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  1. SQteach

    Feel like I have failed already....

    I had a great first day experience. A SOSO second day. I've read to build in rest days but I WAS a runner and know if I don't build something in everyday around this program then I will not be successful. Suggestions? Thinking 20 min strengthening and 20 min "brisk walking"??
  2. SQteach

    Ready to Run

    Not terrible......enjoyed this first work out and used the music app...rock my run? 2.5miles ready for tomorrow!
  3. SQteach

    Ready to Run

    I've just downloaded and joined this group. My first run will be today 3/28 and I look forward to getting back into running shape! I'm also hoping to find accountability and encouragement here as the weeks get tougher..... Let's do this!
  4. That's shin splints. Try icing after you run and stay up on ibuprofen