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  1. Where are you fitness wise with respect to running? Have you ran before? What is your goal with respect to the half marathon? (Starting from a state of poor/low physical fitness to running a half marathon in 14 weeks is a huge step if you can't run 5K currently; a run/walk approach might work for the half marathon. I'm training for a half marathon in the fall and I'm targeting an under 2 hour pace.) Diet - track what you eat and keep the calories at or below the daily allowance needed to lose weight. I log what I eat in MyFitnessPal. The app helps establish how much you can eat depending upon your life style (active,sedentary), your target weight and the date.
  2. Good job!! Getting out there and moving has worked very well for me. Build up progressively, I pretty much run at a 70% to 80% for most of the running I do in order to avoid injury. I've been increasing the distance about 10% per week. The app feeds the distance at the right rate.
  3. Welcome Sebastien. In a month, you'll be surprised by your progress Rob
  4. You can lose 10 pounds pretty easily by watching what you eat. Running will improve your fitness and burn calories.
  5. That is fabulous. You should be really proud of yourself.
  6. Welcome, it is doable. I ran 10K in December after starting in late September.
  7. 6K - trails and street. The first two Ks were fast until I hit the trails.
  8. I haven't felt discomfort in that area. Could be related to a weak core. Have you contacted your physician about it?
  9. Don't worry about pace, it will come. As you build up endurance you will run faster. Work on staying injury free and jogging when the app says to. Later on, you increase pace through intervals fartlek training and increased volume.
  10. I lived in Houston for 7 years. I enjoyed living there.
  11. I found running on a treadmill to be easier. Probably due to fixed incline, consistent footing and no direction changes.
  12. Welcome, hope the pain clears up. I'm running a 5K here in three weeks and then I'll pick up a half marathon in the fall.
  13. Good deal, Marc. Keep on going!!!
  14. I've had a similar experience - I've dropped nearly 30 lbs by tracking what I eat (MyFitnessPal). The running had helped in this area since a 10K run, for me, burns 800+ calories.
  15. How is it going? It feels great after a run... Rob
  16. Sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. It's good you are out there doing this for yourself. Rob
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