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    Your body can do it. Just find the right pace and don't let your brain psych you out.
  2. That's so frustrating. Your pace will come around as the distances increase. You are doing a great job with this.
  3. I'd repeat the days until your body adapts. If you have access to running clinic or Doctor, I recommend going to one. The running clinic I attended had a Sports Medicine MD and Physical Therapist. The clinic was extremely valuable, they identified issues with weaknesses with my core (& symmetry) that lead to problems with my foot. I'm stretching several times a day and following a core strengthening routine.
  4. Hope you recover... I stretch several times after a run and on off days. Rob
  5. Super, it feels great when it comes together!
  6. Marc, I hope you continue to enjoy running. Rob
  7. Good job with the weight loss that is awesome!
  8. Getting started is tough, for sure. For me seeing weight come off and now my 5K times by nearly minute every time I perform a max effort run, it keeps motivated. Early on my motivation was my health - I want to be an active dad for my kids and be healthy to get the most out of life. I am at a point where I enjoy running and it's become a habit. I've started breaking up my routine to keep it interesting. You can do this if you think of yourself as a runner. http://www.active.com/running/articles/9-ways-to-get-motivated-to-run
  9. It's good to hear you are restarting. I'd give week 2 day 3 a try and see how it feels. Don't worry about repeating sessions - staying with the program & injury free is the most important thing. Rob
  10. You have made a ton of progress- find a good pace & you'll get it done. In no time an easy run will be 5K.
  11. Good job! When started the program, I started logging everything I ate in MyFitnessPal. This helped me to control overeating and change my behaviors. You can do this, Rob
  12. Welcome, a fast walk is perfectly acceptable. If you struggle, it's best to repeat that day since the program increases the amount of time spent running. It's good that you've taken the first steps in improving your fitness. Rob
  13. That's good to hear. My foot was acting up after my run...it feels much better today. Will hit a 5K tomorrow.
  14. Hi, it sounds like you have a goal and good support. A couple of things have really helped me out: tracking what I eat (MyfitnessPal) and getting the right type of running shoe. I also went to a running clinic with a sports medicine doctor and physical theraptist. The information about my running style, posture and weaknesses has been very helpful. I've started to focus on strengthen my core muscles & gluteus medius in order to prevent injury and clear up nagging foot soreness. I think it's a good idea you had to run at the right pace so that you don't get discouraged. Focusing on completing the time splits and building up a base fitness level is the best objective at this stage. The pace will come. Rob
  15. Good deal...hope you have fun with the program.
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