles from fighting but in all honesty that kept my heart rate up anyway :).
  5. I started W2D2 today. Has been a busy week and feeling sluggish today. But I wanted to try to push thru. That is... Until it started raining too hard. Oh well... I got thru almost 20 minutes at least before the rain. I will try it again tomorrow
  6. Thanks!!!! Just finished W2D1 on the treadmill. I think I handled it a bit better at first but that next to last run I really had to push thru. That last run was a bit easier though as I knew it was the last one ;). Here's to continued movement forward!
  7. Just finished W1D3! I had the added difficulty of running part of the way on gravel. But, I finished it completely and ran(jogged) the entire time I was supposed to. Ended up going 1.77 miles only but continuing on to W2 tomorrow!
  8. just finished W1D2. Ran outside today. In some ways it was much harder than the treadmill as I don't think I went as fast. But I definitely got a good workout because I am sweating! 8 weeks until I turn 40. Let's get a bit more fit for the big one!
  9. Started today. Finished day 1 on the treadmill. Walked at 3.3 and jogged at 5.3. Had to push thru the last two jogs but I didn't quit! Made it 1.87 miles in the 30 minutes. Proud today that I got up and moved!
  10. I'm a mom of two active boys - 7 & 9. I however have never been active. I've never been able to run. The thought of gym class would give me nightmares as a child. But... I turn 40 in a couple of months. At my most recent physical the doctor asked if my weight concerned me at all. Yes doctor, every single day. My kids are golfers and I am a caddie. I'm a bit tired of being the only one on the course huffing and puffing as I try to carry a bag up a hill to the next hole. So... It is time to be better. Time to turn a new leaf before I turn 40. Wish me luck!
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