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  1. I joined our local gym in December with our teenage son(he's 17) and our goals are opposite, I was 207lbs, 5'1" and he was 86lbs, 5'4". My goal is to lose weight and tone up and his is to gain weight and tone up(no, he does not have any medical conditions, he has been on the small end of the scale since birth) and now in March, we are running our first 5k. You can imagine that I was(still am) self conscious about how I look in my workout clothes and Riley was pretty self conscious about how he looked too but we both knew something had to be done. My husband and I signed up our son with a personal trainer and he is doing awesome and I am down 14lbs and two pant sizes so I don't think about what others might think when they see me, I also carry myself much differently in that I am not trying to "hide" from anyone. If I look like a dork on the treadmill(and I do, I am not quite Uptown funk guy but I do tend to dance a bit LOL) then I look like a dork. I have had a couple of people tell me that they see me running and having fun(I think it is all in the music) and it is motivation for them to have fun with it too. Good luck! Don't give up!
  2. Vitamix here. Had several Nutribullets and they either broke or did not blend well. Figured no reason to waste money on another one and have not looked back. I do a green smoothie in the morning pretty much every morning.
  3. On W3D1 but after being down a week with a migraine and making a mistake yesterday in the program(somehow was on W5D1 yikes), I am going to try to do W3D1 today which is what I should have done yesterday. LOL I am having a little self doubt that I will be ready for the 5k on May 1st but I assume that is normal. Little hard on myself but migraine meds pretty much knock me out and I cannot risk doing anything on those days.
  4. Have you been fitted for good running shoes? I have been working out since December but only just a couple weeks ago did I start the C25k app and I had changed shoes at the same time(roughly) only to find out I suddenly had shin pain. I went back to my previous shoes and the pain went away. I was also icing and massaging the shin and doing some basic stretching for that area. Don't give up, you can do this. I have now went through three pairs of shoes(my favorite shoes were "upgraded" but it seems like more of a downgrade to me" and I am hoping the newest shoes(Brooks Glycerins) can help.
  5. Wow, that is kind of rude to assume that you know what the roads and parks are in her area(not to mention country roads come with an entire host of other issues such as ranch dogs, tractor equipment, cattle crossings and if you have ever driven over a cattle crossing, then you would know that getting across one on foot can be a significant danger) and dismiss her concerns as "excuses". My area is a highly trafficked area at all times of the day and night due to the fact that I am literally a block from the new highway and a highly busy residential area(my house was built in 1930, long before the highway arrived but now it makes my street a thoroughfare) and the parks here are filled with either early morning mommy & me playgroups or homeless people and transients(as the railroad tracks run right through my town also). I would never presume that someone's concerns are irrelevant based on what my area is. I run at the gym, on the treadmill and when the weather is decent, I run at the track outside at the gym or at the local high school. Having suffered through several severe sprains on my left ankle, I am very conscious of the type of surface I run on and/or the detritus on the surface(lots of oak trees in my area, lots of oak balls, roots through sidewalks, leaves etc). I have incorporated hikes(weather permitting) to get in my hill work even though I am not "running" them per se, I am at least getting the hill work in. Good luck! I am on Week 3 this week and have my first 5k scheduled for May 1st!
  6. LOL! Yes we are moving! Luckily my teenager is good with jogging slowly with me(we are both doing our first 5k in May!). I don't mind the corgi jokes and it has kind of taken on a life of its own in my family with everyone(including my older sister and my nieces) tagging me in every corgi video they see. I embrace it! LOL Need to get me a corgi running shirt!
  7. You might want to check with your local police because some areas require runners/walkers to walk facing traffic and some require them to walk with traffic. I have been ticketed (I am not kidding, no sidewalks and I was walking against traffic on the shoulder and was ticketed and $25 fine) for not knowing the law. LOL But I live in CA so our laws change daily here. LOL
  8. I wear a fitbit but I do not check it for time, I only check for heartrate. I get too into my music to worry about time so the app or timer does not bother me luckily.
  9. LOL I am 5'1" and 3.8 is pretty much a top speed run for me. My kids like to tease me that I run like a corgi but when you have short legs you look like a corgi running no matter what speed. My 6ft tall son is walking at 3.8 and so is my 5'3" son(but he is all legs, short torso). LOL
  10. I cover everything from ABBA to ZZ Top but I do not have a set playlist. I hit shuffle on my phone and whether it is Perry Como, AC/DC, Natalie Merchant or Led Zeppelin, I just run through it. Acoustic to Zeydeco!
  11. I am not a calorie counter per se, I am a WW member and I am jsut starting the C25K program but have been working out since December and while I am only down 12lbs by the scale, I am down 2 pant sizes(from a snug 18W to a snug 14 regular) and many inches around my waist and hips. The scale is not always the best measurement, try measuring or taking progress pictures wearing the same clothes. Also, make sure you are eating enough! Sometimes people exercise and cut back calories and with increased exercise, you need to fuel the body, just make better fuel choices!
  12. I am new to running(well actual running, I have been working out and treadmilling since December) and I have scheduled my first 5k for May 1st!! Nice to "meet" you!
  13. Hi all, A little background, I have been mostly sedentary since 2006 when I stopped working outside the home and facing 210lbs in December and being 46yrs old, I decided to take back my life and work on improving(at 5'1" 210lb is way too much!) so my family and I joined our local gym, well our teenage son and I joined and put my my husband on the membership and our 26yr old son LOL, kind of an early Christmas present. Since December, I am down 12lbs and 2 sizes and this past weekend a friend of mine who started running a few years ago, posted about a 5k fun run and for the first time ever, I thought "I can do this! I WANT to do this!" so I registered and stunned the heck out of my husband of 14yrs because while he knows that once I set my mind to things I do them, the last 6-8yrs have been a struggle. I downloaded the app on Monday and yesterday was my first "training" run on the treadmill at the gym. For right now it will be indoor running since Northern CA is having a rainy spell(finally) but once the weather clears we will be doing the lake loop which is just a mile from our house. I have generally been run/walking 30min 3-4times a week and lifting 3-4x a week so I am not starting from completely sedentary but I am not fast and this will help with that. Anyway, here I go on my journey!! Darlene
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