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  1. Congratulations on starting Day 1!!
  2. I love your story Shannon...a very sweet memory to hold onto when the run gets a little longer and the body starts burning. Bookrun...I do not enjoy running inside on a treadmill or a soft track. I think there is a huge difference when trying to run outside. I know many people prefer the climate control aspect of running inside but it never has worked for me. When I was in the Air Force, we had an outside rubbery track that we had to do our pt test on and I always struggled with that track. I was able to have someone score me running around the flight line which was just a normal sidewalk and I always did much better there. Another idea is to have someone run with you that is an avid and experienced runner that can set a desirable pace for you. I hope that helps you...but just remember don't let one bad run stop you from getting back out there.
  3. Keep up the good work Bekkstar666!!
  4. Oooh that sounds good. I will check that one out too...maybe with my tax return or for my birthday I can get one.
  5. I love that Azatol...I will keep that motto!!!
  6. Maybe later on down the line I will weigh myself more frequently but for now I'm not in a rush to see my number on a scale. I have heard great things about the Fit Bit and Jawbone...I would love one just to track my steps throughout the day that would be fun and to be able to connect with other people for "competitions". I did Week 1 Day 2 last night and that was brutal...I don't know if it was because I just ate dinner but my calves were killing me the entire time I was running. I am probably going to repeat this week before moving on to week 2...I'm feeling very confident but don't want to go to quickly. Oh...currently I do my runs around the lake at my apartment complex...its a soft dirt trail for the most part but there are a few twisty turns that have some bumps and tree roots that I have to dodge. I think these things may be slowing me down or distracting me along the way. Should I try just doing my runs on the road instead of around the trail???
  7. I dont even own a scale Kelly...its amazing. I will probably hop on one this weekend to just get a starting point but after that I wont be a frequent checker. It is too hard to deal with the let downs. I am ok with once monthly. I dont know anything about Paleo...but I will check into it for sure. Right now my plan is to stay out of the drive thru, cook meals at home and drink loads and loads of water. But I will certainly be looking into other options. Thanks everyone!!!
  8. I think if you are new to running you should probably work up to it before you start running that much. Once you have built up the stamina and distance you might be able to give that a go. I wish you the best of luck!!!
  9. I have not tried oolong...I will give that a try next time I'm at the store. Its only 12:30 here and I'm about to make my 3rd trip to the bathroom since I got to work this morning...fun times!
  10. Thanks for the information! You are amazing. I've heard of people shooting to drink 1 gallon per day...maybe I will give that a try. Right now my goal is to STOP drinking McDonald's Sweet Tea...I love it and it is so bad for me. So I am sticking to water, milk and hot tea. I hope this helps keep me focused.
  11. How much water is the right amount? I know the eight glasses a day but what does that equate to in real life? On my desk right now is a 1 Liter bottle of Fiji water...how many of these do I need to drink? Sorry I know this maybe a stupid question but I dont what the right amount is.
  12. No worries TrishE! I have a love/hate relationship with the scale...currently we hate each other but I think that it will change once I get my groove back and start running again for enjoyment. I really hope that happens soon. However, I also need to get my eating back in check in order to start seeing any gains in my overall health. I'm a big mess...but I am here so thats a good thing.
  13. Way to go Red! You are my hero!! You can talk on the phone and negotiate contracts while running and I have a hard time just keeping upright let alone talking...I can't even sing to myself without getting messed up. You're amazing!!
  14. Welcome back Chelga. Keep up the good work you have already started. I am looking forward to seeing your progress as we go through this journey.
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