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  1. Intervals will help but increasing the number of miles ran per week will get you there, also. I mix in some intervals just to do something different. Rob
  2. Good job; breaking it down into a series of small goals makes it easier. Celebrate each one. 6 months from now you'll be amazed by what you can do. Rob
  3. Ran 9 K....goal is to run 33 km per week by March 1 ( currently at 22 km)
  4. Hi Jessica, Welcome. The app is a great staring point. I've completed the 5K and 10K apps and working towards a half marathon. You can do this Rob
  5. Hi, it's great idea to start off easy and build up. Life makes training messy at best; if you miss day go out run the next day. If you set goals and accept that things won't be perfect you do this.
  6. Catherine, That's a nice post. I was a bit conscious when I first started. Now that I have 4 months under my belt I notice runners and joggers; where I hadn't before. When I see someone running, I feel glad that they are out there putting in the effort. Rob
  7. Good job. It feels really good when you hit a goal or reach a new milestone.
  8. Most people focus on completing each of the run-walk splits more so than the pace. The pace is really dependent upon your level of fitness and what your goals are; the only critcal consideration is avoiding injury. Aside from running for cardiovascular health benefit, I have some performance goals in mind. This helps to keep me motivated. Rob
  9. Hope you are healed. You do this. Rob
  10. It couldn't hurt to repeat a few weeks.
  11. I have a 920 XT. I really like it. I think prices have dropped quite a bit recently.
  12. That's a good investment - I purchased a small led armband for running in the dark. All motorists are completely oblivious to runners.
  13. I'd follow the program to make sure you have a good base. Does your Fitbit display pace? I had similar experience where my HR would step up quickly; this was due to a faster pace at the beginning of a run. My Garmin has a pace and distance feature which helps with keeping an even pace. If your Fitbit tracks intervals/pace that's a great feature; my pace has improved by 20-30% over the last four months. I still want to reduce my all out 5K time by 3 to 4 minutes.
  14. Welcome, dress right, put your shoes on and start the program. The hardest part is starting, but you can do this. Rob
  15. I can't think of a good reason not complete the program. The program builds up a base level of fitness. From there you have two choices - maintain or go to the next level (I've assumed laying back down on the couch isn't an option). Repeat sessions as needed to reach the goal.
  16. I had sore calves initially...icing & stretching them out helped out. The soreness will migrate to your next weak link. Good job!!!
  17. The pace will come around as you add more distance and build up endurance. The best thing is work up progressive to avoid injury and, of course, keep running.
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