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  1. Keep on moving, Kat. You are doing just fine. Rob
  2. The app doesn't have that functionality. Mapmyrun and Strava are good apps for getting distances & pace. I have Garmin forerunner watch with a heart rate monitor. Rob
  3. Hope it's going well for everyone.
  4. I hadn't considered using a weight vest because of the extra force the vest would place on my knees and ankles. For jogging or walking might be a good workout, though.
  5. Nadine, Welcome. How did your first run go? Rob
  6. You might want repeat W1 again; working on your stamina. It doesn't hurt you to repeat; stopping will be a huge set back. If you can get a few weeks under your belt, the running will start to be a habit. For me, I become really anxious if even think about missing a work out.
  7. Good job in getting out there. I started back in September and I really enjoy running. Hope y'all become addicted too. Rob
  8. Good deal. I target for about 70% of my distance to be in the endurance zone. This has helped me keep my muscles and joints from getting wiped out on longer runs. It takes discipline to keep the pace down at the start of an endurance run.
  9. Keep that positive attitude and you'll be surprised by how well you feel. Running gets addicting. Rob
  10. Hi Melissa, How is it going? The forum is full of people who can cheer you along and provide advice. Welcome. Rob
  11. Logging what I eat in MyFitnessPal has helped me out with ensuring I don't overeat. Did you get out and complete the first day? Starting is the hardest part. There isn't any magic to sticking with it - follow the workout and it gets addicting. I believe you have think of yourself as a runner. Having a set of goals really helps; for me running a 5K in 21 min and completing a half marathon are my longer term goals. Each week I set a goal around the number of miles to run which provides focus for that week; I also pick the pace for each work out based upon recovery or desired performance.
  12. You did great in making it this far. You could pays on to week 6 since the first two days are similar to the first two days of week 5. When week 6 day 3 comes around you'll do fine if watch your pace a bit. Finally repeating sessions is a good thing since you are helping your self. Rob
  13. Welcome. You should set some goals. Feeling great after running is a wonderful feeling but to make progress you need to stay motivated. Setting both short term and long term goals is a must to be successful and staying motivated.
  14. Welcome, it's good you are making progress. Keep going... Rob
  15. Put on your shoes and go!! You've got everyone here cheering you on - post up your progress. Rob
  16. My 5K time rapidly when I started adding distance (about 6 minutes for me); if your joints are concern, maybe splitting your long day up into two segments will help (once you feel comfortable) say 4-5k in the morning and an easy 1-2k in the afternoon. This maybe a viable option. You've made a lot of progress...
  17. When I intervals, I cycle through different programs: 10 x 400 m sprints (2 min recovery); 5 x 1 km (90% max pace or so with 1 to 2 min recovery); 5 x 800 m. I'm not sure about how easy the intervals will be on your joints if your pace increases over your normal 5k pace. For me the intervals make my hamstring muscles really sore (they far too weak). Do you stretch and work out your core muscles? Attending a review with sports medicine Doctor and Physical Therapist will help, if you can swing it. Your sore joints maybe the result of a weak core. I've been going through core strengthen exercises 3 times per week. My ankle and back problems have gotten better. I also ice up & stretch after a run this seems to help.
  18. It couldn't hurt to repeat them. For me completing the whole program, injury free is the larger goal. Getting out and moving puts you infinitely ahead of sitting on the couch. Don't be discouraged one bit. Your endurance will come around.
  19. Good job with hitting 5km!! That was more of a barrier than hitting 10Km for me (I don't know why but mentally it was a bigger challenge).
  20. It'll get better, just go at pace that's right for you and take planned rest time to avoid injury. You can do this.
  21. Raingirl, can your physical therapist or Doctor help you? Running injured is tough and can be mitigated. I went to a sports medicine clinic where they analyzed by running gait, body geometry, core strength and flexibility. I've incorporated core strengthen into my weekly routine and it has made a difference with recovery a better running form. Also repeating and run/walking aren't bad!! Getting injured by pushing to fast or to hard is bad. Rob
  22. I've lost 32 lbs (~15 kg) over the last 5 months by watching what I eat. I track everything I eat using MyFitnessPal. Running certainly helps with losing weight since you burn calories. However, for me, running is about improving cardiovascular health and enjoyment. The weight loss became important because you can't run fast carrying extra weight. Watching what I eat then became very important to facilitate recovery after running. With some focus on the diet by measuring what you eat and keeping your calorie intake at target, the weight loss will became noticeable by 2 weeks. Taking some body measurements (when you start and during weigh-ins) with a tape measure or getting a body fat measurement is great help because most people really want to lower their body fat percentage. If you can't getting a good reading (like at a sport fitness clinic) the fat2fit app has formulas that calculate it for you. I've lost maybe 6 to 8% percent body fat. I do some weightlifting and strength training + a lot of stretching. I stretch 3 to 4 times per day. Hope this helps, Rob
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