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  1. The first eight weeks of C25K are identical to the first eight weeks of the 10K app. I ended up completing C25K and down loading the 10K. The 10K app gave the option to skip to week 9. Rob
  2. Hope you are starting to get some enjoyment with running. Mind over matter. Rob
  3. It's a lot of once you get over the first couple of weeks. I have 5 K coming up in February...getting excited. Have fun running.
  4. 5K...about 1k into the run I realized my playlist ended. It was a nice change actually; felt like I could focus on the breathing a bit better.
  5. Welcome and enjoy the app. There are a lot of people here to provide support. Rob
  6. I post them up on "Post your run here" thread in the accountability forum Rob
  7. That sounds like fun having some fellow fitness buddies.
  8. I've been working with a physical theraptist. They gave me a core strengthening routine (my Gluteus Medius muscles are weak which causing problems for my feet and knees).
  9. Welcome. The app really works if you put in the time. I started out in pretty bad shape - I've lost 25 lbs and run over an hour (I couldn't have imagined that when I started). Aside from running, logging what I eat in MyFitnessPal has helped out significantly since I'm aware of how much I can eat to lose weight. It also helps in the sense that I don't feel I'm dieting, I'm just making better choices about the amount and what I'm eating. Post up your workout status as you complete days. Don't worry about the pace, just follow the program - the pace will come. You can do this!! Rob
  10. Good job. Having a good set of goals really help. I started running again to lose weight and run a 5 K in 21 - 22 min; I'm now working on half marathon. You can do this.... Rob
  11. Perhaps your core strength is leading to a change in gait or your body isn't quite adjusted to the distances. I found that a bunch of muscles become sore after 5 km.
  12. Good job, you should be proud!!!!
  13. I am really interested to hear how the learn to run class went for you. Any good tips?
  14. You didn't fail at all. You were out there. I'd repeat the day again; and find the right pace.
  15. Super!! Good job. It does get addictive.
  16. No, that gap isn't too large. When your distances become greater, you may need train at lower intensity since you wouldn't have a whole lot of recovery time between sessions.
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