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  1. I've always just believed you need to complete 3 runs in a week, allowing for a rest day between each run. I tend to run Tues/Thurs/Sat myself, but really it's whatever works for you. As for pace, again that's up to you. You'll get faster as you go on, I would advise you to run comfortably, once you're running for 30 minutes at a time, then you can work towards speed.
  2. I've been doing C25k, got up to w7d2 without any breaks or repeats. Then I got quite sick, and didn't run for about 6 days. I went for two runs, with a rest day between like usual, found it a bit harder after almost a week off. Then both my kids got sick too, I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old. It's been a week without solid sleep, I've been up with them at least every two hours every night and I have been absolutely exhausted. I haven't run in a week now, and I'm really missing it. Anyway, I got my first full night sleep in two weeks last night, and I'm keen to get back on the bandwagon today. I'm so close. To finishing C25k! My question is, should I drop back a couple of days in the program, because I've missed so many consecutive days? Or just start back at w7d3?
  3. I cannot believe it. Can't fathom how I went from staggering through a 60 second jog just a few weeks ago to running 20 minutes straight. I still felt pretty good by the end of it too! Was hot and sweaty, but still breathing fine, and no terrible fatigue in my legs. I think the worst thing was how tight my shoulders and neck were by the end of it! I am so very proud of myself and so excited to meet the challenges ahead. Feel free to go ahead and call me a runner!
  4. Hi everyone. I'm Nikki, 28 and from New Zealand. I began C25K a few months ago, wanting to commit to a lifestyle change after having two children. My little ones are 1 and 3 now, and I've been completely sedentary since my first pregnancy. When I first began, I hadnt exercised in years, since preparing for my wedding in 2012, after which I fell pregnant. That first week was killer, I pushed really hard to get through each of the 8 runs, and I really felt it the next day. Week 2 seemed slightly easier cardiovascularly, although I found myself in more and more pain throughout the week. At the end of that week I couldn't even walk. I had developed Pes Anserine Bursitis in both knees, and running got set aside while I recovered. It was another couple of months before I was pain free, and so I started back at week 1. I was surprised and excited to find that it was a breeze! I felt like a different person. Im up to week 3 now, and I'm absolutely loving it, and actually finding it, for the most part, quite easy. I did W3D1 yesterday, and really enjoyed myself. I feel absolutely fine today, no discomfort, pain or fatigue. I've been going mon-weds-fri up till now, with a rest day in between each run. I really want to go again tonight, but don't want to overdo it and find myself injured again. My question, as long winded as it is, is how necessary is a rest day when I'm feeling totally fine? Should I hold out and go tomorrow, or will I be alright to go again today?
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